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  1. I had absolutely no idea how to title this thing so I'm reusing a title I used before. Kay.

    Hey there~ Flames here (others know me as Nyx due to my Skype name)

    Just a little story / background before I go on. I used to make signatures for people and stopped when I got busy. It's been a while and I kinda miss doing making signatures and banners not only for myself but for others as well, so here I am. Opening a shop here on Iwaku :)

    Anyway here we go~
    Please make sure to read the rules and notes before requesting anything.

    Follow them or I kill you.

    1. Credit when used. Linking and/or tagging me isn't a necessity, just make sure to credit me somehow. I've had it before where someone used my work without asking permission nor crediting me and it hurt so yeah. I don't really want a repeat of that u__u
    1.1. With that said, I would also love it if you also credited/linked back to the original photo used when you use my creation. I wont force you guys to do this part though. :)
    1.2. For character banners, you don't have to credit me in every IC post you make while using the banner. Just add the credit in the character's skeleton.

    2. One request at a time. Please be considerate and just request one banner / signature / whatever at a time. Wait until I've finished your current request before requesting for another.

    3. Be patient. Remember that I have a life outside the internet as well. I'm a college student which makes me question myself why exactly I'm doing this xD But yeah, you get my point. If I don't finish your request by a week then you may pester me, message me, drop flood my profile or whatever.
    Keep these in mind before filing in a request.

    1. I am a procrastinator. With that said, I may or may not procrastinate on your request or perhaps I'm procrastinating by doing your request. In any case, I'm may or may not be slow in completing the requests so yea, like I said in the rules just be patient.

    2. It's been a while since I've actually done a shop. With that said, I'm a bit rusty at it so my outputs may not be the best but I'll do what can to make sure it isn't awful. Feedback is something I like so if you have any suggestions on how to make my works better then feel free to throw it at me. Criticism? I greatly appreciate those so throw them at me as well. <3

    3. Is this free? Definitely :)

    I'll add more as I remember more things I want/need to say here.

    Just fill out the form and I'll get to it ~

    Purpose: [forum signature, character banner, advertisement banner, etc.]
    Photo to be used: [I recommend renders, but not necessarily a requirement]
    Size (width x height; px): [you may leave this blank if you're unsure]
    Text: [text you want to be placed in the signature/banner]
    Other: [any other details you want to be added?]

    * Delete the text surrounded by brackets []

    Have you ever found that perfect character picture but the hair colour and/or eye colour just doesn't match what you've envisioned for the character? Then colour change will help you there~

    ANIME PICS ONLY. Sorry guys. I don't feel confident enough to do colour changes on real people pics. Maybe someday, but as of now I will not take in any colour change requests for real people pictures.

    Part you want the colour to be changed: [eye, hair, skin, etc.]
    Change it to what colour: [red, blue, etc.; hex codes and rgb colour values are also accepted!]

    * Delete the text surrounded by brackets []

    (lost majority when the site I used to have a sig shop on went byebye)

    Character Banners
    (honestly most of the time all I do is just slap a name, but it's good typography practice I suppose)
    Note: It takes longer for me to do gif banners.

    Colour Changes
    (photo is linked to the original; just click on it and it should direct you to how the photo originally looked like)

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  2. Purpose: Advertisement Banner
    Photo to be used: Crown and Castle
    Size (width x height; px): 800 x 100 (site banner requirements)
    Text: Castle Town! (Big font) Who will be the next King? (Smaller font)
    Other: I'd like the words Castle Town to be medium shade pink, but as for everything else, can I give you creative freedom?
  3. Read this the day you posted actually. Been sorta busy. Sorry about that! Will get to it soon, most likely this week.
  4. Yay thanks!
  5. Hi there Mother Flakes, I'm going to impose on your kindness~

    Purpose: Character Banner
    Photo to be used:
    Size (width x height; px): I think the maximum sizes in Hogwarts are 200/250*500??? Around that.
    Text: Garaile Scriven (Slytherin's nuisance) jkjkjk, you don't have to add that one. XD
    Other: Maybe you can colour it as well? Garaile is a blond and has brown eyes. I know that it is kinda difficult to do, but I don't want to come forward with another black and white banner for the poor boy.
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  6. I will definitely add that in XD jk
    Will get to it soon~ No promises on the colour but I will definitely try :'D
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  7. You actually don't need photoshop to be able to get a frame from a gif image. What you can do is right click > copy image at the exact moment you want the image to be still. From there you can paste it in paint and save into the desired file format :)

    Anyway, here you go

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