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  1. you are stuck in a small secluded village, no one knows life outside, you've all been there as long as you can remember. then one day, a mysterious truck comes on a stormy night and delivers a letter to the front gates. In the morning when it is found, no one knows quite what to make of it.

    it sticks out in the middle of the page, the writing dripping slightly with splotches dotting the page. As well, the writing is scratchily writing in red, as if with a nail. everyone decides to ignore the letter and think of it as nothing more than an attempted prank, though some have their doubts. but then, a week later, another letter arrives, this time, completely readable…..

    Your deaths had one thing in common, you all died with regrets. In this secluded village, you and all your fellow villages will be put to a series of tests in this game, the ones who win and complete the game will be granted their old memories and have their life back. There is a chance none of you will win, and there is also a chance all of you could. I highly doubt it though, seeing as how some of these tests are not for the faint of heart. Some of the tests will seem to put others at an unfair advantage, this is purposeful, I'm sure you can understand why. This is a survival game, you survive, you win, if you die, well, it's plain to see what'll happen if you die again, for this time no one will be bringing you back.

    Though it is red just like the previous letter it now has been written with a type writer, the letters not even dry yet, some have trails of red dripping from them. No one understands what it's talking about, but now everyone knows they should be wary, everyone could feel it, something in the air was changing.

    [DAY 1- Tuesday, April 12th]

    Original Signup Thread:✹red-ink-mystery-horror.90447/

    *= degrees C
    24 hour clock times
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  2. CURRENT TIME- 7:00
    EVENTS TODAY- town meeting at 7:30 concerning what to do about the letter, location of meeting is the Town Hall located on the main street
    WEATHER- The air is cold but still, cloudy, 4*
    NOTES- letter was found by- Adriana Kent and Ren Alaric Pentlocke at 6:43
    ~>at meeting state what you were doing when you found it, give reasons
    ~>Dr. Kynian Cooper question whether they are faking this, find your own reasons to question
    ~>side with either Dr. Kynian Cooper or Adriana Kent and Ren Alaric Pentlocke out of pride or fear or remain neutral
    ~>everyone must reach a conclusion together about the letter after discussion
    ~>your character does not have to agree with everyone else, it will be majority rules
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    • Rainbow's Start

    • Rainbow wasn't really up to the whole "meeting thing." She didn't know what to make of it. When she heard about the letter she thought it was just some creepy joke or something. Rainbow couldn't possibly be bothered by it. At the same time she also wanted to know what it meant. So she would make her way towards the town hall to get this show on the road. Rainbow loved the smell of the open doors outside of her home, she didn't know why she was so in love with the breeze and the beauty of the place. Rainbow just shook it off.

      As she made her way towards the town hall, Rainbow saw that she was one of the first people to show up. "Hey! Where is everyone else." Rainbow is an out spoken person she has been that way since...forever she guesses. Rainbow wanted to hear out everyone elses ideas about the letter before she gave her opinion.
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  3. :Rebecca Guttier:
    As she walked to the hall, her vision blurred slightly as her mind drifted. This felt sort of.... Off. She couldn't put her finger on it though, so she remained only able to run the thought through her mind until she grew tired of the repetition and abandoned it for the moment. She focused again on the walk, seeing Rainbow up ahead, she had no idea about that girl, her name was kind of.... Well, it wasn't going to change so why complain, it was Rainbows own decision, it didn't concern her. The girl herself was nice enough, that's all that really mattered. She stopped when she was close enough to fell comfortable.
    She would side with whoever presented the best argument and seemed the most plausible, she'd wait and hold her tongue to hear what the rest had to say, then she'd give her opinion.
  4. [​IMG] Lizzy Fletcher

    Lizzy sat on the Ashley designed throw rug that sat in the center of her apartment floor, snuggled in the bend of the Ethan Allen L-shaped sectional sofa surrounded by pillows and crap from her hobo purse. Bills, bubblegum, old notes about miscellaneous things she needed to pick up for her clients or herself, a few CDs she keeps forgetting to return to the box in the attic, and...

    "Oh, wow! There's the keys to The Anderson's loft office. I knew I'd tossed them in here!"

    How can a Professional Organizer be such a Clutterbucket and a Scatterbrain? That's what her friends tell her all the time they visit her place. Seeing the state of it would cause anyone to say the same thing. Her place was decorated beautifully - underneath all the plastic tubs of stuff from various client's home offices, the boxes of her personal items she hasn't found a place for since she'd moved to the spacious studio apartment there several months ago, and bags of things she's forgotten what they're there for. She knew the move will help place her closer to most of her clientele who call her to digital organize their paper files and such, but such a strategic relocation forced her to flip her entire world upside down, leaving her a mental wreck...and her new decor proves it. She was completely out of sorts... but it wasn't because of the move.

    It was that letter, the one everyone's been talking about, that has her on edge right now. The first one came to her at her old place; it wasn't nothing much to her, so she tossed it and went about her business. When she moved on a whimsy, she never expected the second letter to be sitting on the kitchen counter at her new place. That freaked her out - no one knew she was moving, and the only person who knew where when she'd found the place was the landlord. Confronting him only proved one thing - that she wasn't the only one who received the mysterious letter. And now, because of the uproar, there was a meeting tonight to discuss it.

    "Ah, there it is!" Digging through her purse finally revealed the missing letter, one that seemed to cause her nerves to shake every time she picked it up. Tossing it back, she returned the important things back and threw the trash away. "Damn it! I'm going to be late for this thing..." Standing up, she headed to the kitchen to finish the glass of wine she left on the counter beside her keys, which she snatched up next. Slipping on her coat and scarf, cause she's always cold even when the weather was nice, Lizzy headed out, locking the door behind her.

    It didn't take long to reach Town Hall - she was just a few blocks away. Entering, she realized she wasn't as late as she'd thought; the place was practically empty. Her heals clicked as she stepped lively inside to find herself a decent seat, looking around to see a few people she knew and others she's never met before. "So, where the rest of the town?" Her eyes crossed the room. "I guess no one else around here sees this thing as a threat..." She, for one, felt it was. Anything that just pops up in the middle of her life with no explanation, stating she's something as insane as her being dead...and can die again... Yea, that's a threat.
  5. Ren listened as the first of the small town's residents trickled into the hall. A quick glance at his wrist showed the time; he must have been there nearly ten minutes now, huddled in the shadows of the building. Pulling out his zippo, he flicked it open and finally lit the cigarette that had been sitting at his lips. It was unlike him, to have his mind wander like this, but that letter left him unsettled, so much so that he was feeling almost paranoid.

    A red glow washed over his pale face as he took a deep drag off the paper-wrapped tobacco. A satisfying burn washed down over his throat, but unfortunately did nothing to stay the chill of the spring morning. A light breeze made the thin man pull his leather jacket closer to his body, matching gloves tugging the zipper up to his neck as he fought a shudder. He should have gone back to his coffee shop and at least made a pot of Colombian or something. If not to fend off the cold, then to at least placate his regulars, which had to be at least half the population of the quaint town. The idea made his lips twitch into a small smile. A town meeting without everyone getting their morning caffeine fix? Now he was to blame for two things.

    Speaking of blame, just how was he going to prove he and Adriana weren't trying some sick joke? Another hit of nicotine did not provide him with any answers, but he took one anyway, stormy eyes flicking towards the street. Maybe he should find Adriana and talk to her about it, come up with some sort of plan... but what more could they say than they already had? A morning walk had lead to the discovery of the letter, which was not as cryptic as the last, but far more disturbing. Death, regrets, tests and memories... who the hell was the freak and what were they trying to do? Everyone here has been here their whole lives, it was just a Christmas card kind of town, picturesque with a small community where everyone knows everyone. Was someone really trying to make a practical joke? If so, April fools was eleven days ago; even the first letter was late if this was the case. So, was there some hidden psychopath trying to cause anarchy among that number, attempting make them all doubt each other? Was it a stranger preying on their secluded village? No matter the options, something did not add up.

    Maybe... just maybe the letter was truthful? "Pft, yea right." He muttered as he finished off his first smoke of the day, flicking the filter to the ground and grinding it with his boot.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Dr. Kynian Cooper

    Every day, Kynian wonders why, why did he decide to become a doctor? It couldn't be because he grew up with the powerful desire to work with ignorant back-water doctors with faulty degrees from second-rate universities, trying to up him one due to their tenure and rank was above his head? (His eyes shot across the hallway towards Dr. Hines and Dr. Nomanday; both M.D.s in Jackassery and absolute Stupidity.), that's not it, he thought as he waved his fairwell to them politely.

    Or possibly, he knew he could make the world a better place while working at the local two-star memorial clinic where there's no word in their vocabulary for sanitary or cleanliness, curtsey or patient consideration... Um, maybe he just felt as if there was nothing left in the world for him to do anymore except work at the cesspool called Harvest Memorial Clinic. His mind thinks so, because his spirit seems to know that there's just no other way he would stoop so low, if he had no where else left to go.

    The musty pissy smell down the particular pristine hallway he marched down immediately caused Dr. Cooper's nose to wrinkle. He was not thrilled about this eyesore of a hospital - he was only there for the patients who needed real help; but Kynian was thrilled to be leaving early for a legitimate reason. Like everyone else, he received the strange letters too. And like most of the highly intelligent populace of this little community, he figured it was a highly planned out hoaxed for some outlandish city-wide event, or possibly a viral video some lame high school kids were attempting to shoot for 10K cyber votes and their 15 cyber minutes of fame.

    It did, however, disturb him... Enough so to analyze the letter, breaking it down to each precise sentence, word selection, and rhythm to decipher if there's more hidden between the lines than the sinister statements written in red. His conclusions were disheartening, and in some cases didn't clue him in on anything, except for one - Mr. Q is a madman, and the game ball was already in his court...probably since before the first mysterious letter showed up around this little village.

    "And I wanted to live someplace peaceful," he chuckled to himself as he parked his car in the parking garage across the street from Town Hall.

    Entering the building and finding the room where the meeting was to take place, Kynian passed a few people he knew, giving them his typical professional smile as he passed. Being one of four doctors in town, he knew everyone - inside and out; which brought him to his second mental concern about the letters. The mentioning of death... They were all dead once before, according to this notorious Mr. Q. But so far, all the residents he's come to diagnosed over the years have been very much alive and well. There's no signs of death among the living, nor are there zombies prowling the streets. All in all, that thought amused him as he set his blazer and messenger bag on a chair near the center of the room. He then returned to the back where there were refreshments dressing a table. He didn't care too much for the sweets, but he did pour him a cup of fresh coffee, adding a bit of cream and sugar, before standing around to get a glimpse of the growing crowd.
    Just how many out there considered this letter worth discussion?

  7. Adriana Kent
    "X equals negative b, plus or minus the square root of b2, minus 4ac , all over 2a, when ax plus bx plus c equals zero."

    Heh, kid stuff.

    Adriana flipped through the pages of her math textbook, barely glancing at them as she went. They had to be kidding her. The quadratic formula? What was she, eight? Besides a few complex solutions and imaginary numbers, this was basic math. Did people even need to learn these sorts of things? They were nothing more than plug and solve problems.

    With a shake of her head and a slight eye roll, she glanced over at the clock.
    Shit, I meant to leave a while ago.
    Pushing her textbook to the ground as she did so, she stood straight and prepared to head towards the door. Quickly though, she stooped down and picked the book back up, neatly setting it back on the table. Despite the tough kid act she tried to put on, at heart she was a neat freak. The mere sight of a pencil lying diagonal to a book, instead of parallel to it, was enough to drive her mad. Though she was able to ignore it when around others, it was too great for her to ignore when alone. It was a bit of an obsession, almost - something which was proved by her room. Everything had a spot, and it was always placed perfectly in it. After double checking the room in order to reassure herself that everything was in it's proper place she pulled on her leather jacket, walked outside, and retrieved her bike from where she had left it chained in the front yard.


    It was late by the time Adriana finally walked into Town Hall. Though the meeting had yet to start, she had been hoping to be the first, or at the very least one of the first, to arrive to the meeting. After all, this was about the letter her and Ren had found.
    Honestly, she was nervous. Why would anyone believe her? Whether the letter told the truth or not, she wasn't sure of, but one thing she did know was that she wasn't making up having found it. That wasn't the way she thought others would see it, though. She was known for pulling pranks - ranging from harmless fun to bordering on just plain cruel - and coming up with elaborate lies. It was a way for her to amuse herself; Besides, it wasn't like she had thought it would ever matter. It's not like she wanted to get on people's good sides - she wanted to be viewed as a juvenile delinquent. It was so much easier to be a pain in the neck than a pushover. She had had no way of knowing that one day some creep would start sending strange letters to their quiet little town - strange letters which she was beginning to worry she would be blamed for.

    I just hope this doesn't turn into a 'boy who cried wolf' story.

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