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  1. Satone looked around quietly. He could see that it was time to awaken his new Mistress, so he woke the cook, ordering him to begin breakfast, and he woke the gardener to prune fresh flowers for the table. He had the maid begin her daily chores before he made his way to his mistress's room. He knocked lightly before slipping in, going over to the curtains and pulling them back. He kneeled beside his mistress's bed, bowing, one hand on his chest. "Good morning Miss, it is time to rise." He said calmly.
  2. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493

    She stood her back against the wall, the only thing she could in fact remember was that a voice had called out to her. She felt like it was the only thing that could save her. It wanted a contract, and though she should have known better than to give her soul to the devil, she felt like it was the last bit of hope she had to get her out of this. She felt her heart race and when she finally agreed the world seemed to spin. The people who had been using and abusing her where gone, more so splattered on the floor, with little left of them. She looked up and what she saw had her a bit nervous, she had sold her soul to the devil and she felt a small pain in her and that was when she saw it, a mark that had bound her to the male in front of her. She heard his name, but she felt a wave of tiredness wash over her.

    She gave a small yawn when she woke and to her surprise stood the male that she had seen last night. So it wasn't a dream, or was she still dreaming. Her blue eyes slowly opened blinking a few times before she sat up, the lighter blue strands of her hair a bit messy as she rubbed her eyes, the sleeves of her shirt covering her hands as she glanced to him. "I wasn't dreaming?" She asked with a small blink. She had not been dreaming right. She reached out and poked him slightly. He was real, and he was the one who saved her? she let her eyes look him up and down before he wrapped her arms around him and smiled. "Thank you!"
  3. Satone blinked slightly, surprised by the sudden hug. He blinked, gently hugging her back with one arm. "Not at all a dream Miss." He said softly. "Did you sleep well?" He asked, removing his arm, but staying in the same position. He wasn't exactly sure why she hugged him, but he had an idea it might have to do with the fact he had sort of saved her, at least, he figured from her point of view it would look that way.
  4. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    Serena gave a small smile when he said that she had not been dreaming. She slightly moved back, and began rubbing the back of her head. "Ah, yeah I did. Thank you" She shift too look at him. "So, what does this mean?" She pointed between the two. She had never honestly had any one beside her like this, and the thought of having some one to be around seemed to make her happy, after all how could she not be? She had been saved by some one who wished to help her, even if that meant she sold her own soul for it. In her eyes it was worth it. "Can I eat pancakes?" She asked tilting her head slightly
  5. "It means I follow your orders, I protect you no matter the cost, and I am by your side as your butler until the end." He said with a slight smile. He didn't mention the whole soul eating part, which was his favorite part, but there was no need to upset his Mistress right now. "If you wish, I can easily have pancakes prepared with your breakfast." He said, standing.
  6. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    Serena looked to him when he spoke to her. So he was going to watch over her, something she clearly had not had if she ended up in a sex ring. She gave another warm smile and wrapped her arms around him before pulling away. "Alright! Pancakes, with strawberry syrup!" She had a sweet to and she knew it. She licked her lips just at the thought before she began to climb out of the bed, she had a few things to do today.
  7. Satone smiled faintly. "Pancakes it is." He walked over to a small stack of folded clothes. "This is your outfit for the day Miss, I do hope it is to your liking." He bowed slightly, setting it on the edge of the bed. "I will be in the kitchen overseeing the breakfast preparations. Please, call if you need my assistance." He then turned to leave, smiling faintly.
  8. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    Serena looked to the male and when he said that he would make sure pancakes where there she grinned more. She glanced to the cloths and gave a small salute. "Okay!" She said but once he was left she let her smile fade into a frown before she began to dress for the day. This would take a lot to adjust too, and if she was right it was going to end with her soul going to the devil. She gave a small shrug though before walking out and heading toward the dinning room.
  9. Satone scowled at the sound of crashing. He slipped into the kitchen to find a mess! He glared at the cook. "This is breakfast?"
    The cook rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry Satone, kinda got outta hand ya see?"
    "Go get the cleaning supplies." Satone sighed. As the cook left, Satone quickly went to work, fixing eggs, bacon, pancakes, and an assortment of fruit for his Mistress. He stuck them on a tray with strawberry syrup and then made his way to the dining room.
  10. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    Serena had made her way down from her room and into the dinning room. It had been a long time since she was able to sit down at a table and eat something. She was already sitting by the time Satone had walked in with what she could only say smelled just as good as it looked if not better food. She grinned from ear to ear. "Is this breakfast?" She asked letting her eyes land on the assortment of food. It truly was a spread like no other. She could get use to this, if she really had too.
  11. Satone nodded. "Yes, breakfast fit for a wonderful mistress such as yourself." He bowed, setting the tray on the table. "What would you like to drink?" He asked, staying bowed.
  12. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    She looked to him and gave a nod. "Sure, how about some orange juice?" She said tapping her finger to her lips.
  13. Satone nodded, straightening and disappearing into the kitchen. Three minutes later he returned with a glass of orange juice. Setting it on the table, he smiled. "I hope everything is to your liking Ms. Serena."
  14. ♬Serena♬, #FF1493
    Serena gave a small hum when he set down the juice as she began to eat the food. She could not remember a time when it was this good, her food. "Thank you!" she beamed up at him and then smiled softly. "What else are we doing today?"
  15. Satone simply nodded his head slightly. "At 12 you have studies to keep up with school, 2 is your piano lesson, 4 you have a guest over, and 6 is dinner, 8 being your fencing lesson." He said with a slight bow.
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