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  1. Welcome

    Hello, I'm Biscotti. Feel free to call me whatever you'd like, as I don't really have a nickname. I'm obviously passionate about writing, and would consider myself quite adept at it. Here's where I'll record my ideas and visions, hoping to adopt a new writing partner.

    About Biscotti

    Just a little tip: I'm kind of introverted. Kind of contradictory considering I'm on a forum, I know, but my love of writing sort of overshadowed my anxiety, and... here I am! Alright, now for specifics. I adore genres like science fiction and fantasy; they appeal to my love of technology and magic. Slice of life and romance are also quite high up on my list as well.

    Preferences I have for my writing partner are usually the ability to write two or more paragraphs with proper syntax, spelling, etc. I don't appreciate writing a nice, clean paragraph and getting a response that has mistakes everywhere (not that any author appreciates that). As said in my role-play resume, I'm a passive role-player, so I prefer a partner that is able to take initiative and decide what to do next with the story.

    Keep in mind that these ideas are not fully developed, and will require a bit of discussion to fully mold it into something that we will both enjoy. Any genre that has a "(?)" next to it is questionable and not required, just implied by the summary of the storyline.


    Harvest Moon: Island Tale
    A small, coastal town dubbed Inkling Village is in a financial conflict; they are known for their produce but are no longer used as a source for it. This is where our characters come in. Determined to help regrow the settlement, they work together to make the village even better than what it was before.
    Kill la Kill
    Taking place in the same canon of Kill la Kill, this story resides in the time BEFORE Ryuko's arrival. What we do with story is completely up to discussion, as this is an early idea.​
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  2. Do you play male or femme characters for these rps?
  3. I don't usually play those types of characters, but I'd be open to trying it; it'd be a new experience and help me improve my skills.
  4. Woo for new ideas. They're fandom role-plays, but soon enough I should add another original role-play.
  5. I adore slice of life but my interest really depends on the story-line. I'm busy as of right now but I'll check when I can! ^^
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