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  1. I recently watched Black Bullet and actually liked it quite a bit, so much so that I would like to do a role play based on it. I would like to make some minor changes though in hopes of making a more unique and fun role play. It would probably be easier just to explain the layout though... That way, those who have seen the anime will see the differences and those who haven't can still see what it'll be like.

    In the year 2021, mankind is ravaged by the epidemic of Gastrea, a parasitic virus, and is forced to live within the Monolith walls, which are created from Varanium: a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. Soon, children who were born with the Gastrea virus and obtained superhuman abilities as a result, are discovered and labeled as "Cursed Children". Due to the Gastrea virus' intervention, the Cursed Children could only be born as female. It is because of their origins and nature though that they are seen negatively by society and highly discriminated. Civil Securities are formed to specialize fighting against Gastrea, operating with the pair of an Initiator (a "cursed child"), and a Promoter (a regular human serving to lead the cursed child and keep them in check, often male). Little is known of the strange nature of the Cursed Children, only that they are rarely seen to live past the age of twenty, that they run the risk of turning into Gastrea themselves, and that they are the best shot humanity has to combat the Gastrea and stop them from wiping out all of humanity as we know it...

    To those who have seen the anime, you can see that I only made a few changes (aka the age), but this would actually make for easier role play and artistic freedom. In this role play, I would like the role play to focus on two characters; the Promoter (your character) and the Initiator (my character). So I's like to find a single partner to role play with, though we can both use as many characters as we wish. I personally have some side characters thought up already, having a certain plotline in mind. I like role playing with someone who is willing to add to the plot though and even throw me for a loop here and there.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I'm actually really bad at making interest checks and often leave things out on accident... But I'm really friendly and love to chat either way. ^_^ As of right now, I'm only looking for a single partner for this role play, and it would kind of be like a choose-your-own-adventure kind of story.
  2. This could be interesting, although I'm not at all familiar with the source material.

    I am familiar with some things with similar themes, though.
  3. It's all good, there are some key differences to it that I will be making to it anyway, so that may be for the best. =P I can answer any questions you might have though if you want, so feel free to ask! It'll be easier to get all the details sorted out before setting up characters and stuff anyway.
  4. Well, I think most of my questions would be about the two roles and what would be expected of them. What sort of powers do the Initiators typically have? Same goes for the monsters they fight. Do Promoters have any real means to fight back on their own? If not, what are they expected to do, particularly outside of fighting?

    And, I suppose there's the usual question for the overall state of the world, to at least get a feel for what sort of scenery is appropriate. I'm also not sure hat you mean about "the age" being one of the big differences.

    As for my own similar things, if you might be curious, it's a TTRPG called Double Cross. In which a virus can give people superpowers, and those with powers run the risk of becoming monsters, but are pretty much the best hope to stop them, etc. It's pretty neat, and might lead me to sometimes drop some references therein, like referring to "syndromes" for broad power categories among other things.
  5. The main purpose of the Initiator/Promoter duo is to basically balance each other out in a battle situation. The abilities of the Cursed Children can very greatly, whether it be super strength or controlling fire. The same abilities can be found in the Gastrea as well. All Initiators have a set "type" based on the type of Gastrea their abilities mimic. I can give you the CS for the character I would be playing so you can get a better idea of what I mean. Promoters can carry any sort of arms they wish so long as it is made of Varanium, the only known material that the Gastrea are truly weak to. Promoters are responsible for their own techniques and ways of fighting the Gastrea alongside their partners, there are even instances that the Promoter is responsible for the brunt of the combat while the Initiator merely relays information from a vantage point or defends their partner. There have even been instances to see if the Gastrea virus could be genetically engineered and given to other hosts, though this is merely a rumor among the Civil Securities... Do with that information what you will. XP

    The Promoter is also expected to watch and "maintain" the Initiator. Though they're virus gives them spectacular abilities from birth, they are given an expiration date. They are given injections of in order to slow down the corrosion rate of their cells, and if their corrosion rate exceeds 50% the are to be terminated... So it is the Promoter's job to basically monitor and take care of their Initiator to an extent.

    At the moment, the world is in a state of piece, using the word loosely... The Gastrea are basically being kept at bay and the cities are barricaded in order to maintain strongholds for civilians to live in. Most of the world's population had been eradicated due to the outbreak of the Gastrea though, and even to this day they struggle to deal with the loss. thanks to the Monolith walls, also made of Varanium, the Gastrea are kept at bay for the most part. There is still corruption to be dealt with, such as prejudice held toward the Cursed Children and even the Civil Securities.

    The age comment was about how old the Cursed Children usually live up to. In the anime, they only lived to be around twelve years old because of the virus. I thought it would be nice to make them a bit older though, less morbid that way...

    And that does sound pretty neat! I'll have to give it a look some time! =)
  6. Thanks, all that was quite useful. I think based on some of that, I'd need to know what my Initiator is capable of, as it seems like most Promoters would likely select weapons and tactics based in part upon the abilities of their partner. So, at least in my case, it would be bad for me to create the character in a vacuum.
  7. Sure! Sounds good to me, I made pretty much a general overview of my character so you can get a grasp of what she is like. =P

    Name: Chiyo Shizuka
    Role: Initiator
    Type: Bee
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Chiyo is a woman with long bright orange hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Her forehead is covered by bangs, reaching to her eyes. Chiyo's eyes are rather soft, but do have a slight edge to them with their strange topaz coloring. She is rather petite in appearance standing at 5'6", despite the way she acts so big. Chiyo's clothes consist of a small light green hooded-sweater with green and black square designs on the sides over a white fitted tank top. She wears a thigh-length black court as well as shin-length white socks under black sneakers with soles made of Varanium.
    Personality: Chiyo is a nice girl at heart that likes making friends, and believes that she will protect them with her special abilities. It is because of this that she often lets her emotions cloud her judgement, having a hot temper on many subjects. Her statement is proven true in actions when, despite being mistreated by the kids at her school when she is discovered to be a "cursed child," she ultimately destroys a Gastrea parasite and solely thinks of the kids at her school at a very young age. She is also rather lively, always smiling in a cocky and strong major regardless of the situation. However, she feels pain when young girls like herself are also mistreated because of the blood running through their veins. Chiyo is quick to show jealously toward any girl that gets close to her Promoter. She also suffers from a number of strange inferiority complexes, though what young woman doesn't worry about their appearance?
    Weapon: Varanium Soled Sneakers
    Explosive Energy - Chiyo can manifest small orbs of explosive light energy that she can throw or kick at a target. The orbs off light explode to her will for the most part, either that or exploding upon impact.
    Speed - Chiyo is rather fast due to her being a Bee Type Initiator, being able to propel herself around in leaps and lunges at surprising speeds.
    Wings - Chiyo can manifest four diamond shaped wings on her back made of light energy, similar to the energy used to make her explosive orbs. She can use these wings to increase her speed or even fly short distances, but even that will drastically drain her energy and leave her exhausted.
    Fighting Style: Chiyo's fighting abilities rely highly on speed, usually only resorting to a physical attack after gaining enough momentum. Otherwise, she relies highly on her explosive energy in order of combat Gastrea/other Initiators.
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  8. Very neat character there. Let's see, what would mesh well with that sort of fighting style? I suppose someone focused on being a sort of tough front-line fighter could work, although when it's going against monsters as a normal human that's a risky approach to take. So, probably better to be some other sort of distraction to help someone fast and mobile to best take advantage of openings. Maybe more of a sniper type? Someone well-versed with guns rather than aiming to get in close themselves.

    I also think that I'll lean toward distaste for the whole way Civil Securities has to do things. It might be a necessary evil, but making children fight like this is still pretty terrible, so it's something to wax philosophical about every now and again.
  9. Thanks! I tried making a character that would show innocence despite the rather harsh cards fate had dealt her. That sounds pretty good to me though! I could see that as a pretty decent pairing. I can't wait to see what you come up with. =P And I'd have to agree withy you, the whole thing is very corrupt and throughout the story you'll be able to see more and more holes in the system. It's all very bitter sweet if you ask me, having to put children's lives at stake in order to have a fighting chance. That distaste could be a pretty good drive for your character though. A sort of "put an end to this so no one has to die anymore" sort of mindset.
  10. Alright, then. I'll try to get something put together tomorrow. You wouldn't have any preference on the gender of your character's handler, would you?
  11. Not particularly. I had imagined it to be a man just because that's the first thing that came to mind when thinking of the role play, but I'm not one to put restrictions on my role playing partners. Feel free to be as creative as you want with it! =)
  12. For future reference, one x one partner requests go in the one x one forum section, not the interest check. (:
  13. Oh, alright! Sorry! ^_^
  14. It should be possible to request the thread be moved to the appropriate section, actually.
  15. Really? Eh, at this point what's done is done. =P
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