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  1. Ah so it might sound kind of weird but I kind of want to do a rp that is sort of like a bl game in which I'll be playing the GM (game master).
    so in case anyone doesn't know what I mean it kind of goes like this: there are several hot guys, you'll interact with each unlock scenarios and at some point I'll put up a question and have a. B. And c. Answers you must choose from which will affect your relationship with the character. One option will increase love, one will have no affect and one will decrease. At the end of a level/episode you'll unlock a special scenario with the character of the highest love.

    i hope that my partner will help plot each episode,
    for example an episode may be about trying to find something YC has lost etc.

    game modes:
    There is the normal mode where sex scenes will be unlocked once you have enough love with a certain character or you can play a smutty porn without plot version where you may just get jumped even if you have minus love.
    to play super smutty you must be okay with dubious consent/ rape/ threesomes/ bondage/sex toys etc.

    what will be the setting of this game you ask? Here are your choices:

    first day day at work, an office romance!
    summer by the sea: summer love!
    i'll protect you: this can be ninja, knights etc. basically you'll play someone of importance who's life is threatened.
    Prison sentence: this option is really more porn without plot.
    Anything else you can think of!

    requirements: you have to be okay playing both sub and dom as MC will vary.
    No one liners! I'm okay with shorter posts since it's game orientated but no one liners.

    I think that's it if you have any questions asks. Also for now I will only do one version of this I may open it to others later on.
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  2. Never done anything like this before, but you have my interest. Kind of want to do a smutty version.
  3. Haha I actually haven't tried it myself, I just had the idea and thought it might be fun.
    Anyway any sort of setting you prefer?

    New settings I thought of include
    sport club: basketball soccer, swimming etc.
    supernatural theme: vampires demons hunters etc.
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  4. Not so big on the swimming idea. I had wondered if you might want to make this really smut-heavy. The character I wanted to use I was thinking of making like a bimbo. You know - a busty ditz who just takes sex wherever she can get it. Maybe have it be a day-in-the-life-of sort of scenario, where she goes about her day. She leaves her place, walks around a mall or boardwalk, goes to college (what's a dumb bimbo doing in college? Who cares!) and everywhere she goes you do the choose your own adventure setting, and see what happens. What do you think?
  5. Oh...Damn. I just read through the profile post, and it occurs to me I just pitched an idea you're probably not into. Sorry about that.
  6. Oh sorry I should have explained BL=boyslove
    mxf would be an otome game??not that I'm against MxF I'm just rather bad at playing a male for a female especially when it's smutty
  7. Well...I don't do MxM very well, but we could try the sports team one. Maybe my character keeps trying to join a team and sex somehow keeps getting involved.
  8. I see well if your willing to try it then I'll do my best to guide you.

    Actually thinking of a manga he could fill out the application to join and it might have some weird questions like how long is your member, how often do you jerk off..etc.
  9. Yeah, that could be to start. But the real fun part would be when the teams have him for "tryouts."
  10. I like how you think~

    do you mind if we make it a basketball team?

    So I'm think as characters, perverted caption, cute manager, reliable senpai type teammate, the idiot teammate, and the advising teacher.
    im im tired though so I might not make the thread until morning.
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  11. Okay. They're your characters. I'll just be the guy eager to get on the team. And it's fine; whenever you want to start. I don't even have a character idea in my head yet.
  12. I'm really interested in this, are you still looking for partners to play this? c:
  13. Hmm.. Well I was only going to do one and see how it went before doing another.
    oh wells.. One more can't hurt!
    what sort are you interested in?
  14. Titanium...Oh don't hate me! I was about to tell you I found the RP I wanted and was going to walk out on this! I'm so sorry. :,(
  15. Hm, well, if Quiet One is pulling out, can I swoop in and pick up the sports game?
  16. Yeah sure, the links up there ^^
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