Birthday Bernie says THANK YOU IWAKU!

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    Today was Bernie's bday and he got to enjoy all of the cards that have arrived so far! 8D Here is your picture to see how happy you made an old man!
  2. AWH. That is so amazingly sweet.~ > w<
    Too bad I dunno how to work the mail office here, or I woulda found one to send. o.o;
    The beer card and cleavage card made me giggle.

  3. I got him the one of the cat with the fish : )

    That card made me laugh so hard.
  4. Glad to see he got the little Earth pendant
    it's a bit bigger than I thought.
  5. My postcard is chillin' by his armpit, YEAH :D

    I'm super happy that he liked the cards and that mine reached him :)

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!
  6. I SEE MINE! I SEE MINE! -points frantically at it- It's the fortune cookie one. X3