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  1. the link for available characters and wolves-
    There is room for 1 roleplayers! Available characters: Drex. Each character is already assigned a wolf and appearance, but their personality, history, and future are up to you.
    Each character starts in their own life, normal and without their wolves.
    the wolves are living in their packs and have had no contacts with their humans.
    A energy of unbelievable strength draws them all to a spot deep in the woods, in an Alaskan forest. Once there the wolves are drawn to their perspective humans and have the urge to bite them. Once bitten a human is forever attached to their wolf.
    What happens next is up to you!

    (MY character. minx)

    wolf 1.jpg
    Character Name:Minx
    General Personality:
    Empathetic. Protective. she comforts people, and pushes down her own feelings.
    she hates human males but doesn't show it.
    she has a need to care for people, and she trusts before given reasons to, and even when given reasons not to.
    she lies to get out of situations, but isn't afraid to tell people whats on her mind.
    She was an alpha female of her pack before a group of hunters killed most of them, but her, heralpha male, and he pup escaped, but the hunters found them and lead them into a barn. it set on fire, and only she escaped.
    she never knew if they had set it on fire on purpose or not.
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  2. Could I be Charity or Cyron if either are available
  3. Of course! they both are so pick which ever you would like!
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  4. I like the look of Merk.
  5. alright! go ahead and make a CS and post it here and ill accept you!
  6. Ok, are there any restrictions you wish to impose such as like age or how they are?
  7. Nope, your free to do as you please. Im working on my CS and when everyone has submitted theirs I will do mine as well.
  8. Merk.jpg
    Character Name:
    Wolf Master and Freelancer
    Vast Knowledge/High Intelligence
    Inhuman Agility/Speed/Stamina
    Silver Tongue/Smooth Talker
    Bad Social Skills
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 178 lbs
    Appearance: As Pictured
    Can talk his way out of any situation
    Intimidation and Persuasion are things he's good at when he needs to be
    Survival is a key component
    Creating and Solving complex puzzles
    Socializing with other people
    Common sense goes out the
    at times
    Over thinks a lot to find meanings that may or may not actually be there
    None for he believes that having fears would on dwindled his mind.
    General Personality:
    Merk is generally an out going individual who will be seeing always doing something. He never has a "dull moment" and is always seeking things out and finding ways to challenge himself. Merk enjoys being alone for most of his time though so conversation and deep interactions is a rare sight indeed.
    Inner Personality:
    Merk would like to be loving and caring with others and to find someone to be close with, but he doesn't wish t complicate his life by mixing in feelings with logic. Encounters like sex would occur, but his dominate personality finds them "pointless" and just "fulling basic human needs" while his inner wishes to have such deep
    that would sprout love and family building.
    Merk's past is but a blur to him. He's managed to block it out of his mind. Perhaps one day he will remember it though, but that might not be a good thing.
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  9. Omg I love it! im gonna change the setting so people I follow can change the characters. go fing him and fil this in. ill give you creds.
    oh and accepted!!!
  10. I would like charity
  11. alright! go ahead and make an CS and submit it here. when accepted copy it into her media page!
  12. Imma take Persiphony if that's OK ^^
  13. Also whast up C9!!!!
  14. sure thing! just make a CS for her and post it here!
    oh and make... I mean ask your friends to join!
  15. [​IMG]

    Character Name:
    Wolf Master and healer

    Kind hearted
    Highly intelligent
    In humanly fast

    Too trusting at times
    Terribly stubborn at times


    As Pictured but with blue eyes

    Ability to heal any any injury
    can solve just about any problem

    To Be cruel

    That she will fail someone in their time of need

    General Personality:
    Persiphony warm hearted and caring. She puts others health above her own which sometimes buts her in a bad position. She is very soft spoken but can make her point when she needs to, especially when it comes to the health and well being of others.
    Inner Personality:
    Internally Persiphony is stand of fish and finds it difficult to trust people. She doesn't wanna be fearful of what most people say or do but it's innate just like her compassion and duty to heal.
    Persiphony's clan was large and she was the daughter of the clan's chief until a mysterious illness struck her village. The healer, her mother caught the sickness and Persiphony worked frantically to heal the sick villager but the clan was cut nearly in half when most of the infected died leaving her lead the clan cautiously at first. She is still unsure of how to effectively lead, because it's suppose to be her husband's position.
    (It's a modern day clan outside city limits if need be that runs like old times but has modern things because I don't know the time setting for this. )

    Working on this!

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  16. keep going! I believe in you!
  17. Is this still open for more? I'm getting confused .3.
    I would like to take Audora if possible.
  18. yes audora is open to be played! Follow the link to the Bite Me album and create a CS usuing the picture there!
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