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  1. Have you ever had a really bizarre dream? Just had one morning. It was absolutely crazy and I don't know why, but I took it as some sort of foreseeing the future. Don't blame me if you understand why after you read this.

    Men, you've been alerted. Read at your own risk.

    The distinct part I can remember is that the dream had royal people. I was like a princess, had girl friends, and a friend who was a prince. I was running somewhere, off into this huge room- which looked nothing like royalty, just some beige box- and went towards the corner of the men's bathroom, which was just a toilet settled in the corner with a curtain in front. My god, I went in there and crouched over the toilet- wrong way, mind you- and boys started to peak behind the curtain. I kept on yelling at them in a manly voice many variations of "Go away!" and just as the last boy went away... It was that time of the month in my dream apparently. I had my iphone in my right hand, scrolling through the texts, trying to figure out who to text, thought about the prince, then proceeded to think about texting my girl friends. My girl friends were right outside the curtain though, and I was yelling whispering at them: Shannon! Sheryl. I just started my period!

    At that moment, I lost it. Guess what I did after I woke up? That's right. I went to the bathroom to see if I'd started my period.
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  2. That was nice.
  3. That's an interesting dream, but what was the warning for?
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I don't really remember what my dream was about last night but it had something to do with a cross between Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls in a contemporary modern setting that had species segregated washrooms, a ship museum, and an elevator down to demon land to stop an invasion.

    At least I wasn't running from dinosaurs or aliens this time!
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  6. So you were on a period and the men's first thought was "Let's open the curtain and look guys!"? XD
  7. Oh that? Yeah, that's nothing. I'm too old to be bothered by that.

    Still though, interesting dream.
  8. But it's exactly what you said! D:
  9. They didn't know. I was wearing a dress. >>
  10. Fair enough.
  11. No one's sharing their bizarre dreams. I suppose no one had any as of late.
  12. I just haven't slept yet.

    And even when I do I rarely remember my dreams. :(
  13. I'm a some one.
  14. @Dervish SHARE PLEASE! FOR THE SAKE OF THIS THREAD'S RANDOMNESS! I dun wanna be left alone... T^T
  15. K
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  16. Are there any tricks to remembering dreams?

    I kind of hate that no matter how much I try that I can't recall any dreams to talk about. :(
  17. @Gwazi Magnum Keep a notepad by your side. Once you wake up from a dream, right down whatever you remember.
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