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  1. Vesro Teryn, young brown-haired green-eyed teen, the only heir to the British furniture company. His mother, poisoned when he was young, and his father, who disappeared on a 'business trip' only a few years ago, has a short temper and a long-lasting grudge against those who threaten his family and his business. He is sleeping peacefully in the black, silk sheets on his bed, though, there was obvious traces of a restless sleep earlier in the night, as the sheets were rumpled and thrown all over the bed, his hair a mess, his pajama shirt wrinkled. He mumbled softly, just beginning to stir from the dream filled slumber he retired to night after night.
  2. Nathaniel Wulf a grey eyed demon with blue black hair. His name renowned by others like him. He stood outside the door having just finished putting the house in order. The peaceful breathing of his master pleasing him.

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    Vesro stretched, yawning and rubbing his eyes. He blinked, sitting up and stretching again, this time his back popping before he relaxed with a contented sigh. He glanced down at his shoulder, the mark reminding him of the contract he made clearly there. He smiled faintly, falling backwards and letting his head land gently on the pillow. He rolled over, facing the window to find a little hummingbird hovering outside his window. "Little bird." He muttered softly, sleepily. His brain was still a little fogged with sleep. He wondered what the time might be.
  4. Stepping into the room he looked at his master. "Time to awake my lord." He stepped forward holding his hand out. "Time to get dressed." Standing him up, Nathaniel pulled out the clothes.
  5. Vesro sighed as he got out of bed, but he was smiling faintly. "Good morning Nathaniel." He said quietly, still watching the window curiously. "Do I have any important appointments or meetings today?" He asked, now dragging his gaze from the window to his new butler, curious. He wasn't exactly used to having a butler, especially one of this high efficiency, but he was enjoying it so far.
  6. Giving his lord a smile. "Morning." Removing his lords clothes, he then began to dress him. "You have two meetings today one before lunch the other two hours after. Between that you have your studies and I'll take care of the numbers."
  7. Vesro pondered upon this a moment, nodding. He watched another little hummingbird fly to the window before dashing away, then returned his gaze to Nathaniel. Once he was fully dressed other than his shoes, he sat down on the bed, picking up a small rose from the base beside the bed. He held the wet, cool stem between his fingers, smiling faintly.
  8. "My lord please allow me to take you down. I prepared breakfast for you." He bowed his head and extended his hand.
  9. Vesro stood again. "Alright." He held the rose out to Nathaniel. "I want you to tuck this into your pocket and I want you to wear a rose every day." He said, motioning to the pocket on the front of Nathaniel's outfit. He then nodded. "Breakfast sounds delightful." He smiled ever so faintly, a rare occurance of his.
  10. Standing up straight, Nathaniel took the rose slipping it into his pocket. "As you wish my lord. What ever pleases you." He then knelt putting on his masters shoes. "Breakfast is simple today. A poached egg, with toast and fresh honey, and sausage Earl grey tea on the side.
  11. "Mm." Vesro said quietly, the meal sounding quite appetizing to him. He stretched slightly, tapping his toes a little once his shoes were on to be sure they were comfortable. He then relaxed, slipping his hands into his pockets and walking over to the window, then turned. "Let us go downstairs then." He said, returning to Nathaniel's side to be led downstairs.
  12. Walking with his master down the hall. When they reached the dining table. He pulled out the chair. "Here you are."
  13. Vesro sat down, glancing over the table and relaxing a little, sitting back in the chair. He wondered just what kind of trouble he could get into today...he'd probably figure something out. He could smell the delicious breakfast and his stomach tightened slightly in expectation of food, but made no noise.
  14. Walking to the kitchen he brought out the two plates and the tea pot. Pouring the tea and setting out quickly. "Here you are my lord." Nathaniel then stood at his side.
  15. Vesro poked the food with his fork for a little before taking a sip of his tea. "That's good." he said quietly before starting to eat silently, taking small bites and little sips of his tea.
  16. "Any requests for lunch or dinner?" Nathaniel brushed his hair back. Looking around the room he noticed subtle imperfections that needed to be dealt with.
  17. Vesro shook his head. "No." He said quietly, taking another sip of his tea before eating the last bite of his breakfast. He sat back, holding the warm cup of tea in his hands as, once more, his mind wandered back to the outside and he looked out the window.
  18. Following Vesro's gaze, Nathaniel raised his eyebrow. He then removed the dishes and left them in hot water.
  19. While Nathaniel gathered the dishes, Vesro stood with his cup, going to the window and leaning slightly on the wall, looking out the window into the cool fall air and sipping on his tea, smiling ever so faintly. He figured he would find sometime today to wander off around the grounds a little and enjoy the fall air. Maybe.
  20. Walking to his lords side he watched him. "Need anything from me?" Nathaniel fixed the rose as he then looked out the window." Looks beautiful out there."
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