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  1. PLOT:
    - Smut>Plot
    - It's your characters birthday, and his friends have really outdone themselves this time. They went out and found that girl you've been crushing on (my character), and when he gets home she's lying passed out on his bed, wearing nothing but a read ribbon wrapped around her body. Now that he has her, what will he do with her?

    - Bondage
    - Rough Sex
    - Name Calling
    - Oral


    My Character:



    Bridget Gwen Carter

    16, almost 17

    Bridget has always been a good girl. She follows the rules, does what she's told. She's very good at taking orders, but she can also be very stubborn when she wants to be. She'll definitely be the kind of girl who needs to be broken in. She can also be mischievous when she gets bored, so it's not unlikely that she will directly disobey someone in order to make them angry and see what they do. She tends to be sarcastic when she's angry, but will almost fully submit when she is scared enough. Because Bridget is so young, she tends to be naive and trusting. She also wants everyone to like her, so she tends to go out of her way to make other people happy.

    ~ B-cup chest ~
    Only Child ~
    Virgin ~
    She loves to swim ~
    Used to do gymnastics and cheerleading. So she will be very flexible ~
    Loves cookies, any kind of cute animal, and reading ~
    She also loves super hero movies ~
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  2. [​IMG]

    Xavier Mcclaskey

    Just turning 18

    Easy going male figure, but has seen many hardships in his life. He is a major workaholic, so he always need something to "release" his stress and make him unwind. Being a popular kid is always hard to him, having to make sure everyone is watching him

    • Loves sports
    • Althetic build, but not super buff
    • Enjoys having time to relax
  3. Image:
    Bridget Qwen CarterThe sun was just rising when Bridget let her house. Her parents were out of town for the weekend, so she was left to do whatever she wanted while they were gone. Most teens would throw some crazy party, but that wasn't really Bridget's style. She'd rather attend a party than throw one, because then she wouldn't have to clean up after everyone. Instead, her plans for the weekend included heading to the gym early in the morning, stopping at the store to buy tons of sweets using her moms credit card, and going home to have a movie marathon. She'd probably do some cheer training as well, since the season was coming up, she just hadn't decided when yet.

    After a hour of running on the treadmill and another half hour of lifting weights, Bridget decided that was enough working out for one morning. She threw her white towel over her shoulder, wiping sweat from her forehead, and signed out of her gym. She was just pulling out her phone to turn off her music when a group of people approached her from behind. Suddenly, her arms were pinned behind her back, a cloth held over her mouth and nose. "Help me!" She screamed out instantly, inhaling deeply and growing very woozy. "Somebody! Help... me..."

    When Bridget woke up a hour later, she had no idea where she was. It didn't take long for the teen to realize she was completely naked... Well, except for the red ribbons the bound her hands and feet together. There was also a long red ribbon that wrapped around one of her legs, between her lower lips, around her waist once, and then up to her chest, where a bow was neatly tied. The other end was wrapped around her neck. She couldn't help but feel like she was wrapped up like a Christmas gift. This can't be good.

    Panic began to set in as Bridget started to squirm, attempting to scream out. That was when she noticed the ball gag in her mouth, preventing her from getting too loud. Her brown eyes grew wide, and she focused on taking deep breaths through her nose. Okay, focus Bridget, she told herself, trying to free her hands from the ribbon. Just focus and you'll be fine... come on... almost there...

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  4. It was his birthday today, but Xavier didnt really care. It was usually the same thing. His parents would be gone on another business trip and forget that He even existed, his friends would just say 'Happy birthday!' and that would be it.

    Or at least... So he thought. Once he had gotten home, he nearly had a heart attack from his friends jumping out of nowhere. When he regained his composure he was forced to wear a blindfold and pushed up his stairs and into his room. They told him to take his blindfold off before they exited the room, leaving him 'alone'.

    That's when he saw her- Bridget Carter. He admired her body from the door, slowly inching closer, "My friends have really out done themselves..." He whispered, tracing his fingers along the bow, his fingers lingering near her lower lips.
  5. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter The sound of laughter caused Bridget to freeze. She swallowed hard, able to tell that there were at least four males, and her fear only grew as the laughs drew closer. She watched as several males entered the room, but most of them left almost immediately. Except for one, who removed his blindfold as soon as the door shut behind his retreating companions.

    Bridget's eyes widened when she recognized the blond male. She didn't know him personally, but they went to the same school, so she knew who he was. They had even talked a few times before. "Xavier?" She whispered, tears forming in her eyes. "W-where am I?" She drew in a sharp breath when he approached her, running his thick fingers over the red ribbon that decorated her body. A shiver ran down her spine when he got to her lower lips, brushing against her clit.

    "Stop!" She exclaimed instantly, shaking her head. "What are you doing? Stop it!" Her panic was beginning to rise, and she was slowly drawing closer to hysterics. "Untie me, get me out of here!" She rolled away from him, thankful that she hadn't been tied to the bed posts until she rolled over the edge and his the floor with a- Thud! "Ow."

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  6. Xavier shook his head and and laughed at her attempts to get free, "I'm afraid I can't do that..." He whispered to her. He grabbed her and set her back on the bed, this time straddling her waist. "Today's my birthday... And your my present..." He began, "And since you are my present, I can do whatever I desire to you." He explained to her.

    Xavier began to slowly untie the ribbon that bound her body, watching it fall around her. "Have I ever told you how amazing of a body you have?" He asked her, his eyes soaking up every detail of her petite figure.
  7. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter Just as soon as she had fallen off Bridget was being placed back on the bed. She stared up at Xavier with wide eyes as he straddled her, making it impossible for her to escape. Tears steamed down her cheeks as he explained the situation to her, and she shook her head back and fourth.

    "Please, Xavier," Bridget said, her voice barely audible. She completely ignored his compliment on her body, hating the way he was looking at her. "Please, please, don't do this. I've never been anything but nice to you... Why are you doing this to me."

    She tried again to get her small hands out of the ropes binding them together. Whoever had tied her up had done a damn good job, but she hoped that if she squirmed enough she could at least free them to cover up her chest. Bridget had always been a especially good girl, not even her swim suits were very revealing. This was the most exposed she had ever been, and it was making her very self conscious and uncomfortable.

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  8. "But who am I to refuse a present?" He smiled, leaning down close to her face and allowing his lips to graze hers. He closed his eyes as he began to gently kiss her, moving his hands to pull away the ribbon that bound her body.

    After a few moments, he began to pull away from her, looking into her gorgeous brown eyes. "You know... The faster you stop thrashing around, the faster this will be over with..."
  9. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter More tears streamed down Bridget's face as Xavier kissed her. She made no effort to kiss him back, though she did squirm when she felt him pull on the ribbon that was wrapped around her body. Once that was gone she'd be naked, completely vulnerable. She couldn't think of anything worse.

    After some time, Xavier pulled back, and she looked up at him, wishing her hands were free so that she could at least wipe the tears off her face. "This isn't right," she whispered, shaking her head. "Please, please, just let me go. I don't consent, this is rape Xavier." She made sure to look him directly in the eye, hoping that would help to persuade him.

    But, Bridget only saw lust in his cool eyes, and she knew he wouldn't cut her loose. Not until he was done with her, at least. "Will you take me home when you're finished?" She asked, feeling hopeful. That was the least he could do, after all. Make sure she got home safely.

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  10. "I mean it's the least I could do..." He said after giving it some consideration. Xavier's eyes showed a bit sympathy as he swallowed, quickly wiping away her tears. He looked away towards the closest wall, his conscious debating whether or not to continue, but his list got the best of him, she was his huge crush after all!

    After his lust made up his mind, he leaned in close to her ear, giving the sensitive skin a light kiss. His conscious forced a raspy whisper of an apology.
  11. Image:
    Bridget Qwen CarterXavier's apology was lost on Bridget. If you were truly sorry you'd take me home now, she thought bitterly, but chose not to say anything. The sooner she just let this happen the sooner she'd get to go home, wrap herself in a blanket and hide away from the world.

    Truth be told, if Xavier had just approached her himself and proposed that they have sex, she might have agreed. He was a fairly attractive guy, and Bridget has always thought he was nice until this point. The only reason she might of turned him down was that she was a virgin, and so sex scared her in general. Right, right, I should tell him...

    "Please just be gentle," Bridget whispered, swallowing hard. A final tear escaped her eye, rolling down the side of her cheek. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. "I'm... still a virgin." The fact that Bridget was a virgin was always something she had trouble confessing, especially now when he was about to take her innocence from her forcibly.

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  12. "I'll be gentle, don't worry..." He assured her quietly, allowing his hand to slowly trail down her body to her lower lips. With his other hand, he began to fondle one of her breasts, bringing his head down to her other breast, sucking on the nipple. As Xavier did this, he looked across her body, looking back up at her face, "Has anyone ever told you how cute you are?"
  13. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter Somehow Bridget trusted Xavier when he promised to be gentle with her. She closed her eyes tight when his hand began to travel downward, squirming uncomfortably when he reached his destination. She squirmed again as he began to play with her breast, opening her brown eyes to stare up at the ceiling. "Unf," Bridge moaned out quietly, so quiet she almost didn't hear herself. Instantly she bit down on her lower lip to keep from making another noise.

    Her gaze shifted to Xavier when he commented on her appearance again. It made her mad, even if he meant it as a compliment. It told her that the only reason he had ever talked to her was because he thought she was cute. I wish I had never been nice to you, she thought hatefully. Maybe then I wouldn't be in this mess.

    But, all Bridget said out loud was, "My grandma has." Her tone was bitter, her voice barely above a whisper. She wondered how long he had planned to do this to her. From the first day we met? Just a week ago when you realized your birthday was coming up? She heaved a sigh, her breathy shaky from her fear.

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  14. Xavier let out a long sigh, seeing his compliment had met no preferred reaction. "But I have liked how you treated everyone so nicely... I just love your personality..." He said under his breath. Thoughts began to run through his head. Such as when tonight was over, there would be no chance of him ever getting together with the girl of dream.

    He sighed with discontent at the thoughts, but however decided to relish in his present for tonight. He gently entered her with a single finger, pumping it in and out to get her warmed up for a second digit to be added.
  15. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter Bridget again closed her eyes, wanting to block him out. Just do it already, she thought when he tried to compliment her again, her body beginning to tremble. Stop dragging it out. I just want to go home. She squirmed again, tilting her head to the side as he put a finger inside of her.

    Bridget had only masturbated a few times in her life, and only ever with her fingers. Despite the situation, she couldn't help but feel like it felt better when he fingered her than when she fingered herself. She found a rhythm to his movements easily, and focused on matching her breathing to it. Once, his finger brushed her g-spot, causing Bridget to arch her back ever so slightly.

    A whimper came from the girl, her body reacting just like it was supposed to. She could feel herself growing wet from his touch, getting more soaked each time his finger pulling in and out of her. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning out again. You don't like this, she old herself. This isn't right. Stop liking it.

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  16. Xavier purred lightly into her ear, giving it a little nip with his teeth before adding a second finger. He stretched her entrance a bit more, letting her grow accustomed to the feeling before he began to pump his fingers in and out of her faster. Xavier's fingers brushed across her g-spot once more, trying to coax another moan from her body. He had taken note about how her body reacted to his touch, a light smile pulling the corners of his mouth upwards as he figured out that her body liked the feeling.
  17. Image:
    Bridget Qwen Carter"Mhhp!" The noise came from Bridget as another finger was put inside of her, her eyes shooting open. Even when she fingered herself she had only ever used one of her fingers, and his were much longer and fatter. Which means she was officially stretched more than she had ever been before. And, while it hurt a little, it also felt... good.

    "Oh!" Another slight moan came from Bridget as he brushed her g-spot. She turned her head to look up at him. I used to like you so much, she thought, the tears starting to return again. She quickly blinked them away, not wanting to cry again... it was bad enough that she had already cried in front of him once. Maybe if I pretend like this is consensual it will go quicker, and won't be so bad...

    Bridget stared directly into Xavier's eyes as she moaned out again, this time not holding back. Her hands, which were still bound together behind her back, grabbed onto the sheets of the bed she was laid on. She whined as he brushed he g-spot again, moving her hips slightly.

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  18. Xavier pulled her into a deep kiss as his fingers went harder and deeper into her. His eyes closed at the sound of her moans, causing him to get even more aroused. His length, which was just a inch above average, began to press itself against her thigh.

    He pulled away from the kids, now beginning to kiss around her neck once more. He began to move his hips in cadence with how he moved his fingers within her, curling them to give her more pleasure.
  19. OOC: I've been noted to put my images in spoilers now, so from now on if you want to see the image I normally put in the box on the left just press 'show' and the image will show like it had in all my previous posts.

    Bridget Qwen CarterIt didn't take long for Xavier to press his penis against Bridget, causing her heart to flutter. She'd never touched, or even seen, an actual dick before, and so she was really scared for the moment that Xavier decided to whip his out. She couldn't decide if she wanted him to just do it now and get it over with, or continue to put it off.

    Bridget figured her moans were likely part of the reason Xavier was growing bigger in his pants. Better not stop, then, she decided, Maybe he'll cum in his boxers before he even gets it out. A gasp came from Bridget as Xavier curled his fingers. Maybe if I use his name...

    "Oh, Xavier," Bridget moaned out softly, feeling slightly disgusted with herself.
  20. Xavier licked up her sensitive neck before he began to slam his fingers harder into her wet opening. He continued to fondle her breast, pulling on her nipple slightly.

    He let out a low groan as her moan became hotter to him, but he wasn't a fool. He knew that she just wanted for it to end quickly, but that was the last thing in his mind. She was his present, and he was going to do anything he wanted to do with her.
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