Black Butler!

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.Terms Le Roleplay.
  • I only do CanonxOC but, I will gladly double if you ask!
  • Do your best when it comes to grammar and spelling! I'm not going to nag on you for it but please try to do your best.
  • I love making friends so feel free to be laid back when sending me a PM
  • There will be gore and possibly death in this roleplay so please if you feel that you can't handle that either refrain from asking me to roleplay or let me know beforehand so we can replot.
For this role play,
I ask that you play: Grell
I've seen: seasons 1&2

Important Background information!!
My OC is a "Dark Guardian Angel" and her job is to protect supernatural beings. However, just like humans can't last forever, neither can all supernatural beings. She's limited in who she can protect and the one who she protects is her "client". When a client dies, she has a 2 week period of time to find a new client. Otherwise, her label as a dark guardian is terminated and all evidence of her being one is perished. Her wings are ripped from her back and she's forced to live in humiliation.

Grell Sutcliff adores Sebastian and often goes after him but how far is too far? When Grell falls into a depression, a secret admirer is there, comforting him the best she can. Meanwhile her life is in danger as she has only 2 weeks to find a new client. Will her jealousy get the best of her? Will she find a client or be left to walk in shame?

Note: If we double, I'll gladly help you plot!


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Yes, I can do a perfect Grell! If you still want to I would be more than happy to play as him for you. My pleasure!
Not open for further replies.