Birthday Haters

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    Are you a Birthday hater? Someone who dreads the day they were born? Do you Hate having a party? Even go as far as to LIE about the date so no one will know when it is?

    I ask because I have a friend who HATES having a birthday party. I'm not sure exactly why he hates it so much. The only reason I can see is maybe not wanting to tell people your age, but in my friends case hes young (23) why would it matter? Anyways, what do you think about this, October Knight wants to Know!
  2. I have this curse where every year for my birthday, I'm sick with something. Like this year... I had a fever, I was getting over a lung infection, I had a nasty nose. XP

    Soooo I have a lovehate feeling towards birthdays and I'll tell you why. On the negative side, I don't really want to be partying while I feel like crap. At the same time, I don't want to be all alone. Some people avoid me on my birthday, others are sweet enough to visit me and sing for me. My Dad also ruins it for me sometimes because I'm not important enough for him to make the effort to visit me or even send me a card.

    Otherwise, I love it. I'm appreciative of the things people buy me, their company and the cake, of course. I think what I love most is the different cake my siblings put together for me every year. <3 It's so adorable.
  3. I don't really love or hate my birthday, actually. Unless people ask me when it is, I never bring it up, except when it's during a conversation in which it has relevance. The past few birthdays of mine have been bad (I dropped out of high school and left my house on my birthday this year (although I'm back home, for now)), but it never bothers me. The thing is, when people give me gifts, I always feel terribly awkward, and while I do sincerely thank them, I never feel like it's enough of a thank you. And I never have any money to buy them presents on their birthdays... >.>
  4. I don't like celebrating my birthday anymore for a few reasons.

    One, Nerf guns and Super Soakers are apparently no longer appropriate presents for someone in their late twenties. They keep sending me goddamn ties and dress shirts.

    Two, these days I only celebrate achievements. Being born is not your achievement, its your parents'. I celebrate accomplishments earned through your own sweat, blood, and hard work.
  5. I use to hate my birthday, back when I was little and we weren't allowed to have birthdays or holidays because of our religion. >>; It was just a reminder of how crappy life was and how no one loved me, yadda yadda. D:<

    Now I kinda like my birthday, but at the same time it's really awkward having the party and everyone's attention being on me. I don't like being the center of attention during get togethers like that. XD I'm cool up until people start singing the birthday song, then I want to hide under the table.
  6. I don't like my birthday because I would rather earn attention then being given it.
  7. I don't mind my birthday, I mind the stupid date.
    Stupid Valentine's Day means that all the party decorations available near my birthday have a VERY high chance of being pink and/or heart shaped in some way. This comprised many of my childhood birthdays especially, when people though I would not notice or care or something.
  8. My family would do the same thing! My birthday is during the week after Valentine's Day, so my mom would get the discount decorations and use those. XP And even my Grammy would get some price cut Valentine's Day cake for me... It would make me angry because I wanted Scooby-Doo, not pink and red hearts.
  9. When I was younger, kinda like Fluffy, I was sick all the time. (Actually, I ALWAYS used to get sick on Valentines teehee)

    I felt horrid that my parents always had to take care of me, and that I was such a sickly kid. Also, who the hell wants to have their parents buy them presents when they find out that said parents eventually have to pay for an expensive surgery to fix their kid's jaw? Or all the allergy medications? Retainers and such? So due to this, I always felt horrid that they had to pay for all of that.

    I never really hated it, just thought that if they had to pay for that kinda shit, why the hell should they also spend money on me for "luxury items" IE: Items that I don't even REALLY need.

    Either way, I have enjoyed my last few birthdays. ^.^
  10. I love my birthday. get family and friends round,m have goodtimes (and since hitting 18, having some booze with those good times!)

    basically i treat it as an excuse to say "get the fuck over her and lets drink!" to my mates.
  11. I like other people's birthdays because I don't have to pitch in for the booze.

    I don't like my own for the same reason.
  12. Thats a very interesting point Tux. I think I also feel like this sometimes, however that may change when I get old(er).