Black and Red All Over (Leucothea and ~Nora.Inu~)

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  1. Caesar walked done the road, staying in the shadows with his hair covered. He looked around before crossing the street, getting into his home safely. Once behind closed doors, he took off his cloth, revealing bright red hair. The hair that would get him killed one day. Caesar was a tall man, standing at a solid six foot, ad he was very fit. Though, no one cared how well of a soldier he would make. They all only cared about his hair. So, because of his mother, he would be stuck with this hair. This plague. No one would ever care for him... well, maybe the halflings would. They were just as hated, and they only had animal ears and tails. He sighed, getting rid of the thoughts and pulling th rags ack up his shoulder, trying to stay warm on the cool day. He walked to the fire place and started to make some soup for later. However, he found himself looking at his arms, and at the marks that had ben, literally, burned into his skin. All because of his red hair.

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    "Sexy, you should wear this" Devyn held up a womans bikini and left a wide smile on Lace's face. Lace growled "If you wernt my brother I'd strangle you" he sighed and forced Devyn to place the bikini down. Why they were holding up langerie for the world to see made Lace the worst type of embarassment. He waited for Devyn to look at something else before he swayed out the shop and into the street. His eyes glanceing at everyone.

    Caesar didn't have th money to buy any new clothes, so he just continued to wear the same old rags, sewing the holes and such every time he could. Once he was done with that, though, he knew he needed to go out through the town and try and make it to the woods to collect lumber. He pulled his cloak back on, pulling the hood up after he wrapped the scarf around his hair. He made sure his arms were covered before walking out, keeping th hood over his face and head.

    Lace kept his eye on the back of where he was headed. He wasnt watchign where he was going only on where he needed to hide from Devyn. He kept walking hearing people mutter and call him names, until a solid object hit him and he heared a gasp and a painful thump. He staggered back and held onto one of the walls for support. He noticed Ceasar and bent down, holding out his hand "Are you okay...gosh I'm so sorry sir"

    Caesar gasped when he was run into, hitting the rocky ground with a thunk. He groaned, looking up. Royalty. The man had black hair. H gasped, backing away and getting to his feet. He pulled his hood up frantically, not wanting even the slightest bit of red hair showing.
    "I have to leave," he said simply, running away from the stranger. The man was royalty, so he had power. That power would hurt Caesar if they found out he had red hair.

    Lace stared for a whle, he wished he wasnt born with black hair, people would treat him differently if he was. He broke into a sprint after Caesar "Hey wait!" he called, sucking in air while he could, damn the kid was fast, probally practice from running away all his life, Lace didnt believe in the hair to show status. He didnt know what was so important about black hair, he didnt like his hair, every acted like he was a god and not a human. But he raced after the kid, he never said sorry

    Caesar looked back, picking up his speed. He looked back again the make sure he was far enough ahead, making sure the hood on his hoodie stayed up. His feet hurt a lot, since he wasn't wearing any shoes and the street was covered in broken glass and such things. He was just happy that he wasn't standing there for to long to get any bad cuts. Looking back once more, when he turned around he found himself having to stop quickly to keep from running into a car. He felt over backwards and groaned, trying to get back to his feet quickly.

    Lace caught up with him, and held his shoulder "please I wont hurt you" he helped him up and heaved for air. He made sure he was on his feet then lifted his head, hearing Devyn calling him name, he cursed and soon began to drag Caesar into an alley way and down the other side, he opened the door to a hotel and slipped Caesar inside and released him. Closing the door and moving the blinds so he could peek out "Good he's gone" he sighed.

    Caesar was ready to take his apology, then leave right away. He kept his head down so the large hoodie would cover his hair.
    "Wha- hey!" he shouted when he was dragged away, struggling against the mans grip. He was scared when he was pulled into the hotel room.
    "You... want do you want?" he asked, staying away many feet. Had his hair been seen? Did the man plan to kill him?

    Lace crleared his throat "I wanted to say sorry, me being royality doesnt mean i have to be rude, I bumped into you and i apologize deeply" Lace stepped closer and slapped the hood out from the boys head, seeing the bright red hair and smileing slightly "I was right" he muttered and redrew the hood over his hair "Im not going to hurt you, i promise"

    Caesar yelped when the hood was knocked off, his eyes widening. He pulled out a large blade, almost to quick to see anything but the glint of the blade, and held it the the mans throat.
    "How do I know you're not lying? People always say that, but you people are always liars," He claimed, backing out towards the door. His sleeve slide up his arm a little ways, enough to see a small section of his burn markings, which started at his wrist.

    "If i was lying I woudnt have said it to you" Lace said, sadly his smartass comments just came naturally, but it had a point "Other lie because they lack the accual genes for black hair...I believe its all dyed"

    Caesar still held firm, not wanting to get attacked. Having lived the way he did, always ridiculed by others, always treated like scum, always forgotten about and beaten... well, it was only natural he would be so cautious.
    "Then if you aren't going to do anything, I'm leaving," he said, grabbing the door handle and opening it from behind, never taking his eyes off Lace, and his hood remained covering his hair.

    "thats fine, let me leave first" Lace turned and stood out in the doorway "By the way, you have collected a lot of attention from the sun and your dehydrated, at about hmm" he looked at his watch from his wrist and thought "Two minutes....good day" he walked out and headed left

    Loki's eyes widened at how the man could have known it. ONce he had left, though, he went as well. Loki walked down to the road and kept his hood up. He just had to get home and he would be fine. Just had to get home. Soon, however, he started to feel dizzy. It was hard for him to stay healthy because of his rights in the country. Once he actually made it in front of his door, he didn't make it in. He collapsed from over heating.
  2. Lace hadnt really been spying, he was just curious about how Caesar didnt listen to him and stayed where he was, maybe thats why red heads were so hated, they didnt listen to simple acusations about their health. Whatever the case was Lace couldnt leave him sunburt and severely dehydrated on the doorstep of possibly his house. If you called it a house, it wasnt presumeably what Lace was used to, then again he was born into royalty. He guessed he was missing tons of stuff he may need to be intuned with. Grabbing Caesar's feet he looked at the doorway, that wasnt a way to carry someone. He dropped Caesars legs and grabbed him again, one arm holding his legs and the other holding up is arms. He carried him into the house, noticing he was awfully skinny. Lace set him on the couch not bothering to focus on the house he was in. He opened some of the windows to allow fresh air into the household.

    He wasnt sure but he thought Caesar was coming to, or having horrible dreams from his constant twitching. Lace dipped the wet rag and placed it back on his forehead. Thinking he should be gone by now, after what he said and did, he should leave. But that was debatable.​
  3. Caesar was out cold, his body shutting down from the lack of water. He wasn't a stranger to this condition, seeing as he could very rarely come across water. No one wanted to give it to him, and there was no where he could get it. Only officials were aloud into the woods, near the sources of water. If anyone else tried, they were shot on the spot.

    He was breathing deeply, his body desperately trying to work again. He tongue was as dry as possible, and he couldn't produce any saliva to fix the problem. About a half hour later, he managed to peek his eyes open, getting a glance at Lace.
  4. Lace had been watching him for a while but when he didnt twitch again, Lace turned his eyes and shrouded in the shadows outside. The cool breeze hitting his chest, but feeling worried he had ventured back in and remained to watch Caesar. At the first sight of opening Caesars eyes he stood up from the chair and had a small class from his castle filled with river water, it was clear and looked like ice cubes were in it, after all Lace never drank anything romotely un-milkshake like without Ice cubes. He loved frozen ice, he wasnt sure what to do, but he placed the glass on the table and sat back down on the chair and watched, he would explain later. As soon as Caesar was well.
  5. Caesar groaned lowly, rolling over and reaching out for the water. He didn't have the energy to deny the gift. He grasped it with a pale, bony hand and sat up as best he could and took small sips from the glass. Once he had enough, which was about a fourth, he rolled over, laying on his side on the dusty, worn out couch. He sighed, feeling a sharp pain in his chest and stomach, but he managed to get some rest. He would steal food later, he figured.
  6. Lace watched him "I'm going to take you somewhere to get something to eat, and before you deny Its my treat for dragging you around and inviting myself into your house" Lace didnt want to seem rude, it wasnt really a house he stayed in but at least it was something. He probally had something to hide Caesar's hair, a wig maybe, he would need to get it from Devyn, which he never wanted to deal with. No matter Lace could sneak Caesar in for a meal.
  7. Caesar looked at Lace, sitting back up and glaring at him.
    "Do you know why my red haired mother named me Caesar? After one of the greatest Roman men of all time? It's because she knew I would be able to take care of myself and accomplish my goals, NOT take charity from someone like you," he said, voice slightly raspy but he did seem better than before.
  8. Lace stood up, he was angry now "Yes, but do you know Caesar also got murdered by his own members. You know what, thats what I get for trying to be nice, I should have just left you outside and let those men kill you!" Lace balled his fists "you know what?My bad, sorry I tried to be nice, cause I dont care about hair color, damn!" he stormed out without another look back, if all red heads were going to be like that, then he would be how black haired royalty would be. Snotty and complete assholes.
  9. "Yes, you should have left me to die, just like the rest of you!" He shouted back, limping up and going to the door, locking it as quickly as he could. He went back to the table, drinking the rest of the water.
    "Damn them... damn them all," he muttered, now determined to get his own food. Then to get healthier, and teach them all a lesson.
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    Lace headed back home, pissed off and slambing the door to his room. He hated the world, when he became something better of himself he would fix this horrible mess, who cared about hair color? what type of world did he live in, when did everything depend on hair color. He closed his eyes trying to sleep in his down comfreter, he was tired a long day of yelling and the torture of being stabbed oin the back for helping a red head.
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    After Caesar started to feel well enough, he pulled on a cloak and headed out, moving swiftly through the cool night air. He broke into a few houses, taking as much food as he could with out it being noticed to much. He only stole from those he knew had money and food. Once he returned home, he smiled happily, eating as much as he could before heading to bed.
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    "hey bro you okay?" As usual Devyn didnt know how to knock "you seem bummed out"
    Lace wasnt in the mood "Im fine, i just need some time to become an asshole"
    Devyn broke into laughter "Ha, you cant complete that, your too nice"
    Lace grabbed his pillow and aimed it at Devyn throwing it, but to his dissapointment Devyn dodged out into the hallway, closing his door. Lace slambed his fist on his bed and groaned.
  13. (Okay)

    Caesar woke early in the morning, deciding to stay home and plan. He sighed, realizing he had nothing to offer as trade for more food or anything.

    (I have an idea for this. Maybe after a month of not seeing each other, a black haired comes house to house to collect taxes, and when Caesar can't pay, he gets beaten. After he recovers, the incident has sent his hatred over-board. He attacks the black haired city by disguising himself and robbing them of anything he can get his hands on. Obviously, he'll be caught and tried in court, with an unfair disadvantage, but in comes Lace! Lace enters the room and sticks up for the boy, causing an uproar, but then says he'll take Caesar as a slave, just to appease the court, and so on.)
  14. (I LIKE IT!)

    Lace rested and hoped never to see the boy again. Good thing he found out he was due in France for a royal meeting, he packed up the next morning and was gone. his brother Devyn went to Holland for a meeting and the house was left empty, as it was when Lace was born.
  15. (Yay! We'll have to do a time skip for say... a month or two?)

    Caesar remained in his apartment that day, not wanting to go out and risk an encounter. Instead he remained inside, waiting out the day until night.

    (Do you mind playing the black hair that collects taxes after the time skip?)
  16. (of course not)

    time Skip

    A tall man in a black cloak and slacks knocked eagerly on Caesar's door, he waited stopping short to eye the place not very interesting. He gripped his breifcase in a tight manner and fumbled with his tie, he wanted to look his best for when the subject of money taking came out to answer the door.
  17. Caesar groaned, finishing off what little water he had for the day before he answered the door. Upon seeing the full head of black hair, his first instinct was to slam the door and run, but he thought better of it.
    "Yes?" he answered, making sure to avert his eyes, wanting to seem submissive to these people.
  18. "your taxes are due good sir, all 23thousand sir" he held out his hand to shake "Mr. Hyner and you must be Caesar?" he stared at the red head of hair and eyed him, someone had told him red heads were violent.
  19. Caesar gawked, the air taken from his lungs.
    "Tw... twenty th-three.... thousand?" he said, clutchcing his chest and swallowing hard. He didn't bother to shake the mans hand.
    "I-I... I can't pay that... surly there... there must be some sort of deal we can make? I... I can pay it off, or... or something!"
  20. "Sorry sir, you havent paid for three years worth of taxes, they are hitting you hard.....literally, so you say you cant pay huh?" The man smiled evily from behind his glasses and whistled as two men came and held Caesar by his shoulders, they began to kick him and beat him everywhere. the man laughing from the background.