Bitter Places

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  1. Milo Farell held the vase of water up to the light. The water had to be crystal clear before he could proceed with the ritual. Finding it to his satisfaction, he poured the water from the large crystal vase into a silver goblet. A small mahogany cross lay at the bottom of the goblet. Usually a hunter would now read from a book of Holy Text to bless the water, but he had entire libraries of Holy Scripts memorized by heart. The recitation flowed out of his lips easily. (Text continues.)


    Around him, incense and candles sent aromatic smoke to the high ceiling of the wide Sanctuary. Metal, wood, and stone stakes were lined up in rows on several shelves. Black iron cages hung a few feet off the ground with chains dangling inside. A small cot stood in the middle of a segregated area, surrounded by metal and wooden implements stained with traces of blood. Crosses and rosaries hung in practically every unoccupied square inch of the room. The concrete floor had a long string of Latin prayers spanning its entire area, broken only in paces by runes and symbols. It had originally been an unused warehouse, before he bought it and converted the interior. Vampires can get in, sure. But they'll never get back out. And whatever happens in the meantime wouldn't be very pleasant.

    The exterior looked unsuspecting enough, especially in the snowfall the city's been having recently. It looked just as run-down and decrepit as when Milo first acquired it. One would never expect that it was newly doubly reinforced from the inside all the way to its foundations.

    The chant ended with a simple gesture of his arm. Nothing fancy happened; no glowing lights, no sparks, no heavenly choir singing. But now the liquid in the bowl had properties that could blister the skin of unholy Beings. Other hunters would use Blessed Blades and Holy Fire, but he never really liked killing in the first place. Just the ones who used their powers to take advantage of humans, never to eradicate the entire vampiric race, like other hunters. The common ones would just stab a man the moment they found out he was a vampire. Some would take him to his hunter friends where they would proceed to kill him slowly and brutally. The really sick ones kept teeth or eyes as souvenirs. These hunters didn't understand that they only served to alienate those vampires who actually respected human boundaries. Vampires weren't all bad, Milo believed. They could live peacefully with humans, if they were only given the chance.
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    When the rain fell like it did that night it was actually quite hard to find, both refuge and men. The lines drawn
    across the glass of the windows of every building were easy to track despite the darkness, and the ground,
    concrete was filled with puddles and cracks all over. Sometimes dogs would jump on the fences close to
    where to the young one would walk, barking and nearly going berserk at his very presence, but he didn't
    seem to mind.

    Looking young enough to be a student but not old enough for an adult, and wearing heavy clothes that hid most
    of his body, his sight was one too flashy to ignore by the few watchmen who still wandered around at that time.

    His hair was silver, like a blade's, and his eyes were an amber red that made them seem on fire, if his face hadn't
    been hidden by the hood of the cloak he was wearing, it would have been very easy to notice him, not to say that
    his size was enough to catch a few men's attention, them used to children selling themselves on the streets for
    whatever the men would give.

    Yes, this was one dark, horrid world, even for the time being, 1952 was supposed to be a time of peace, but it
    felt like some cities were still in the times of the colonies, children selling themselves off to creeps who might
    them and keep them safe, or rape and gut them in the spot, women whoring themselves off for something
    as pathetic as drugs or feeding more children. The more these things happen the more they eventually loose
    their meaning, and the less the people eventually care. It was decrepit and loose, a society build up on corruption

    and every single existing capital sin, even the ones not listed.

    Vampires were another column in that decrepit useless society, blood
    sucking "beasts", shrouded by myths and
    lies, some very incorrect, some very correct. Most of the times they just slipped in the darkness of the moss and

    the shadows of the alleys, hidden away in all kinds of places, like the Jews in world war two, trying to get out of
    danger's way as much as they possibly could, going as far as to hide in humiliating places or taking any horrible
    job they were offered in exchange of protection. They were facing authentic eradication from the world but they
    somehow managed to survive, despite THEM.

    The organization of the vampire hunters were just one of the problems haunting the creatures, even tough they
    mostly only attacked kettle or wild animals and stayed away from humans, they kept being hunted and tortured,
    sometimes raped and brutally tortured until they committed suicide or were murdered after being abused enough.
    The local hunters were well known for their particular cruelty toward female and the young vampires, apparently
    it caused some sort of psychological pleasure or maybe even sexual, to see a helpless being struggling to survive,
    and the smallest the best, apparently.

    This time a young vampire was caught about to feed off a stray dog he had caught on a small alley way, his silver
    hair kept hiding his face, but he didn't manage to feed quickly enough when a hunter took notice of him and that
    squealing animal. He rose to his feet and ran off, being chased by more than one, he didn't even look back, he only
    cared about getting away, away from the hunters, back towards his safe haven, but didn't manage that, for when
    he took a bad turn, one of the men had already caught up to him, scaring him senseless. He ran off and eventually
    went inside the abandoned side of town, one that had been eradicated from any life whatsoever after the vampires
    had been declared dangerous monsters.

    He went inside what looked like a useless warehouse where no one seemed to be inside of, only to bump his face
    right into a man's chest. He didn't know what to do anymore and he was frozen in fear.
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  3. Milo had just finished putting away the Holy Water into separate portable vials and put them in the straps of a leather belt in his arsenal. He was about to step out to get some herbs when the crude alarms set up outside the warehouse told him someone was approaching. He had put a blessing on the place that would make it undetectable to humans except him. If someone was approaching, it was supernatural. He looked at the mirror pointed at the front which showed him the surroundings of the warehouse door, and saw a young vampire running towards it. He knew it was a vampire due to his strange coloration that would not be found in humans. Some vampires hide in plain sight by dying their hair and wearing contacts, but that is for the privileged few who can afford the luxuries of society.

    He approached the door, ready to fight it if that's what it came down to, but he was almost sure that the boy was just running away from something. The only thing more dangerous than a murderous vampire is a human who thinks all vampires are murderous. Some only use it as an excuse to inflict pain and death on beings they fail to understand. He had been condemned so many times for his ideology because he tried to make sense from all the chaos. He actually saw vampires for what they had in common with humans, and that was practically blasphemous.

    Milo waited. The vampire entered the warehouse through the door and ran right into him. Now Milo was positive that the boy had no intention to fight, watching as the boy froze in place and looked at him with eyes of captured prey.

    Still, it wouldn't hurt to be safe. With a swift movement of his hand, he clamped a bracelet around the boy's hand. It had binding properties which prevented the vampire from moving out of a certain area, which he declared was right where they were standing.

    "Tell me why you're here, and nobody gets hurt," he said in a calm but powerful voice.
  4. His words were strong, one by one hitting his heart like hammers, and by the time he could think
    it through, he was already responding to the question with a small voice and his lips shivering in
    the cold of the air "...I'm ... running away..." he replied and couldn't look away from the man's eyes,
    shocked enough to be IN the arms of a hunter, one the kind he always tried to avoid "...From...
    your kind" he commented, unable to move at all, so absorbed in fear he didn't even know he was
    now bound to that place.
  5. Milo's eyebrows furrowed. His kind? Did he mean other hunters?

    He stepped back for a moment to get a better view of the boy. He was visibly shaken, and even his vampiric eyes sent a tamed and frightened look at his question. Voice level and a little softer, he asked the important question. He will be able to tell if the vampire was lying. "Have you killed anyone? Or hurt a person?"
  6. "O-Once..." he shrugged, unknowing why the man was asking him these kinds of questions or what he even
    wanted from him, he wanted to hide and be safe until the hunters left but now he was locked with a hunter
    who was asking him strange questions. "... But... it was in the defense of my life..." he managed to mumble
    without shaking his voice when the noise of other men chasing reached for his ears. "Please sir... I haven't
    done anything wrong to anyone, they will end my life and toy with my body if you allow them to and I don't
    want that... please help me hide" he crooked, shivering in obvious terror.
  7. Milo relaxed, his shoulders settling a little from his initially hostile posture. The boy wasn't one of those vampires, so he didn't have to be one of those hunters.

    "You mustn't worry. No other human can ever enter this place." He chanted a short prayer to release the boy of his binds and moved away. "Stay here if you like, just... don't touch anything."

    It was more for his own good really, since nearly all of the items surrounding them were made to kill or maim his kind.
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    The smaller one retracted to a corner of the room and stayed there looking down to the floor and hugging his knees close to his chest.
    He wasn't used to humans-- much less hunters, when they showed him some sort of sympathy or kindness, and it was quite new for
    the small vampire to feel actually safe for once, sure one human could be good among two thousand, but what were the odds for him?
    Was this human actually showing genuine kindness, or was he just waiting for the time to strike when he was weak and vulnerable like
    the children in the street that shed no more tears toward their fate once they are sold? He did not know, his mind was a fuzz and his
    body burnt from the exercise and lack of feeding of blood, he hadn't even been able to feed on some unwanted skinny old dog, what was
    to become of him now?
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    Milo was going out to get herbs, but this unexpected twist required his presence in the warehouse, so he did something else. He turned away and walked over to a table laden with blessed weapons. "Please understand, I do use these sometimes, but only when they serve to protect humans." He didn't want the vampire to think he meant him any harm, possibly running off again and getting himself killed.

    While he sharpened a large inscribed blade, he decided to know more about the boy. "What's your name?"
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    He raised his eyesight a little bit and then looked away with a small glint of a glare,
    he didn't want to talk to this hunter or for him to know a single detail about himself
    or his life, but life was a big thing and he owed it to this strange man, used it only to
    protect humans? When was the last time a hunter actually helped a decent human
    being? Instead the decition to respond was clear as day " ... Emmet" he replied, not
    looking at the man yet, and bearing the look of a runaway dog about to bite if hurt.
  11. "Emmet..." He said, turning the name over in his head. He turned around and leaned his hip against the table. This boy was one of those he sought to protect, so he decided that he would let him hang around for a while. His main problem is if he didn't know how to be careful when surrounded by killing objects.

    "Do you have a place to stay?" he asked Emmet as he looked at him over the sparks of the blade.
  12. The boy blinked and then, again, glanced away to avoid his gaze "No..." he mumbled,
    then started playing with his hands, finding himself to be feeling soaked and annoyed
    with his body, the clothes were sticking to his body and that was not a pleasant feeling.
    "Do you ... have something to dry myself with? Everything is lethal here, I don't want to
    move." he asked, looking down and avoiding direct eye contact for some reason only he
    could completely understand.
  13. Without so much as turning his head, Milo pointed to a corner of the warehouse covered by a white canvas. It was where he slept and groomed at times that he had to remain within this place. "Just hang your clothes there. A shelf full of towels and robes on the wall. Everything's harmless... just don't reach under the bed." ... blades and holy water at the ready in case someone snuck up on him in his sleep. It wasn't that he was no longer interested in the boy that he didn't look; he'd had the habit of looking at a vampire only by their shadows, avoiding their hypnotic eyes.

    Emmet seemed like a really helpless creature. Milo wondered how someone like that had to live on the streets being hunted like a wild animal, all for bearing fangs and needing blood. "Feel free to move around in there."
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