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  1. This is a one on one vampire x human roleplay between Cocoa and Doll. You may read but please do not post. Unless you are one of the two. If your interested in roleplaying you can PM either of us but please do not post it here.

    Doll- human / vampire
    Cocoa- vampire / vampire

    I guess either of us can play the larger vampire that's been killing off the people in town?

    This will be edited later don't worry <3
  2. [​IMG]
    Delilah Marie Harmon

    Delilah likes to do things on her own. She likes being able to make her own decisions and choices. She doesn't work well with others. She is stubborn and has quite a bit of pride. She gets anxiety bad but it isn't often, she deals with it alone like almost everything else. She likes being alone. She doesn't like people around seeing her mess up. She likes to be able to be in charge and she won't hesitate to try and put herself in the leadership role. Delilah loves flowers, and the stars. She is terrified of fire and doesn't know how to swim so often avoids water in general. Trying new things and change make her anxious and unhappy she doesn't do well with it.

    Almost 19

    Five foot six and a half.

    Blood type b-, history of kidney problems in family along with diabetes and congestive heart failure, she has severe anemia. Other than that the only thing would be when she was younger she had asthma that only comes with running.
  3. Name: Mark Astrauckas

    Appearance: Mark has abnormally pale skin, like all other vampires and a permanent ring of dark circles around his eyes. He stands at exactly six feet tall in height and has short brown hair cut messily just above his ears. His body is toned with lean muscle instead of being bulky. His features appear rather soft, giving him a youthful appearance despite his indifferent demeanor and habit of glaring sharply. His eyes are light blue in color.

    Age: 97 (Seems to appear around his early 20s.)

    Personality: Cool and aloof. Years after he became a vampire, he has closed off his heart and no longer cares about anything. Or at least, that's how he tries to be. Inside he still feels fear and disgust as he watches the Master Vampire terrorize humans, treating them like nothing more than cattle. He is trying to empty himself, lose all emotions so he can continue his 'life' without feeling guilt of his own part in helping the Master. Even after becoming a part of the undead, he still has nightmares of the terrors he has experienced as a human and wishes he could fall asleep at night instead of staying awake, alone to his thoughts. He fears death, and as a vampire he cannot take a single foot out into the sun.
  4. Delilah Marie Harmon
    Delilah could feel the long tall grass against her legs as she walked through the field towards the caves. She felt the tiny cross pressing against her hand as she came closer and closer.
    There's no such thing. All of them are crazy. She thought to herself as turned her head back to see the town behind her.
    Everybody was going mad because people were ending up dead. But it happens all the time! Nobody's being eaten by a vampire it's just a murderer! They're all out of there mind! She was only going to the caves to prove them all wrong. To show how crazy they were about this whole thing.
    No vampires here.
    She made her way up to the large cave, they said they saw someone here. But they were probably just one of the home less.
    She clearly wasn't one of the only people who thought there was no vampires here. She could see a body laying inside the cave. She rushed in to it, and held onto the others arm thinking they were human.
    "Are you alright?" She spoke worriedly, the metal cross necklace still in her hand.
  5. ((Sorry, I had actually been waiting for you to edit your post so that it wasn't taking place in a cave anymore, but I guess I'll just continue off pretending it's in the setting we settled on.))

    Hearing the feminine voice, Mark looked up at the girl that was holding onto his arm. Was this the one that Jonas, his master, had been interested in? There had been a human girl Jonas had been talking about recently, someone that seemed to have a rather meddlesome personality and a particularly delicious scent in her blood. She had been the first to ever try venturing into the mansion on her own so perhaps she was the one he had heard his master talking about.

    In the darkness, he didn't look too much like a vampire. Not having had enough to feed himself, he had a thin frame and could possibly pass as one of the victims. "Yes... Where are we?" He asked, pretending to be disoriented. He gazed at the metal cross in her hand with his usual disinterested expression. If it had been any other vampire, however, they probably wouldn't have been able to resist the urge to burst into laughter. A cross? Did anyone still believe that sort of trinket could possibly work against them? At least her chosen weapon of defense had not been garlic. That would have been even more ridiculous.
  6. --oh shit! I didn't even think that xc I'm sorry I'll edit that later, and also both of us are playing the other vampire right?--

    Delilah had looked down at the other with a panicked expression when he moved, asking where he was. Her face then turned into confusion. He was alright? He was fine.
    "your in an abandoned house, your sure your alright?" She asked, trying to check him over just a little, make sure there wasn't anything on him or any cuts or bruises that looked too bad.
    Well she had only checked his arms and face. She figured if it was anywhere else that wasn't her problem now. He could realize if there was any there.
    She was very confused as to why this person was in the vampires home.
    "What's your name?" She asked, trying to think of reasons anyone would be here other than her. He could have come to try and see the vampires here too like she had, or maybe he was just a drunk that got tricked into coming out here by his buddies.
    He didn't look homeless.
    He wasn't a vampire, he looked completely human to her.
  7. ((No worries. We can just carry on as it is, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. And yes, both of us will control the other vampire.))

    "Mark." He answered, giving the girl his real name. "Who are you?" His confusion act would have been a lot more convincing if he would relax his expression a bit, but he retained his usual stoic look. Perhaps she could attribute it to stress and assume this was just his way of dealing with unfamiliar situations.

    Sitting up, he gave her a quick look up and down. Was she armed with anything else other than the cross? It was fairly difficult to kill vampires, but he didn't want to take any chances and have the girl cause more trouble than necessary.

    No matter who the girl was though, she had just entered his master's home. She was not going to leave until she was presented to Jonas. What happened to her after that was beyond his control and care. She would most likely just end up drained, and left to become another corpse to add to the mysterious deaths out there in the city. "An abandoned home..? What are you doing here?"
  8. --okay! When should he come in?--

    She watched the other as he spoke. "Mark," she repeated more to herself so she would be able to remember. "I'm Delilah," she said. She kept just her own first name. She wasn't gonna tell a stranger too much about her.
    He looked stressed, more emotionless than anything but Delilah took it as his nerves. Or he was trying to look stoic for her sake.

    Heather didn't just have a cross, she had a knife and a little revolver as well. Only a few bullets in her pocket. She was hiding the weapons on her. But it wasn't like she was keeping it a secret from him too.
    Delilah stood and held her out to help the other up. "I'll tell you on the way back to town," she spoke and started for the exit
  9. ((Soon.))

    Mark nodded to show that he had heard her name but did not say anything else. Did Jonas even know the name of the girl he was curious about? If he did, he hadn't bothered telling Mark about it. Taking her hand, he pretty much got up on his own without actually relying on her to pull his weight up. "Wait." Keeping his hand on hers, he pretended to pat down his clothes in search for something. He never carried anything around so he already knew his pockets were completely empty and he decided to work this to his advantage. "I can't go yet. I've dropped my wallet somewhere."

    Ideally Delilah would just follow along with him, but he was more than prepared to use force if it was necessary. "Sorry to ask this of a stranger, but can you please come with me to search for it? More than just money there's something important inside that I can't leave behind." He hadn't even thought of what that 'important thing' would be yet. He figured it was probably just good enough to hint that he had no intentions of leaving the house without it.
  10. Delilah was surprised when the other didn't come with her right away. She turned and looked at him, obviously a bit confused. "You really wanna stay here when all these people are being killed, for a stupid wallet?" She said, clearly unbelieving there was that much money in his wallet.
    When he said there was something important Delilah sighed, and nodded her head, letting him know she would help.
    "Where do you last remember having it?" She asked as she began to look under the furniture around them. She reached under a couch and ended up pulling out what seemed like a necklace. Probably from another meal.
    Seeing as it was covered in blood she dropped it right away. "What the hell," she spoke, eyes wide. Oh she knew that it was covered in blood. "is this what was so important?" She asked and pointed to the necklace covered in dry blood on the ground.
  11. What was a plausible, 'important' thing people could carry in a wallet anyway? Judging from her attitude from before, he didn't think she would accept credit cards as something important enough to stay in the house for. "No..." He shook his head at the necklace she had found. He didn't even know who or when that had been left behind, but judging from the fact the blood hadn't even dried on yet it was probably from the last victim his master had brought in.

    Behind his cool mask, he was wracking his brain for an idea. Of course they would never find such a wallet around since it never existed in the first place, but just pretending to search for it was the point so he only needed to think of something to tell her. "My memory's still a bit fuzzy but, I actually woke up on the basement first. I came out and the next thing I knew I must have collapsed here." Pretending to consider it for a moment he continued, "Probably should retrace my steps then and check the basement."

    Beginning to lead the way towards the stairs he finally came up with something to tell her. "There's a photo in the wallet of my sister. She's been missing for a while and... I don't want to lose her photo on top of that." He looked away as though the memory was painful for him to talk about. In reality, he just hadn't ironed out the details of the story and was just trying to make it harder for her to ask about it.
  12. Delilah had stared at the necklace. People were being murdered and there was a bloody necklace on the ground in an old abandoned house.
    "Look, mark I don't think we should stay here any longer," she spoke as he began to say he had been downstairs. She frowned and looked at him as she heard about his sister.
    "I'm sorry about her. How old was she?" She asked. But when she saw that look on his face she regretted it. "i know you love your sister and you miss her, I'm sure she will show up but I don't think it's okay to stay here." She spoke nervously.
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  14. ((Don't worry, I know it can be difficult to post from your phone.))

    Delilah seemed intent on leaving, but he was obviously trying to lead her deeper into the house. Well, he had enough of trying to be sly about all this. He didn't have much talent in it and his own patience was growing thin. "You came in here knowing it'd be dangerous though, didn't you?" With those words, Mark suddenly pulled her in front of the stairs and pushed her. He did try to control some of his strength, but hopefully it had been enough to send her toppling down the steps.

    ((Sorry it's short. Wanted to make sure I wasn't going too far and end up controlling your character.))
  15. --it's fine haha c: and mine will be small for a bit, my computers not loading right so I have to use my phone. I'm sorry--

    Delilah looked over at the other as she was lead farther into the home. She could feel it in her gut, This was bad. She shouldn't be here any longer. She needed to leave.
    The black haired girl started to become more and more anxious as she headed towards the stairs with this stranger.
    "I feel bad about your sister but I really have to get out of here, come with me, it's not safe here," she spoke and looked at him as he then spoke.
    "Wha-" she felt her heart jump as she was pulled. "Let go of me!" She shouted and began to struggle, but it was all in vain.
    She felt his grip on her being shockingly strong.
    Suddenly she was pushed back towards the stairs. Delilah let out a scream as she fell backwards down the stairs.
    The first impact with the stairs was hard. She yelled out again, the second impact with the ground below and she was knocked unconscious. Her arms hard bruises already showing from where he grabbed her and her face had a large scrape from the impact with the ground.
  16. ((Not a problem. Being fairly active makes up for the not-overly-short posts really. :P))

    "Hmm." Mark wondered if he had overdone it a little. It had been the fastest way to get her into the basement, but now she had lost consciousness and had a couple of bruises marring her body. "Oh well." Yes, his master would probably become a bit cross with him. At the very least he was getting the job done.

    Going down the stairs, he picked her up and slung her body over his shoulder with a surprising amount of ease for his thin body. One of the benefits of being a vampire really. He felt a slight tinge of guilt, but thought it wouldn't last for very long. He was used to it now. Presenting new victims and never seeing their faces again.


    A few hours later, they were in the basement. Delilah had been tied to a chair chained up against the wall and Mark was standing beside her with the same stoic expression as always. Inside though, there was some confusion and turmoil going on. In front of both of them was Jonas, the vampire Mark always referred to as his 'master'. He was dressed smartly in a pinstripe suit and had his short black hair combed neatly to one side. Bright red eyes stared at the unconscious girl intently.

    "... Sir, why have you not fed on her yet?" Mark finally asked as he glanced at the girl beside him. He wondered when she would regain her consciousness.

    The other vampire smirked. "In due time. First, let's wait for the sleeping beauty to awaken from her slumber." This was quite unusual. Usually the man didn't care whether or not the victims were awake and simply drained them as soon as they were brought in.
  17. --so sorry I'm having internet issues so if I don't reply much that's why I'm trying my best to get it fixed but the guy never shows up xc and I'm not really sure what to do with the other vampire right yet, sorry xc--

    Delilah had stayed unconscious for what felt like hours. When she did awaken, all she did was sit for a moment. The light was blinding, even though there wasn't much and her head was pounding.
    She blinked a few times, each time the room became less and less blurry. She kept her gaze on the ground until she realized she wasn't alone. She looked up to see a man in a suit. Who was he?..
    She looked around to see the man from before. The one who shoved her down the stairs. She looked shocked. She tried to move, and then realized she was restrained to a chair.
    She looked over at the other. "what the hell is going on?!" She spoke loudly, her voice showed her confusion and fear more than her face did.
    "You," she spoke and glared right down at mark. "you threw me down the stairs after I tried helping you!" She spoke this time her voice holding more anger.
    She was scared to say the least.
    She looked up at the other man, the one she had not met before. "Unchain me." She spoke, now her tone was a bit more demanding.
    He was professionally dressed, looked very smart, very handsome. But something about him was off. His eyes. They were his bright red eyes.
    "You've been the one killing people?" She spoke, and started to struggle more now.
  18. ((Ha-ha, you don't need to apologize so much. It's alright, and thanks for the heads-up.))

    "To be fair, I did try to get you to go down nicely." Mark replied back, "I wouldn't have done that if you simply came along nicely." He shrugged, acting like it was not his problem. And in all honesty it wasn't. He wasn't the one chained up against the wall as the only human in a room with two vampires. The fact Jonas seemed to be giving her special treatment was a bit strange, but not something he saw as a real issue.

    Jonas was watching their exchange with a high amount of amusement. "You'll have to forgive my assistant here Ms. Delilah. He is not all that familiar with how to treat a lady properly." He seemed to be ignoring her questions and outcries on purpose. A smirk on his face, he walked right up to Delilah and put a hand under her chin, jerking her head up towards him. "My name is Jonas. Welcome to my humble abode."
  19. --no problem <3--

    Delilah had glared daggers at the man she had trusted before. How dumb could she be. She mentally scolded herself for allowing this person to even come close to her.
    She looked over to the other as he had spoken once again and had frowned. How to treat a lady?! "Because tying me up to a chair is much more polite," she snapped back.
    Clearly she wasn't happy.
    As he moved closer she felt her heart drop and her blood go cold. She expected to be hit, so she shut her eyes tightly.
    The second he touched her chin she opened her eyes again, clearly confused. As he spoke she tried to jerk her head away.
    "don't touch me," she spoke to the other, and began to struggle again against the restraints keeping her to the chair
  20. Jonas' grin grew a little wider at her snapping. "I merely wanted to take some precautions to ensure we could actually have a proper conversation." Reaching into the inner pocket of his jacket, he produced a small revolver and a knife. They should have been very familiar to Delilah. After all, they were her weapons. "I wasn't certain that a young lady that carried such brutish things would be too open about a civil conversation with me." Dropping them down to the floor, Jonas crushed the weapons under his foot with inhumane strength.

    His master was grinning happily, but Mark's tension only rose up. The man's mood always flickered from one extreme to the next. The fact he seemed quite delighted only meant he would become that much more destructive when his emotions swung over to the next one. "Mark." Hearing his voice, he looked at the two of them and nodded. Understanding what to do with just that small cue.

    Jonas let go of Delilah. In his place, Mark placed his hand on her jaw and the top of her head, forcing her to face him and tilt so her neck was in the perfect position for his master to feed on. "Now then... Without further ado, let's get down to business." Bending over her, Jonas momentarily caressed her neck before suddenly plunging his fangs into her skin.
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