Bit late, but...

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  1. Uh, hello there, I'm DinoSaur (you can just call me Saur). Um, I've actually been here a while but mostly stuck with my fellow 'exiles' for most of that time. I'm into video games, reptiles, cartoons, military and war-related stuff, writing, and drawing. So yeah...
  2. Don't forget sort of shy too!
  3. Anti-social, anyway.
  4. Right...forgot about that.
  5. Have you ever tried writing/illustrating a videogame about cartoon reptiles going to war with the United States military?
  6. No, but I'll have to remember to try something like that in the future.
  7. It may be almost half a year late but no matter. ^^ Hehe Welcome. <3
  8. Oh, thanks Secluded.
  9. :P Well you posted... Might as well welcome like it's meant for right?
  10. Yeah, I guess.
  11. I'm really tempted to sketch that now.

    Gah! Inspiration! Inspiration everywhere!
    /holds head
  12. welcome and I have been meaning to get into a military rp, Thanks for reminding me.
  13. Yeah, well, been unsure as to where to exactly go for some real RPs...