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  1. Let's talk about Björk. Her music, her person, her homeland; Björk-stuff.
    If you don't know who Björk is, here's the wiki-article on her:örk
    Listen to some of her music. It's good.
  2. I pretty recently got into her music actually. I have known about her for years, but never really bothered listening to her. She tends to have a much different sound than most mainstream music these days too.
  3. Yeah, she does. 'Swhy I think she's one of the best modern music artists of our time. In fact, I just recently acquired a massive chunk of her discography (though not by [nope]). :)
  4. I first discovered her when I was reading about the OST of the LOTR films. Apparently, she was the one who was supposed to sing that song about Gollum in the credits of The Two Towers. She didn't do the gig coz' she got pregnant.

    I think the first song of hers that I heard was "All is Full of Love". Boy, that was one heck of an experience. I was enchanted, but a bit off put by the strangeness. But then I decided that I needed some culture in my life, so I forced myself on her music, and now I'm a Bjorkophile. Good times. :)
  5. I Have been listening to this crazy viking woman for years!! I love all her albums and most of her tracks, being an Icelandic singer she is way different especially with her original sound and lyrics.

    Who is it

    I remember you

    Triumph of the heart

    Earth Intruders

    ^^these are probably my top fav tracks, but there are soooo many tracks I love to listen to.
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  6. My favorites... Hard to say. Everything she's made's real good.
    Hmm... Maybe
    Who Is It
    All Is Full Of Love
    I Miss You
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