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  1. The basics, I suppose, would be the sixteen-year-old alpha of a small town werewolf pack kills himself and leaves his pack to his cousin, who becomes alpha. Cue endless drama.

    . . let's see if I have the patience to add on to this, since [thanks to the recent inquiries] I've developed more insight; little tidbits to give more depth. You might be familiar with werewolves as a) hairy men with anger issues who turn into giant, hairy beasts on full moon and eat people OR b) [the famous twilight version] Indian teenage boys with anger issues who can turn into giant four-legged wolves at will but only when vampires are in the neighborhood.

    Both these versions are wrong. For this roleplay, anyway. No, they don't have anger issues. The full moon means nothing to them, and they also do not eat people. At least, they don't not on a regular basis. But-- technically, they are cursed.

    Roughly a hundred or so years ago, the Cadhalla boys were a legion of high-ranked demons. They weren't brothers, nor were they packmates. But they were definitely familiar with one another; a bond existed between them that evaded a label. Nonetheless it was strong, etched deeper than their individual bloodlines, connecting them deeply to each other despite their drastic differences.

    For reasons unknown, they were exiled. Disgraced, stripped of their prestigious titles and powers. Upon them was laid a curse, a blood-curse. They were bound to lupine, bestial counterparts, and chained to earth to live life after life, reincarnated into another body three years after dying. Reincarnation was their punishment, a never-ending time-out of sorts.

    Yet, no matter how many times they died, where they were reincarnated, what the circumstances were-- they always managed to find one another again. Once having reunited, they tended to remain that way until they died once more.

    Now it's been three years and the Cadhalla legion is a Pack. They might as well be six normal teenage boys, for after so many reincarnations they've forgotten about the ancient past, their lives before, the reason for why they are what they are.

    Finley, their beloved alpha of forever, just died. He killed himself. Slit his wrists not horizontally, but vertically. He died within the night. Kyler, living in the same community, saw the ambulance. He was the first to tell the others-- the first to lose it.

    The reading of the will occured maybe a week or so later. Everyone was somewhat surprised, though most [the Pack] were still in a daze, thus they didn't have much of a reaction. Just shuffled their feet and let their minds wander as they stepped in the office.

    Of course, they sure as hell had a reaction when the lawyer revealed that the leadership of the Cadhalla Pack now belonged to Mackenzie.

    No one knew who the hell Mackenzie was. Except Kyler [for some reason I'm mentioning him alot, 'scuse me], who vaguely recalled meeting the guy at Finley's birthday party. At like, twelve or something. Mackenzie was Finley's cousin, he told the others . .

    - - -

    Of the Cadhalla Pack there's six teenage members, all males.

    Mackenzie [roleplayed by yours truly] // Sixteen years of age, recently moved from New Orleans, Louisiana. Personalitywise, he's tolerant and kind, generous. Though when provoked or pushed too far, he proves to have a mean temper-- just what you'd expect of an adolescent beast.

    The rest are pretty much stereotypes. Well, not really. But to go into detail about all of them would take too much time, so I'm just going to list their names and a label that sums their personality up in a nutshell. If you're interested in roleplaying any of them, just private message me and I'll happily hand out the specific information on them. Truly, to get the roleplaying started at the pace I'd like - fast - if you're interested in one of the boys, then claim him. Be sure to be the first to do so, or else the claim will be recognized as invalid c.:

    Desmond, the geeky nerd. He makes large amounts of money doing illegal hacking jobs for legit agencies around the world

    Kyler, the smartass. He's homosexual, and was rumored to be having an affair with Finley before he commited suicide.

    ` smartass/:
    commonly known as 'that asshole', even by his packmates. since his best friend's [finley's, the alpha] death, he's become different, no longer the fun-loving fellow everyone else is familiar with. kyler turned in upon himself, grieving silently . . and sometimes unhealthily. violence spilled over into mostly every aspect of his life. he plans to go so far as to even challenge the soon-to-arrive new Alpha, as if pushing his friends away and hurting his mother isn't enough.

    ` family life/: his father's been absent from the house since he was nine years old. the times he was home, kyler remembers bad things. arguments after bedtime, his mother crying, the shattering of glass. a cresendo that preceded the slamming of the door. then, in the morning, he'd burst back in, drunken and disoriented . . the same would ensue then, the same being violence and yelling and his mother's tears . . now that kyler's father is gone, things have become somewhat mellow. his mother doesn't seem to know what to do with herself. she loves him so very much, and he's well aware of this, but ever since finley's death-- since it's a small town, everyone pretty much knew immediately. kyler's mom didn't know how to comfort him. she attempted to hold him, but he shoved her away, slammed her back into the wall. yelled at her. then he realized he might as well have been the very embodiement of his father-- and he ran away.

    ` bisexual/: the same as the other werewolves, kyler doesn't care the gender of who he tangles with. he likes sex, being sixteen years old, bestial, and male. that's just it, though. he likes the sex, and that's usually it. rarely if ever does he harbor affection for his partner.

    Elijah, the pervert.

    ` pervert/: like the rest of the boys, he's bisexual. doesn't give much of a damn as to the gender [or identity] of who he tangles with, he's just focused on the sex itself, however much he can squeeze out of the individual. damn, but that sounded suggestive.

    ` manipulative/:
    of all the boys he's the most clever, being a manipulative asshole who enjoys getting a rise out of bitches. he loves getting into people's heads and messing with them. or better yet, getting into their pants. lawl. anyway, he doesn't do well when denied things. that just makes him want it that much more. he likes knowing what makes people tick, what breaks them down and builds them up. he believes in stereotypes as well as individual uniqueness.

    ` family life/: his father's an asshole. cheats on his mother every opportunity he gets . . a cheating asshole. you figure out the rest;; his mom's your typical workaholic, but beneath her hardened exterior she's just as vulnerable as the next chick. Elijah hates them both. How blind they are to one another- as he's said before, it's like they aren't even married. They answer one another in monotones. But, they also let him do virtually whatever he wants, so he doesn't really care.

    Rosco, the basketcase. Suffers from severe anxiety and OCD.

    Taurin, the kid. Only thirteen years of age. Figuratively adopted by Finley.
  2. Ahmesseker but most people know him as Moon (His name means Child of the Moon + The Night Sun). He has black hair with dark blue streaks in his hair and hazel eyes. He is very queit and silent, he's pretty smart but about strange things like about murder, music(Mostly bands), ect. He's had a rough child hood and ran away from home, he didn't know about his wolf heritage and had to learn everything on his own.

    Delgado has light sandy/reddish brown hair and grey eyes. The thing is he has a permanent limp in his left leg and his blind out of his left eye. That's how he got the name Delgado, it means crippled but he never minded it and always fought his odds. He's willing to help out if he can and is always a great listener to problems.

    (May I make a girl?)