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  1. What I'm looking for
    • Must be 18+ (as I intend to have it take a NSFW direction)
    • Must be interested in one of the ships/pairings listed below
    • Active to highly active (at least one reply a day)
    • Somewhere in between intermediate and advanced

    Details about me
    • I will write in first or third person (I prefer first)
    • Private or public (though I strongly prefer messages)
    • I want to play Sebastian in these plots
    • I have not read the manga so I am only familiar with the anime. I have not seen Book of Circus yet either.

    Plot 1:
    Pairing: SebastianXCiel (AU plot)

    Title: Only the Grandest Revenge Will Do In this plot Sebastian is the human and Ciel is the demon. Sebastian carries the position Ciel does in the anime but is far less clean. Regulating and participating in the illicit activities more then putting an end to them. Someone slips up and Sebastian is betrayed by Claude. He is sent to jail after being striped of his title and is thoroughly tortured regularly for more information. He refuses to give this information as he dreams and plots of an elaborate revenge. Finally he summons Ciel to escape prison.

    Plot 3:

    Pairing: SebastianXClaude

    Title: A Mutual History Once upon a time the two weren't at odds with each other. In fact they worked together extensively. What happened to cause the events that transpired in season 2? How did things change over the centuries? How have they changed?

    Plot 4:
    Pairing: SebastianXClaude (Hannah can be brought in as well)
    Title: Sating A Need Demons have many needs they must fill regularly, these are all of a sinful nature. Blood lust, hunger and of course sex. Only a demon can truly pleasure another demon. Whenever possible the two find themselves satisfying this needs together. This involves frequent rendezvous at either estate and sneaking off. Is it just sating their sexual desires or something more?

    I am open to plot suggestions if it involves one of the pairings listed below

    Please state plot you are interested in when messaging/replying.

    Thank you. ^_^
  2. Still looking please message me asap
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.