Black and White (w/Lithël Aelfwine)

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  1. Character (open)
    Name: Lorcan Daumantas

    Alias: Shadow Racer

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Superhero / Anti-hero division

    General Personality: He’s quiet which is mistaken for submissiveness, but really the opposite is true. When he is emotionally vulnerable he tends to rely on anger. He’s cool headed, and sarcastic. He doesn’t easily make friends, but is incredibly loyal to those who have earned it. A loner, by design rather than choice. He enjoys people watching, though he hates being in the middle of crowds. He’s incredibly stubborn.

    General History: He dislikes talking about it. He was an experiment for a famous scientist at one point. It’s unknown if he was born as an experiment or picked for it.

    General Appearance

    Hair: Soft black

    Eyes: Russet brown

    Height: 5’ 6”

    Basic looks: Slim, runner build.

    Costume: Black light jacket and pants with a red jagged stripe down the left side. Black hood that covers his hair and dark goggles over his eyes.

    Powers and weaknesses

    Powers: Ability to manipulate energy. This used to reach extreme speeds, most particularly he is able to go past the speed of sound, though not very often. He can also form bolts of energy to attack others, this depletes his natural energy immensely. He likely has other ways of manipulating energy, but he isn’t old enough to try yet.

    Weakness: Using his power uses personal energy and he can fall unconscious if he uses too much at once. Though he’s difficult to catch, he has a harder time escaping once caught.


    Melee: whatever he can get his
    hands on.

    Shadow Racer glared down at the streets through his goggles. His neutral expression was present on his face, though it contrasted with the smoke rising from his costume. A fire that had been started by an idiot in a downtown apartment had spread two blocks before the fire department had been called. Luckily the anti-hero had been running nearby when he saw the firetrucks zooming past. He 'tsked' under his breath at the memory.

    He had to rush through the fire to rescue multiple children and adults before the raging inferno had been quenched. The person who had started it, by failing to turn off a gas stove, was taken by the police to make a statement. The speedster had his card scanned by them before they left, transferring the funds to his bank account for his work.

    Now the hero stood on a rooftop attempting to ignore his cellphone that continued to ring. It was probably the department calling him in on another emergency. But he'd already been interrupted from his search once tonight. He didn't need another distraction. His eyes narrowed as he continued to watch the gan below him loading up their truck.
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  2. Character (open)
    Name: Aedan Agnis

    Alias: Mr Io

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Evil super villian

    General Personality: He's quiet most of the time, and despices most of the other human beings, although he respects many people that do good things for other people, and he's up to do anything in his hand to help them.
    Tends to act without hesitation and be ruthless because he really doesn't care about people.

    General History: He was rised to be a superhero since his powers started developing in a really early age, and his dream was to serve and protect the people all over the world.
    He started hating the world when a man that was supposed to ve a superhero with power to control fire set his house on fire to burn alive a thieve that has entered his house. Although the hero thought the place was empty other than the thieve, the family was there, and when Aidan's parents started burning alive (and therefore screaming) the superhero realized what he has done and, to cover his tracks, he ran away instead of helping the people.
    Aidan survived with his powers, but he was so scared and desperated that he couldn't save his family.
    Since then, he hates his powers and most of humanity, and has devoted his life to kill every superhero in existence to purge the world of their infection.

    General Appearance

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Green

    Height: 5’ 9''

    Basic looks: Wide shoulders, strong build, big hands, muscled.

    Costume: A huge cloak and a shadowy mess over the face that changes in maddening patterns every second.

    Powers and weaknesses

    Powers: Ability to manipulate Shadows, Void, the plane of Abyss (with it's inhabitants), Entropy and Fear.
    Power to control, form or dismiss Illutions.

    Weakness: His mind degradates when using his powers so afterwards he has headaques, and needs to meditate. When he doesn't meditate, his powers turn reality into a living nightmare.


    The shadows itself.

    Mr Io, as he was called by the super-vermin, stared inside the building. One moment he found the place on fire. He teleported to a nearby alley but, then, the people was out. A speeder had taken them out. Mr Io felt incredibly useless, hating himself more than before.
    Now, he wanted to track the guy but ¿How you track something you can't see?
    The man in the black swit started to follow the way the burnt out soles left in the ground. As a speeder, the soles were specially designed to brake the movement with all that inercy, but they had to be replaced quickly. He followed the marks to the top of a building.
    You were the one that saved the ones in the fire, right? said Mr Io, appearing a few meters in his back.
  3. The speedster twitched at the voice behind him. He covered up his surprise quickly, but couldn't stop the feeling of his heart racing. How'd he get behind me? he wondered. His goggles had tinted glass in them, causing the shape of his eyes to be seen, but the color and pupils couldn't be. Shadow Racer turned so he could hear the speaker.

    "What of it?" he asked in an indifferent tone. His eyes searched the man in front of him. His face was covered in strange shadowy shapes. He narrowed his eyes in thought, shadowy shapes over the face... he could have sworn he heard about that before in the office.
  4. So you did. Tense seconds passed as Mr Io looked the man in the eye.
    What's your name?
  5. The racer folded his arms over his chest, a stubborn set appearing in his stance. "I don't give my name to someone who hasn't introduced himself," he said bluntly. His ears twitched a bit when he heard the car below start. He hoped that this conversation wouldn't cause him to miss the drop off. He'd been following clues to this mob boss for months when he finally found this pick up. But he didn't dare turn his back on someone who could sneak up on him.
  6. The name you won't get. I'm Mr Io if you must call me something. How do they call you? The man didn't move, and even if he did, the shadows all around him weremere extensions of his body, since he was dressed pitch black.
  7. The superhero was silent for a moment. He’d heard of Mr. Io, though not much was known about him. He was powerful; the shadows were evidence of that. “I’m known as Shadow Racer,” the speedster finally answered. His hand had clenched a bit at the realization that he was dealing with a Supervillain. He was tense, prepared to shoot off the roof, or attack at a moment’s notice. “What do you want with me? I’m busy.”
  8. Mr Io knew this particular speedster wasn't as bad as the others. Where he was no more than a superhero, he actually did something for the people.
    Mr Io simply looked at him, memorizing his costume and searching for any marks he could recognize of the man behind the mask.
    Thanks. He simply said, and he teleported in a shadow to another place.
  9. Shadow Racer huffed in annoyance and confusion as Mr. Io teleported away. He had frown on his face as he stared at the spot where the Villain had been. What had that been all about? Why would a villain care if people were rescued? At the sound of a car screeching away the speedster’s head snapped up. The next moment all that was left on the roof was a startling after image of energy.

    The hero had raced quickly down the building and after the car. He was going at a fairly slow pace for himself. He hid in the shadows of the buildings as he trailed the car to a fairly nice part of town. Shadow Racer’s hand clenched into a fist when the car stopped in front of the mansion of a well-known business man. He was one of the original creators of this new Superhero system. If this man was a part of the mob…

    Things were far worse than he had guessed. He reached into the utility belt he rarely used. It carried only a small camera and recorder. Shadow Racer never bothered with all the gadgets many of the other Hero’s used. He had enough faith in his own powers. He snapped a few photos of the men bringing the stolen goods into the house. A few moments later the shadows were once again deserted.

    Shadow Racer jerked to a stop at the top of a tall clock tower in the town square. He’d placed the camera back into the belt. He leaned against the wall and pulled out his cell phone. It was a flip phone, he’d refused to upgrade to a smart phone. It would just let people contact him easier. He searched through the messages frowning at the calls for help on the East side of the city. There were already some Hero’s dealing with it, but it seemed they needed Shadow Racer’s speed to catch the Supervillain behind it. The anti-hero jumped as a cracking sound reached him from one of the other buildings. He looked up and spotted the Hero’s and Villain he’d just researched about.

    The villain was in a round hover vehicle that was easily dodging the ice and fire being thrown at him from the other Hero’s. With a sigh Shadow Racer ran off the edge of the clock tower and landed easily on the hover vehicle. The Villain jerked around and yelled a, “How dare you!” at him. With a smirk the anti-hero rammed a hand into a panel and pulled the wires away. He jumped away as the vehicle began to go haywire.
  10. Mister Io dissapeared and landed on an alley. It was the darkest area of the zone, so it was easier for him to land there.
    Darkness gave him peace. THe shadows are simple, and he needed something simple right now. NOthing of what he did had a clue of how he was affraid of fighting with the man. THis bullshit about good and bad was a lie and one of them could have killed the other if they were to fight. HE didn'twant to kill that man.

    But his desires were, clearly, something the world didn't take into acount since when he was thinking calmly in his little Alley, a man approached.
    Two lightning bolts explode around him, revealing his position.
    Mister Io materialized a spear out of the shadows left and attacked forward taking advantaje of being in a narrow alley, but he thrusted into the air, for his attacker was a couple meters away.

    Who are you? What do you want? ASked mister Io. I'm here to take your head, fucker. Said the man. He was Shock, a superhero with the power of thunder, so he was a speedster for one second at a time and could control electricity, so he was dangerous.
    Catch me first. Said Mister Io and teleported away into the shadows
  11. Shadow Racer landed on the street. His black sneakers touched down on the ground easily; the other two Heroes who had battling stopped by his side. “We didn’t need your help,” Iced complained. He had been the one throwing the ice at the Villain. His partner a younger girl with fiery (literally) red hair and named Novaflame snorted at the comment.

    “No you didn’t; as show by your competence,” the speedster said sarcastically and pointed at the destroyed office buildings behind them. The Villain meanwhile had crashed down into an empty part of the street and was now attempting to get out of his wrecked hover vehicle. Iced flicked some ice at Shadow Racer, missing him as the speedster dodged to the side. His face was unimpressed. He walked away from the cursing Hero and stopped by Villain.

    “Uh,” said the Villain suddenly looking worried. Even being unable to see Shadow Racer’s eyes, he could still feel the glare. “A little help?” he asked with a squeak. The racer’s hand glowed orange for a brief moment, he felt his own energy deplete as he touched the vehicle. It cracked down the center and fell apart leaving the Villain sitting in the crumpled metal.

    “I wouldn’t suggest running Professor Backstab,” said Shadow Racer. “You wouldn’t get to even inch in whatever direction you were heading.” The Professor tensed. Novaflame had calmed Iced down enough that he was able to freeze the Villain where he sat. Ice coating over his feet and hands.

    Shadow Racer felt a twitch enter his eye as his cell phone rang again. When he flipped it open his annoyance became brief worry and then angry. “You wait for the police,” he told the partners. “I’m busy.” Before either of them could complain the speedster had disappeared leaving an orange trail of energy behind him that disappeared after a second. The message had informed Shadow Racer that energy had been detected in the alley ways of the west side.

    The racer halted when he saw Shock to the side of him. He scowled for a moment. Shock was a part of the anti-hero division the same as Shadow Racer, but he was far more hard core than the speedster. He often killed the Villains they were after with little thought. “Shock,” the racer said cool anger in his tone.
  12. As Shadow Racer came into scene, a black giant raven rose from the shadows around Shock as he was looking at Shadow Racer in awe. The raven covered Shock and dragged him into the mass of living darkness in his feet.
    AS Shock was swallowed, Mr Io rised from the darkness reforming his body, and looked down to Shock.

    A a sharp shriek pierced the veil of night.
  13. The speedster moved away from Shock when he spotted the shadows around the other hero. His after image had disappeared by the time the shriek pierced the night. He frowned and looked around the alley way for any sort of clue, but it was too dark.

    He hesitated a brief moment, he’d just met someone who seemed to have an immense power with shadows. “Mr. Io?” he stated, only a slight question in his voice. “What have you done with Shock?”
  14. I have done nothing to him. He spoke, making a blanket of shadows over Shock, who was, well, shoocked and screaming as if he was a neonate taking his first breaths.
    He's doing horrible things to himself, but that's because he came to kill me. Do you come to kill me, too?
  15. “Only if you keep me here for too long,” Shadow Racer said in what would be considered a neutral tone. However under it was a light amused tone. Not many people would recognize that the usually cool anti-hero was teasing the other. He walked over to Shock and leaned over him. “Is he seeing the things he’s done to others?” he asked.
  16. Fear is a kind of inner darkness. I'm let it out and it started torturing him. Right now, he's living his worst nightmare, getting scared, and making his nightmare stronger. It was a vicious circle that led to the destruction of the one fearing. Nobody had survived, in Mr Io's experience.
    We should go. His nightmares will turn into reality soon and he'll die in his nightmare's claws or he'll die of a heart attack.
  17. Shadow Racer’s head snapped up. “They’ll become reality?” he repeated. A flash of worry went across his face though it disappeared just as quickly. He snapped his phone out and texted Shock’s location to the department. He moved closer to Mr. Io. “How dangerous will the nightmare be to citizens?” he demanded. Despite his cavalier attitude to most of his fellow heroes and the city, he did care deep down for the people.
  18. It won't be dangerous. It will be a few seconds and will be entertained with Shock. That, assuming it ever showed up. Come. Mr Io pointed to the roof of a closed car wash in the other side of the street.
    Let's meet there and see what happens. Mr Io disapeared and appeared again on the place he suggested.
  19. Shadow Racer stepped over the shivering and shuddering Shock. He couldn’t feel too bad for the man. He ran quickly after stepping over him and jerked to a stop by Mr. Io on top of the roof. He kept away from the Villain by a few feet, but his eyes narrowed as he watched the other anti-hero closely. He figured it would be a few minutes before the department sent anybody.
  20. It took about 45 seconds of silence. It was like Shock was screaming but had no more voice. Then, a sound like a thunderstrike rose from Shock's throat and from deep within his chest a group of people emerged. Racer could see they were Shock's victims, a bunch of supervillians. The people that had come out of Shock's chest started to rip him off, bite him off and reduced him to a bloody pulp that throbbed a couple of times before stop moving, the moment when the things disapeared.

    What a Shame
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