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    I am assuming you are reading this thread because you are interested in doing an OC Fandom Roleplay with me, a Fandom surrounding the Anime, Black Butler.
    If you are, you have found the right place.
    There are 5 ways this can go...
    Male Demon x Master
    Female Demon x Master
    Male Demon x Mistress
    Angel x Master
    Angel x Mistress

    I prefer MxM, but I can also do FxM.
    I would rather be the Female in FxM.
    Remember: Angel's are both Male and Female.
    I can be either master/mistress or Angel or the Demon.

    If you are interested, post here or pm me.
    This thread is open to new requests until I close it.

    Good day.
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  2. This seems like fun..

    May I join? If not that's perfectly fine.​
  3. Alrighty ~​
  4. I'll send you a little pm~
  5. Hmm... I'd like to do this.
  6. I'm definitely interested.
  7. If you are still willing. :"3
  8. Totally wanting to do this~! <3 If willing of course~
  9. Interested as long as sex and abuse is not involved.
  10. Neither of those were planned to be involved~
    I'll pm you ^~^
  11. Interested in m x m. Up for anything
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.