Birth by Fire: Dark Phoenix Rising

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    The Phoenixes, the highest echelons of human achievement. A legend, to some, but very real. Some people have wondered why the greats never seem to actually be buried in their great tombs, why sometimes the flame-robed followers of the Immortal Matthias seem just a little too familiar.
    Everyone knows Matthias as the Immortal patron of civilization- of arts and culture and love and peace, of all those good things that make a kingdom great. What few know of is his followers, the Phoenixes. After all, the world is too vast and too corrupt for Matthias to deal with on his own. So when a great person lays on their deathbed, they often find themselves approached by a glowing man with his red-gold hair down to his shoulders and brown eyes filled with love, and if they take his hand, they find themselves suddenly in the great bonfire at the Cathedral of Matthias. The burning does not last long- just long enough to burn away all marks of their previous lives. Resurrection by fire; a return to the bodies they held at their prime, a gift of fire to use when they need it.
    Phoenixes are semi-immortal; any wound, poison, or age can be healed by the sacred fires. On the other hand, this new life is not given freely. They are the light fighting back the dark, the helping hand pulling humanity up from the abyss, the words of calm amidst the chaos. For over a thousand years, they have served Matthias and their race. The Elven slave trade was toppled with the help of Phoenixes; the invasion forces from Namir were halted by the Gates of Hadreom which were built by Phoenixes; countless cults met their end at Phoenix hands.

    Of course, not all can always be well in the world. There is one... exception. One Phoenix who deserted the cause six months ago. One Phoenix who claims that those with powers have an obligation not to serve the rest of humanity, but to rule over them. Though he was persecuted, he escaped and went into hiding... and now his ideas have begun to poison the rest of the Phoenixes.

    My gratitude to the artist:

    Viil a Lamdre, the headquarters of the Phoenixes, located on the river Lamdre, in almost the exact center of the continent of Damre. It is a large continent, home to nearly seven dozen countries of varying sizes. Along the Western coast, human technology flourishes, and the dawn of the age of steam is on the horizon. In the East, though, artifacts of the long-gone Elven empire remain, and magic rules above science. Gunpowder does not exist, and notion like feminism and nationalism are just getting their feet under them.
    As for the Viil itself, it is a spacious compound covering several acres, containing most of the amenities of a castle and a temple complex. Bedrooms, bathing chambers, a forge, a stable, a ballroom, meeting chambers, training facilities... nearly everything imaginable, most of it carved out of marble in shades of grey and white. ​
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  2. Matthias
    Immortal firsborn son of the Earth Goddess.
    Firstborn son of the Earth Goddess, Matthias was, unique among the thirteen children, fathered by a human. According to some of the others, this makes him weak. True, he has no powers other than his immortality and the ability to bestow certain blessings... well, and a rather unique form of immortality. Instead of being invulnerable or having increased healing, Matthias instead reincarnates with a completely intact mind and soul, into the living thing of his choice. Having died countless times has made him rather naive to the finality of death for mortals and he often forgets that his Phoenixes must regularly bathe in fire in order to maintain their youth and heal wounds.
    His physical appearance is of a man in his twenties, with hair a strange mixture of red, gold, and brown and warm brown eyes. He almost always grows his hair out and often refuses to shave his beard as well, giving him a slightly disheveled but peaceful appearance. Of average height and build, he would be easy to overlook were it not for the aura of peace he wears as easily as most men wear cloaks. Having been on the receiving end of more violence and death than any man should have to, he is vehemently opposed to any sort of strife. That, and his inherent magic prevents him from ever raising a hand in anger against another living thing.

    Credit to the very, very talented artist:

    Venatora Montressor
    Duchess, Queen, Phoenix

    More artist credit:
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  3. Sounds good. Id like to give it a go.
  4. Ah, glad to see that this is up. May I reserve one spot for my character? That is, if you plan to limit the number of role players in this roleplay.
  5. Both of you are quite welcome here. ^^
  6. I'm guessing there's a character sheet we have to comply to or may we just immediately fill in character sheets on the whim?
  7. You may use your own sheet. Everyone knows what sort of things they ought to include; I see no reason to give a set format that must be followed.
  8. Im new to this. What things should i include?
  9. oh wait doesnt matter, i get it now :)
  10. I will, of course, be looking over character sheets and tell you if you've missed anything. ^^ No pressure to get it right the first time- I love the edit button. Now every site without one drives me batty. XD
  11. This looks great, consider my interest checked! But, I feel like I'm missing some information. Will more details be posted about setting/timeframe? Will the level of culture/technology be typical of a medieval world?
  12. A bit more information will be posted, but I'm trying to keep this world vague so every character's backstory will be very unique and add to the world instead of being just another supporting piece.
  13. Are you still accepting?
  14. Definitely. ^^
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