Bittersweet revenge

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  1. The small child’s ears begin to ring from the loud, rippling sound that sliced through the air. BANG BANG BANG, three crystal clear cracks of a gunshot. An icy cold chill begin to run down the little girls spin as she froze in place, a Barbie doll placed in her left hand and in her right was a beautiful red dress for her little doll. Slowly, the child brought the doll and dress down to the floor.
    “M-Mommy?” She stuttered as she rose to her feet. No one replied. “Mommy!” The small child called out once more, still, no reply.
    Quickly she scurried to her cracked bedroom door; she pushed the snow color door open, it squeaked with every small movement. “Mommy?” She called down the dark hall; only the pitter patter of the icy rain replied to her call. The small child slowed her steps as a sinking feeling being to creep into her gut. She was steps away from the living room when a long-wailing scream bounced off the walls of the silent home, flashing red and blue lights followed the sound lighting up the once dark home.
    That was when the small child saw the sight, a crimson pool flowing out on the hard wood floors, in the middle of the puddle laid a young brunette woman.
    “MOMMY!” the little girl shrieked, rushing to the horror that laid there.
    Just as the small child reached her mother’s lifeless body there was a loud pound on the door.
    “Police open up!” A male hollered before pounding a few more times.
    Terrified the small child curled closer to her mother’s body. Her golden hair stained a rusty red clinging to her cheeks.
    The wood on the front door begin to crack, one last BOOM smacked the door causing it to break open, men begin to pour around the male holding the battering ram into the dark room shinning flashlights about wildly.
    The blinding light landed on the small child and her mother. “Hey! There’s a little girl here.” A woman called out as she slowly walked to the child. The woman’s brown eyes studied the blue eyed girl. “Hi sweetie, what’s your name?” she asked in a sincere tone, as she reached out for the little girl.
    She small child sobbed, “Thea.”
    “Thea?” a male’s voice echoed, “Hey, Miller, you don’t look so well…”
    Everything was blurry for a few moments as the young woman blinked a few times.
    “Y-yeah.” The woman raised her pale hands up to her eyes, rubbing them rather ruff. “I just spaced out for a moment, sorry.” Thea answered once her vision had returned.
    A male with coal color hair eyed the woman over, it was very clear he didn’t believe the woman. As he went to open his mouth Thea cut him off once more.
    “Stone, I told you I am fine. It’s late; let’s just move on with our case. I would like to make it out of here soon.” She started to rummage through the pile of papers resting in front of the two of them. Thea ran her fingers through her long, golden waves as she stared down at a piece of paper. Her crystal eyes looking through the paper, she was still lost inside her mind.
    The male let out an over-done yawn as he stretched, “You know, I’m pretty exhausted myself. I think I am going to call it a night, Miller.” He began to close a vanilla folder, keeping a close eye on the woman sitting across from him.
    “Hm?” Thea raised a brow, “Oh, um. Yeah, let’s call it a night. I’ll just type this up tomorrow morning.” The woman rose to her feet, placing a black bag onto her shoulder before heading to the door. The clicking of her black heels stopped suddenly. “I know what you did David, I told you I am fine… but, thank you.” She walked out not giving the male anytime to reply.

    The young woman walked the empty streets, still rather distracted. Her heels echoed as they clicked on the cold pavement. She was dressed in a dark, plan pin skirt; with her badge and a pistol hooked onto her skirt. Her shirt was a white tank top with a dark business jacket placed over it.
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