Bjorn and Nico

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  1. It was only 5am and the sun was just starting to rise as Bjorn sat in the bushes, watching the Hades cabin with vibrant green twinkling eyes. Filled to the brim with mischief as he murmured a foreign language of magic under his breath. The trickster had set up a few spells for the cabin and its singular tendant. In a matter of seconds he listened to water break from the sink and spray all over the inside of the cabin where it quickly began to freeze under Bjorns words

    He couldnt help it as he started laughing, falling to the ground as he imagined the gloomy kid waking up at the feeling of freezing ice water splashing around the cabin. The black haired teen fell to the ground clutching his stomach and laughing till he coulsnt breath. Not even caring how much trouble he got into for this.
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  2. Most would say the feeling of ice water drenching your body while fully awake and aware was outright painful but it couldn't be compared to when one was in deep slumber and had nothing on but baggy black boxers. Nico could barely comprehend what was happening as water fell in torrents around him before suddenly freezing over into soft lumpy snow. The outside of the cabin looked like a gigantic popsicle stick while the inside was the exact replica of a 'winter wonderland gone wrong'. And in the middle of all the chaos stood the son of Hades, deathly still and looking even paler than usual.

    He stepped quietly out of the frozen cottage with flecks of snow falling from his black hair. Near by spectators took in his nearly nonexistent attire but none dared to utter a single sound at the dark aurora that surrounded his thin figure. In fact the only sound that could be heard was the gasping laughter that resounded from a nearby bush. Shuffling forward in likeness of a zombie, Nico made his way towards the noise before stopping dead in his tracks in front of the quivering foliage. With a flick a swish of his stygian sword the leaves were shaved off like butter revealing the most pesky and annoying man alive.

    The first moment that Nico had returned to Camp Halfblood Bjorn wouldn't leave him alone. The man was worse than the Hermes and Ares cabin put together.
  3. Bjorn roared in laughter until he felt as though he would never be able to catch his breath. He could hear people gathering but felt a bit surprised that he didnt hear any other laughter besides his own. Tears fell from his eyes at the pure mirth he got from the prank. He didnt even notice Nico advancing toward his hiding spot until the top of the bushes were sliced right off.

    He looked up at Nica with a mischevious grin on his face "good morning dark prince-" that was the nickname he had given Nico and he spoke it in a mocking tone, obviously the title he had given him was a joke "did you have a good sleep?" He taunted "i thought you would enjoy a homemade alarm clock. Nothing but the best for kid of one of the big three" his voice had turned mocking again and his eyes sparkled in amusement.
  4. 'Mad' was an understatement. Nico was infuriated. But it only shown through a small twitch of his eye at the others provocations. He would remain calm, something like this wouldn't phase him, he wouldn't let any of it rile him up. Why then was he raising his sword fraction by fraction with a look of murder etched into his dark circled eyes? He was about ready to bring the blade down when he felt it snatched out of his grasp and was replaced instead by a warm, fluffy coat that draped itself around his shoulders.

    "Alright thats enough fun for you two lovebirds," Percy yawned, casting a stern but sleepy look at Bjorn, "Ah geez couldn't you have gone easy on the water effects? I'm the one that has clean up after this stuff..."

    That earned the demigod a swift smack to the back of the head from Annabeth as she went on to scold him for being so insensitive and continued to hover over Nico like a mother hen.

    "I'm fine...honestly," Nico muttered under his wispy breath. Okay maybe he was slightly cold and it felt like his lungs were about to fall off but he wasn't near death anyways. That he was sure of. Right now all he really wanted was a mug of hot ambrosia and to murder the creep that did this to him. No matter how much he would deny his irritation for the guy a child of Hades we're known for their unrelenting grudges. And Bjorn was slowly climbing his list of people he would have 'persuaded' into the fields of punishment when his time came. He was suddenly snapped out of his dark musings however when a fresh cup of heated ambrosia was held out to him.

    "Chiron had some left over in the Big House," Will stated through a bright grin that always seemed to be present. For a second Nico forgot everything about revenge or getting even as he accepted the drink before him.

    "Thanks...," He murmured and took a small sip, already feeling the warmth return back to his body all the way to the tips of his toes. His cheeks looked noticeably flushed but he wasn't exactly sure if that was the ambrosias doing.
  5. Bjorn's snickering died down when he noticed the deadly look slowly creeping into Nico's eyes. He glanced at the sword as he saw it start to raise. He didnt look frightened like a normal person would be when the son of the devil stood over you with a blade in hand and enough burning anger in his eyes to start a war. Oh no, Bjorn looked simply delighted, excitement sparked in his eyes as he waited breathlessly.

    This is what he wanted, he wanted a reaction from Nico, he wanted a human reaction from the gloomy guy. He couldnt stand the way he brushed things off, never lost control. Nico was like a shell, he kept every single emotion inside and Bjorn wanted to break that shell. He wanted Nico to just explode, actually give Bjorn something to work with other than silence and glares. He acted like a pushover to afraid to get even.

    Dissapointment showed in his vibrant green gaze as Percy showed up and stopped Nico before anything interesting could happen. He chuckled at Percys use of the title 'lovebirds' and looked amused. He admitted that he thought Nico was hot in that sort of gloomy mysterious way but he couldnt see them getting along ever.

    He laughed as he watched everyone crowd around the frozen demigod "oh dont baby him" he rolled his eyes "he gets a little slush on him and you guys smother him like hes a three year old who almost drowned in the river Styx. It was just a little joke, everybody should just chill" he chuckled at the sky use of the cold word. Giving Nico a Mischievious grin as he crossed his strong arms over his muscular chest. Wondering how much trouble he was going to get in this time.
  6. Before Nico could even make a clever statement of his own Annabeth had taken the full initiative and was almost figuratively, right on top of the other demigod. The look of intense disapproval and controlled irritation was that of a school teacher disciplining the always disruptive class juvenile. Her clipped, calculating, and cutting words made even bystanders flinch at the precise coldness of it. There were only two people in the whole camp who would dare incite such a reaction from the daughter of Athena and those were of course Percy and Bjorn. Even Nico felt uncomfortable by the onslaught of reprimanding and slightly abajating words. It wasn't until Chiron appeared followed by Jason and Piper did she finally lapse into reluctant silence.

    "What seems to be the matter?" The wise centaur asked though mostly out of formalities at this point. As Annabeth relayed the situation, Jason walked forward and lightly brushed the flakes of ice from Nico's hair.

    "You look like death bro"

    "Oh shut up Jason" Piper quipped as she slapped his hand out of the way. "Are you feeling alright Nico? You look kind of pale"

    "Maybe we should take you to the health wing. I'm sure there would be more ambro-," Will began but was swiftly interrupted.

    "I'm fine" Nico snapped, stepping away from their worried glances. He immediately regretted his actions but the way they were looking and hovering around him like he was a cracked china doll made him feel so weak. Sure he's gone through some things that would leave any normal man scarred for life but he wasn't normal. Nothing about him was ever just normal.

    "...I'm okay with just this...," He mumbled gesturing to the glass of Ambrosia in his hand before taking a quick, measured gulp. He attempted a smile but it came out more of a half grimacing smirk. "Besides a stupid water fountain trick is hardly anything to worry offense Percy"

    Jackson just laughed and ruffled the boy's hair. He already knew the remark wasn't aimed at him anyways.
  7. Bjorn stared wide eyed at Annabeth as she scolded him,her words were planting a seed in him and he could feel it start to grow. Blooming guilt inside of him, his playful smile had dropped completely and his eyes lowered down to look at his hands. He fidgeted as he felt overwhelmed with guilt, she made him feel as though he had practically murdered Nico "it was just a joke. I didnt think it was that big of a deal. Jeez" he said. He then chuckled "i didnt realize he couldnt handle a stupid prank"

    He forced on his usual playful smile to cover his guilty feelings. Thats what he always did, Bjorn was always the cheerful guy. Nothing ever wrong with him. He was the jokester who was always laughing and making cheery jokes. He had friends but he didnt have people he could talk too, surrounded by friends yet all alone. No one asked why he liked to pull pranks, no one cared why he did stupid stuff and in a way he was okay with that. Pulling pranks was the only time he ever got attention.

    He broke off from his train of thought when a loud boom echoed threw the camp followed by some screams and cries for help. Bjorn had set up a another prank today. This one had just meant to be a stink bomb but little did he know that in the building he had put it in, the chemicals had mixed wrong and caused a deadly explosion that had killed two demigods. He looked over in the direction, absoloutely horrified
    "oh Gods no. Please no" he took off running in that direction along with other kids.

    Once he got to the scene he staggered and fell, landing on his hands and knees. Looking up at the half collapsed building in terror. He felt sick, like he was going to throw up, dizzy and sick. People were pointing at him, they all knew he had done it but they didnt realize it was an accident. Bjorn bolted, trying to climb into the building that was crumbling to the ground, he was screaming incoherant words. In complete hysterics as a few camp councilers tried to grab at him to keep him from running into the dangerous building.
    He clawed at the door trying to get in and pull away from the councilers, he looked half mad trying to get in the building and help. Fighting and yelling while everyone watched wide eyed and horrified
  8. A cold, forbidding aurora washed over Nico so suddenly that he had barely grasped the meaning behind it until it was already far too late. The jacket slipped from his shoulders and landed uselessly onto the damp earth as he whirled around just in time to see the explosion ignite in the distance. The realization dawned on him and he now realized what the sensation had been. Death. Nico had sensed the death of another demigod.

    Everyone seemed to be thrown in a state of panic, climbing over each other and rushing towards the scene of the tragedy. Nico, however, along with the other six remained grim and silent. They had all experienced this sense of dread far too many times to be affected like the rest. By the time they had reached the origin of the explosion, the fire had been put out, leaving only the rubble and smoke behind. Annabeth was stunned into absolute silence while unconsciously grasping tightly onto Percy's hand who squeezed back just as hard. Piper was crying softly into Jason's chest while his face was a mask unknown emotion.

    "Nico! What are you..." Will called but the black haired boy had already disappeared into the crowd. Eventually others began to notice his presence and stepped out of the way to create a path. Bjorn was completely frantic as he feverishly tried to enter the collapsed building. The camp counselors had already stopped trying to restrain him as it was nearly impossible in his frenzied state. As Nico approached they made no move to halt him either. Something in his eyes stopped them before they even tried.

    In one swift movement, he kicked the feet right out of Bjorn and let the man fall awkwardly onto his knees. Nico proceeded to twist him around and land a slap that reverberated painfully through the stunned silence.

    "Stop it. Theres nothing you can do to help the dead" He stated. The meaning of his words were harsh but his tone of voice was soft and gentle.
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  9. Bjorn felt as though his whole world had just shattered. He had lived in this protective camp for years, safe from any dangers of the outside world. The last time he had faced something this catastrophic had been when he was a child and he barely remembered the life altering event. After that happened he had lived her in camp Halfblood, safe and sheltered from harsh times. Life had always been a joke to him until now.

    Blood fell from scratches that covered his hands and knuckles from his desperate scrambling to get into the building. To get to the kids that were stuck in there. His mind had erased any possible thought of them being dead, despite the fact that the councilers tried to tell him repeatidly that his efforts were for nothing.

    His heart was pounding so hard he felt as though it would come out of his chest. He could hear the blood pounding his ears as he pushed and fought against the councilers. He felt like there was a noose around his neck as he yelled and began to take in panicked and gasping breaths "it was just prank. I didnt mean for this to happen! I didnt think... oh god let me inside! Let me help them!" He felt sudden surprise as he was let go.

    He looked a bit shocked as he felt his legs go out from under him. He was in such a frenzied state of shock that he thought for a moment that he had simply collapsed, that his mental weakness had turned physical and he could not longer bear the weight of the crime he had just do- his train of thought was broken as he felt and heard a strong hand connect with his skin, he looked up at Nico shocked by the hit.

    He listened to him and his lower lip trembled slightly before he suddenly burst into tears. Everyone watched the trickster with wide eyes, it was like he was a completely different person. The mischievious smile and playful eyes had been replaced with a look of utter despair. He looked up at Nico and started begging him in a broken pathetic way "please help them i know you can. Your the son of death you can bring them back! Please! I swear i'll never prank you again, i'll never prank anyone again! I'll leave the camp i'll sacrifice myself if thats what it takes please!"

    He was crying as he lost it, his dignity, his pride, everything as he threw himself at the mercy of Nico; the kid who hated him, the kid who he had tormented with taunts and tricks endlessly. Some kids looked horrified as they realized Bjorn had begun to laugh with tears streaming down his face "it was just a joke! I thought itd be so funny but look how it turned out?" He laughed "arent i the best trickster ever?" His laughter was starting to turn hysterical and scare some of the younger (and a few older kids)
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  10. Death was permanent. Death was final. No one knew that better than Nico. He watched as Bjorn seemed to spiral right back into a state of shattered and cracked mind. Pain filled laughter mingled with his racking sobs as he begged incessantly for him to do the impossible. The Doors of Death were held firmly closed to the living and even Nico would not be able to persuade Thanatos otherwise. Not after Gia's doing. His father wouldn't bat an eye to his request and only wave him off for even asking such a silly question. Persephone would pity him but even she could not bring the dead back to life. The best Nico could offer was to call upon their ghost but only for a limited time. But that wasn't living. Besides, seeing them in such a state might be more painful then it would be helpful for Bjorn.

    Nico didn't offer him sympathetic words or another harsh refusal. He instead leaned down onto his knees and wrapped his arms steadily around the others shoulders. Warm tears fell onto his open skin like splashes of summer rain. Comfort. Consolation was all Nico ever wanted when he had discovered his sister's death but he had been stubborn then. He refused Percy's apology and avoided the others who wanted to help. If this was how he could offer his own sense of reassurance than so be it.

    In the back of his mind Nico wondered vaguely how he came to be comforting the annoying, troublesome, and obnoxious Bjorn. This was certainly a turn of events from earlier this morning. Everything that had transpired was taking a toll on Nico's body as well as he seemed to slump forward in obvious weariness. The warmth of the other's tears and body providing the only heat from the cold, morning air.

    "You're the stupidest, dimwitted, and brainless prankster I've ever met but it wasn't your fault...idiot"

    Not exactly how Nico planned it to come out but at least he tried. It was true anyways since Bjorn couldn't have known the chemicals that were brought in late last night for temporary storage.
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  11. Slowly the hysterical laughing and pleading how died down but he had begun gasping for breath again. Feeling as though he was going to die, he couldnt breath, he was drowning in his guilt. It filled him like a ocean, trying to pull him under and silence his mind forever "i-" he tried to speak but the words wouldnt come out threw his closed throat as though they were trapped inside that ocean of consuming regret.

    He looked up at Nico as he suddenly moved. Bjorn winced looking away as he thought he was going to get hit again but he wasnt moving away from the potential smack. He wanted Nico to hit him again, he wanted someone to beat him. To blame him, to offer him some sort of punishment that would equal even a sliver of redemption for his crimes, even if this sort of justice turned his skin black and blue.

    He tensed for a moment as he felt arms wrap around him. He hesitated, having half a mind to push away and deny comfort, he didnt need comfort, he needed punishment. He gave in easily to the simpler and more soothing side as he hugged Nico back, burying his face in the crook of the other demigods neck. Sobs filled the air and Bjorn clung to Nico as though he was a life-raft. The only think that was keeping him from sinking into the deep waters that would crush and destroy him.

    It took a few moments for the trickster to comprehend what Nico had said. He grit his teeth and pulled away from him "dont-" He said in a quiet tone. Having tried tried to shout it but the words came only above a whisper "Dont you lie to me right now. I-I killed them" he said trying not to break down again. "That was my bomb i made! If i hadnt of made the stupid fucking thing then they would still be alive!" His voice had slowly begun to rise into the hysterical frantics that it had been before "I killed them and there dead and i need to be arrested or someth- I cant. It was a prank. I didnt mean to-"

    He couldnt help it as he broke off into sobs again, hugging Nico and trembling in his arms as tears fell from vibrant green orbs. His whole body shaking from the trauma induced crying.
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  12. "This all your fault. You killed them. Is that what you want to hear?"

    Voices of agreement spread through the bystanders but one look from the demigod silenced all those who glimpsed the obsidian pupils. Nico wasn't really sure if this was his exact area of expertise but brushed aside such doubts and focused on the quivering man before him. This was something that he realized, couldn't be fixed with just words or concellation. It would take time like all wounds needed to heal. That was perhaps why it had taken him so long to forgive Percy. This, however, was another endeavor altogether.

    "Wallowing and suffering in guilt would be far easier," He continued, voice low and heavy. "Forgiving yourself would be far harder"

    It was then that he heard cement and debris shift atop the surrounding ruins. Nico could barely believe his eyes as one of the Fury's came hissing and spitting out of the building remains. Shocked yells and shouts followed as it seemed to be dragging two unconscious bodies behind it. It laid them down a few feet from the rubble before shifting its cold gaze towards Nico.

    An eye for an eye Son of Hades.

    A look of understanding seemed to cross the demigods features as he gave the creature a nod of thanks before it took off into the sky. A second later the stunned campers dove into action as several Apollo children tended to the wounded.

    "Broken bones, bruises and swelling abdomen, but nothing some ambrosia can't fix," Will announced causing a wave of relieved sighs wash over the throng.

    It wasn't the death of the campers that Nico had felt but the souls of the two other Furies disintegrating back to the underworld after being crushed by the toppled building. A weary breath escaped his lips at the vertigo of all the changing situations. He tried to get up and attempt slipping back to his frozen cabin when the realization of Bjorn still holding tightly onto his waist dawned on him. Blood rushed and coated his pale cheeks despite the cold.

    "Hey...," He began, squirming slightly in the embrace,"You can let go now"
  13. Bjorn felt shame rise in him as he heard the campers agreeing. He felt a bit better almost, feeling he was getting the hate he deserved, he didnt want people to feel bad for him. He had murdered two other kids! What sympathy did that get him? Just because he was crying pathetically all over Nico, he could feel there pity and that just hurt "i dont deserve forgiveness" he whimpered in a soft tone "from others or myself".

    He turned quickly at the sound of something breaking free of the building. His eyes grew wide as he saw the harpies and in his traumatized panic his first thought was that they had come for him. That his crime had been so horrible that chiron had gotten Hades to send up the creatures and pull Bjorn down to the fiery depths of the underworld.

    He watched in shock as the monster pulled two unconcious bodies from the wreckage. He saw them and thought it was simply the dead bodies but once he heard an Apollo yell that the kids were fine Bjorn felt his heart stop. He stared at the kids in shock and joy "oh thank the gods" he gasped breathing hard, feeling lightheaded from the breathless relief that the campers were alive and okay.

    He looked up as Nico moved and spoke "oh. Sorry" he said, his voice was quiet and hoarse. He took a breath releasing him and getting to his feet unsteadily. He could feel his heart rate start to climb and he turned and stumbled toward his own cabin, he pushed people aside as he practically ran back to his cabin. He felt sick from what had happened, needing to be alone. He got in his cabin and slammed the door, thankful he had no other roomates for the time being.

    Over the course of the next three days Bjorn left his room only once and it was to go to the infirmiry and beg the injured kids forgiveness for what he'd done. Other than that he stayed in his cabin, working out with the lights off and the door locked. Refusing to let anyone in, he hadnt even gone out to eat but didnt mind.

    With the trickster staying locked in his room there were no more daily jokes or pranks from him popping up around the camp. He bet everyone just adored the peace and quiet so he stayed silent and gloomy, locked up
  14. "Ahaha pay up Jackson, looks like I win the bet!," Jason exclaimed as Percy reluctantly dropped a few golden drachmas in the others outstretched hand. Hazel and Leo cheered as they hopped off from the sidelines and patted the slightly out of breath Nico on the back. Another half grimace and smirk wormed its way to the boy's lips as he eased into their encouraging little pats. It was nearly a month or two since he had become more comfortable with physical touches and even then he would still grow apprehensively stiff at times.

    "That was a good match Nico," Will breathed as he stretched his hand out for a shake. Nico returned the gesture and felt that strange tingling sensation spread through his fingertips again. And this time it wasn't because anyone was near death around him.

    "I completely agree with that" Jason piped up as he let the golden coins jingle in his hands. Percy playfully punched him on the arm before giving his assent to the demigods exceptional swordsmanship with a thumbs up and a wink.

    Nico rolled his eyes but the compliment had all but jerked him into euphoria. This was probably the best couple of days he'd had at the camp and he knew perfectly well the reason behind it. No pranks, no poking jibes, no disaster happening every five seconds that usually came down to him being the victim. Yes, Camp Half blood was finally at peace without the presence of a certain jokester.

    It had been three days since that incident and all the wounded campers were up and at it again from the careful care of the Apollo cabin. Even the reconstruction of the blown up building was going well and looked about to be finished in just a few short days. What with Annabeth's amazing architecture skills at work. But the Hermes cabin kept bringing up that their star player was nowhere to be seen while even some others felt the absence of the usual mirth and laughter. Nico tried to ignore such topics however but even he couldn't stop thinking about it either. Not after...

    A bottle of water was swiftly poured over the heated face of the demigod in attempt to cool his nerves. What had happened was the past and only transpired because he felt that it had been the right thing to do.

    Mhmm but those muscles weren't half bad either.

    Embarrassment lit up Nico's face as he turned around to face a shadowy dark hellhound with red glowing eyes. Its name was Alucard and was a secret 'friend' of Nico's who his father had gifted to him during one of his visits to the Underworld. Technically the little monster wasn't allowed on camp grounds but the hound had its ways.

    "Get out of here before the others see you" The demigod huffed, turning away from the beast and walking into one of the more secluded camp paths.

    Oh come on admit it! You sir are worried.

    "I do not worry. Not anymore"

    Here we go again with your morbid rantings. I know you worry, your friends know you worry, and you know that you worry for that Bjorn guy.

    Silence reigned between them as Nico defiantly kept his mouth shut in order to avoid further responses. Why should he care less for the guy who made his days a living tartarus?

    Well, if you're highness isn't all that worried then why did you walk all the way out to the guys cabin?

    Looking up and seemingly noticing his surroundings for the first time, Nico realized that he was indeed standing a couple of meters away from the green, black, and gold cabin. He looked to his side but Alucard seemed to have disappeared. Giving a shake of his head he began to walk away in the opposite direction before coming to a halting stop. An exasperated sigh seemed to spill right out of his nostrils as he whirled around and walked right up to the wooden. He gave three sharp knocks on its rough surface.

    "Bjorn. Open the door. Its Nico" He added in short, clipped sentences.
  15. Right, left, uppercut, move- Right, left, uppercut, duck, move. The repeatative commands played over and over in the demigods head as he bounced slightly around the punching bag that was suspended from the ceiling. He had gotten into kick boxing a few years back when he had pulled a pretty embarassing prank on an Ares kid and the furious demigod had shoved the tricksters face into the dirt and twisted his arm so hard behind his back that it had broken.

    Ever since then he had given up any swordplay and dove into straight physical combat. He had never been interested or very good at sword fighting to begin with so he took to the punching and kicking sport very well. A simple way to defend himself and a good workout. He personally thought he was pretty good at it and was just waiting for when he could face that Ares kid again in a fight but he didnt want to start a fight yet.

    He still had the lights off, the only source of light of that kept him from toppling over things was the small lamp he had was on his dresser. Illuminating the room faintly, the windows completely covered. He was hoping that when people saw the dark cabin they would think that he wasnt there, that he had gone for a walk or something but no, that didnt stop people from knocking on the door all day. A few kids even throwing water balloons at the cabin to try and coax Bjorn out to play and joke with him but there efforts were futile.

    He stopped mid punch as he heard a knock on the door. He tensed up and held his breath, trying to be as quiet as he could. Praying silently that whoever was at the door hadnt heard him beating angrily on the punching bag. His eyebrows furrowed together as he heard Nico's voice, not understanding why he was here.
    Just ignore him, dont answer the door he said to himself in a firm mental voice. Finally curiousity got the best of him and he walked to the door.

    He hesitated a moment before he unlocked the door and opened it slowly. He lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden hit of bright light. His hands were wrapped to protect his knuckles from his boxing. Sweat ran down his bare abs since he was wearing nothing but shorts "what do you want Nico?" He asked lowering his hand and crossing his arms over his muscular chest. Dark circles were under his vibrant green eyes that were filled with seriousness.

    The trickster had seem to have lost that playful sparkle and mischievious grin for now "shouldnt you be rejoicing that ive finally left you alone?" He asked
  16. Barely a second passed when Nico suddenly felt a strange tightening sensation in his chest. He tried to ignore the feeling but it seemed to intensify as the seconds ticked by. A heart attack was virtually impossible and so was the notion of fear since he could swear to the River Styx that he was not afraid of Bjorn of all people. Furrowing his eyebrows, Nico shifted uncomfortably on his feet and bit the bottom of his lip in silent contemplation. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that the doorknob unlocking made him flinch. With wide eyes he looked up at the figure who stood inside the now open doorway. He was greeted with a half clothed Bjorn that stood a good two feet taller than the slightly stunned demigod.

    Everything seemed to click into place then. The son of Hades, King of Ghosts, and the Ambassador of Pluto was nervous. Nervous to the point of needing to force himself to meet the others eyes. Reigning in whatever inner turmoil he was experiencing, Nico sharpened his gaze back to a normal stoic degree. A sarcastic retort of his own was already on the tip of his tongue but nothing but a sigh escaped when he caught a glimpse of the dark circles framing the emerald eyes. He wasn't there for a fight nor was he there to fulfil some sort of cheap revenge. No, he would get even in a spectacular display that the whole camp would be able to witness first hand. But he very well couldn't do that when Bjorn was stuck in his cabin day in and day out.

    "I want...I want you to sit with me. For lunch."

    This invitation was only to figure out the man's weakness of course. If he was going to get even then he needed to know what Bjorn feared the most. Who knows, maybe he could even learn a few tricks from the master himself. Nico didn't really care if he refused since he had his own ways to find out either way. But then why had his nerves suddenly tripled and palms felt like they've been dipped in butter.
  17. He stared down at him with a slightly curious gaze, he thought Nico was acting a bit off but then again when wasnt he? To him the son of Hades had always seemed to be a bid odd. In that gloomy and lonely sort of way but at this moment something was definately off. For one, he seemed to have difficulty even looking Bjorn in the eye which made the trickster a bit edgy, thinking maybe Nico had some bad news to give him or something like that... or even worse, maybe Nico was embarassed about what he was looking at. Making Bjorn shift a little self conciously.

    He looked surprised at the sudden invitation but almost immediatly his gaze was overcome with wariness and suspicion, thinking this must be some sort of trick and he wasnt sure he cared to know what sort of tricks the son of death played on those who had caused him them lots of grief on many occasions... but then again, Bjorn was in a vulnerable state, easy prey at the moment and he knew it.

    "No you dont" he said slowly "i dont believe for a minute that you want me to sit with you, you hate me Nico. Remember the ice shower i gave you a few days ago? Tell me why your here, trying to lead me into something? Some kids going to beat me up for hurting the campers?" He sounded pretty paranoid and as he got to the camper part, guilt crept into the tone.

    He sighed and rubbed his face, realizing how crazed he sounded "sorry" he mumbled looking back at him.