BitLeak Role Playing Competition!

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  1. Official BitLeak Role Playing Contest
    [size=large]Starts at 00:00 EST January 12th | Ends at 00:00 EST January 20th[/size]
    This is our second contest where I've used the [Official] tags which I forgot was a fun thing to do. And it definitely won't be our last! I'd like to have a monthly contest, but we'll see how that goes based upon feedback and the participation seen in this contest.

    -Registered Member
    -Complete Profile (Avatar, Signature, etc.) *Ask for exceptions*
    -Introduction Thread
    -Minimum of 10 posts (No low quality spam.)

    1st Place - $25 PayPal**
    All Participants Will Receive this Award:[​IMG]
    *$25 PayPal can be substituted for something of equal or lesser value.
    *If you'd like to sponsor this competition contact me.

    How to Win:
    1. Post on this thread stating that you meet the requirements and would like to participate.
    2. Choose the character you'd like to be and let us know on this thread.
    3. When you post at all during the course of this contest do your best to talk and act as if you are that character.
    4. Once the contest ends, there will be a community vote on who the best role player was during this week of acting out characters.
    5. The person with the most votes will win the $25 prize.
    6. Everyone who participated in this contest will receive the Disguised award.


    1. Each participant must choose a different character from a show, movie, or game.
    2. First person to choose a character on this thread gets that character.
    3. Don't deviate from character! Maintain it each time you post.
    4. To be an eligible participant for the award you must post a minimum of 25 times while maintaining character during the event.
    5. Have Fun and Good Luck!

    Go to to try out our Role Playing contest. We have plenty of other competitions happening monthly, and plenty of different sections on the forum to browse once the competition ends. Please if you're interested, come along and try it out, we have quite a few people already role playing including; Bran Stark, Pikachu?(Don't ask), Mr. White from Breaking Bad, Mrs. White from Breaking Bad and many more.
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