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  1. So I just started watching Black Butler thanks to Netflix and I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts are on it. Should I continue watching it or leave it alone?
  2. WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Um yeah, it's definitely worth watching! I absolutely LOVE it! My husband laughed at me because I went crazy in Hot Topics when I found a chibi Sebastian and Ceil tee-shirt. I would have gotten it too, but they didn't have it in my size. :(

    Just please don't jump on the Sebastian x Ceil bandwagon! That pairing always creeped me out.
  3. I'm not really one for yaoi pairings (I prefer yuri) but I had a feeling that people would ship those two like FedEx XD
  4. Sadly, they do. It's creepy considering that Ceil is only like 12 at the beginning of the series.....

    I can understand the shipping though. As you get through the series, there are plenty of scenes that would suggest that the writers were going in that direction. I almost expected it to happen to be perfectly honest.
  5. But of course they can't do that because people would get offended due to Ciel's age ESPECIALLY in the West. Just look at what happened to Sailor Moon the first time it aired in America XD
  6. Definitely worth a watch! It's like a dark, creepy, supernatural take on Sherlock Holmes. Grell is best girl, please love her.

    And, yeah, allegedly a romantic relationship between Sebastian and Ciel was originally planned by the creator of the manga. I guess she was convinced not to do it explicitly, but rather through subtlety, because the manga had potential to do well in a more general market and they didn't want it limited to just the kiddie porn yaoi fans, lol. Or so I've heard. I tend to just pretend not to notice the hints at it in the anime >_>
  7. The manga was the origin of my username. The first season was pretty awesome. The second season felt like serious pandering for certain fan groups. It was too eh for me to watch more than the first few episodes. I haven't kept up with the manga either, mainly because I just don't have the money to buy them as a student. Maybe I'll start catching up over the summer.

    Because the anime is confusing, and I'll explain why:

    I don't know how far you are into the anime currently, but it only follows the manga up until about the end of the curry arc. Then things deviate completely away, and, well, it's not bad -- I liked the first season of the anime, at least, but parts of it definitely felt very weird compared to the manga... and it took things in some directions that the manga didn't even remotely touch on. And then there's season 2, which... yeah. You can give it a look if you're curious, but, trust me, it's skippable. Not only is it completely not based on the manga but it also sort of betrays the first season of the anime in a lot of ways.

    And then, due to the fact that the manga had lots of awesome story arcs that were never incorporated into the anime, they started making mini-series based on individual manga arcs... "Book of Circus" and "Book of Murder" are the names of at least two of them, I think. I haven't seen them yet so I have no idea how they fit into the anime canon, if at all, but... yeah, I can imagine that all of this would be pretty confusing to someone who didn't know about the manga.

    I'm not trying to tell you to not watch the anime if you're already enjoying it. I just wanted to clarify some things about how exactly certain things are fit together. And, yeah, I do strongly recommend you try out the manga at some point -- especially if you find yourself disliking season 2, or even just the latter half of season 1.
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  9. From what I read, Book of Circus fits in with the curry arc. I haven't started watching it yet, but it's on my list. I haven't looked at Book of Murder yet though.

    I do agree though, season 2 is......bleh. Although, that could be because of my extreme dislike for Alois, and the confusion from the beginning, and the ending of the season made me want to bash my head into a brick wall.

    Also, for anyone who has Windows 8 or 10, there's an app called Anime Hub that has all the episodes (Only Season 1 and 2 are dubbed if that matters to anyone. The others are subbed.)
  10. I watched the first few episodes and that was it. Didn't enjoy it that much, but I am thinking of reading the manga since I hear it is better than the anime.
  11. This is one of my favorite fandoms actually. Haha.

    I like the manga more, but give the anime a go. If you like it then I highly recommend the manga.

    Happy watching! <33
  12. I read black Butler and didn't even bother reading the rest... <×< such... a... good... ANIME
  13. The anime is alright. Worth a watch, but not spectacular in any way. What Black Butler does well, many others do better and with fewer flaws.

    Can't speak for the manga though, didn't bother reading it.
  14. YOu mean the canon one that got the series so popular? XD. Yeah it is creepy as fuck.
  15. Agh, this is SUCH a fun show. As said by others, there are others that are better from a technical point of view, but it's one that you can have a grand old time watching. It was one of this first animes I watched; I haven't read the manga either, but it's just a brilliant, heartbreaking show. (Oncoming unpopular opinion, please don't hurt me-) The main character is actually pretty insufferable, in my opinion, as he reminds me a lot of someone trying to unSue their Mary Sue. Make him super rich, super cute, but all moody! And he's an orphan!

    The supporting characters, however, make the fucking show. The servants are FANTASTIC. The Viscount is absolutely magnificent, and don't even get me started on the reapers.

    The second season is just as good; I actually preferred it, because it introduced another somewhat insufferable character who parallels Ciel in a fabulous way and is kinda heartbreakingly pitiful. A lot of people hate Alois, but I have a sweet spot for him. Besides, not all Victorian adolescent males can rock booty shorts.
  16. Agreed, he was an annoying little shit. :P
  17. It's good but I like the manga better! The art is just as gorgeous, and I feel like the anime tones a bunch of stuff down. I want my kuro gritty! It's also got storylines that aren't in the anime, so even if you just CRAVE MOAR it's worth checking out :3

    That said, I love Alois and Claude and it makes me sad that they're not in the books. Same conflict I have with FMA03; it's got some characters and stories and differing perspectives that I like, but... as a whole I still like Brotherhood and the books better.
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