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  1. So, basic idea:
    One of the "deities" of this world is Matthias, the Immortal of resurrection, reincarnation, and redemption. In order to battle the darkness of the world, he founded a secret society known as the Phoenixes. Simply put, a Phoenix is a person who, through any act of greatness, has proven themselves a source of light for all humanity. Warriors to poets, merchants to explorers, anyone can become a Phoenix. Once accepted into the society they will be burned alive, only to rise again, imbued with some of Matthias' powers. They can continue to self-immolate for an indefinite time, healing themselves and having their youth restored each time.
    Though many Phoenixes live out normal lives save for annual meetings, there are some who live openly as Phoenixes and maintain the public image. They are well known for acts of charity and humanitarianism, as well as for immunity to all injury by heat and fire.

    I figure this roleplay will focus on the Phoenixes overcoming some great threat, probably the ancient darkness they werer created to fight, but I'm not exactly sure how to develop that vague idea into a real plot. I would love love love some input and ideas to flesh this thing into a real roleplay!
  2. Interesting, gives me the impression of Catholic beliefs. Allusion to Christian resurrection, notion of being "the light to the world".

    Well, I have two ideas.

    Suppose one of the Phoenixes succumbs to darkness, he would be a possible enemy factor. As time passed this Phoenix has acquired his power, he craves more than what his supposedly 'pure and good-natured' past self wouldn't even think about. Could be influence, power, wealth, knowledge that could prove destructive. Hopefully, illustrating that despite the power meant for redemption, the only constant thing in this world is change. A man's will can change.

    Secondly, now what if the very darkness that the Phoenixes battle against would want to acquire their power? Say, they seek to use the power of the Phoenixes against themselves. Kidnappings, somehow they might even manage to corrupt a few members of the Phoenixes. This would seed distrust and conflict amongst themselves. Who would be there to trust, and how would they overcome a darkness that tries to eat away from the inside?

    I know, they seem vague too. We could brainstorm for more, expound on what we have or whatnot. I still hold my interest for this one whichever way this might turn out into. Question, I'm assuming this would be a possible group roleplay?
  3. I'm so keen on this idea that it hurts.

    Aurelia's idea of a corrupt phoenix definitely seems like a good one. Perhaps it would be good if this person led a coup, leading to a civil war of sorts within the two factions. Or, he or she could simply turn humanity against the phoenixes, maybe leading to an era of darkness that they need to work their way out of - for the sake of the planet.

    Anyway, I'm keeping watch on this thread, and doing lots of thinking.
  4. Indeed, it's meant to have some Christian elements to it, particularly in the concept of personal sacrifice and rebirth through faith, as well as the entire son-of-god founding part. I've always found Christian mythos fascinating, and as they're concepts that most everyone raised in the Western world is familiar with, I figure it's one of the easiest spiritual-philosophical POVs to incorporate in a group RP.

    Thank you both for your input. I think I'm starting to see this come together!
    I really like the idea of a traitorous splinter element in the Phoenixes, too. Perhaps one of them has already publicly turned to the dark side and is gathering a legion of evil, for lack of better terms, and is actively recruiting inside the Phoenixes with one to four double agents already in place? :D
    I'm thinking the main conflict between the two parties could be the concept of personal gain vs. selflessness. The Phoenixes are founded on the idea that it is the duty of great ones to help lesser men; the "Dark Phoenixes" argue that it is the fate of lesser men to bow to greater ones. Perhaps these Dark Phoenixes even try to assassinate all of Matthias' siblings as well as himself, all of the Immortals of the world, in an attempt to make themselves the most powerful beings?
  5. Agreed. Well, keep us posted, I'm looking forward to this interesting idea.
  6. I shall. ^^ Right now it looks like I'll have time to put this up on Friday (midterms this week), so we have until then to straighten everything out. If you have anything you'd like to add, or clarify, or figure out character relationships, now is the time!
  7. Hmm, not much right now. Good luck on your midterms, I just got on my break, enough time to follow on this.
  8. This seems interesting! :D
  9. A phoenix seeking to discover the weaknesses of their enemy allows it to enter him expecting to overcome it. It proves to strong for him however and begins to pervade his thoughts and dreams warping his once good acts to being evil disguised. He still sits on council with his comrades though. at the start of the rp you have several npc phoenixes the players have to discover which one is corrupted and take him out while trying to stop his evil machinations. once they discover him and dig deeper they find the cause of his change. now they have to decide if they can simply kill him (and if so how to go about it) or if they can somehow exorcise the darkness from him. all the parts of a good fantasy based story. the mystery, the dilemma, the final conflict, and a possible redemption.
  10. Jagen's idea seems very sensible, it would give a reason as to why there is a turn within the ranks.
  11. Seems reasonable. Might be a good addition to the one element that has already splintered- aside from dealing with that exterior threat, they also have one of their own corrupted and are looking for a way to set things right.