Birds of Prey

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  1. I have no specific plot at the moment, just wanted to gauge interest in doing an all female DC group.
  2. Is it all canon or OCs you're looking for?
  3. Either is fine. Though if canon I prefer for the players to put their own spin on the character.
  4. I'm interested. Don't know if I'll have the time, but if this gets more people's attention I am definitely willing to try.
  5. Might join c:
  6. What's everyone thinkin for their characters if this gets off the ground? I might do an alien? Idk.
  7. Birds of prey, like hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls?
  8. Birds of Prey as in the DC comics team.
    I was thinking a re-purposing my Huntress character from an RP that died before I could use her.

    I'm also considering Barbara who was never paralyzed by Joker or was cured (not sure how she got the use of her legs back in the comics) and like Nightwing has broken away from Batman under a new name.
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  9. Dang, good ones taken xD.
    Would it be alright if i played Zatanna and added her into the team? Or to OP (which is understandable)?
  10. Zatanna is fine.

    @N/A & @Indabayou we could start now and let people join later.
  11. I still dunno who I want as a character yet, but that's fine by me. Is there gonna be a character sheet/skeleton to fill out if we do an oc?
  12. Even for canon characters I like character sheets filled out, if I am basing things around the New Earth version and the player is basing the character on an entirely different version that could lead to problems.
  13. Okay cool. I also prefer character sheets just to keep things in order and memory for certain facts (since I'm not that knowledgeable about dc, I don't know the characters very well. Referring back to CSes and google will be my lifeline)
  14. I think I might choose Alisand'r. There isn't much info on her, but she was a Tamaranean green lantern which I think is pretty interesting. Obviously here she won't be dead, and I'll have to make up a bunch of stuff about her, but as long as its okay with @Captain iOS I wanna go for it.
  15. Alisand'r is fine with me.
  16. The OOC will be up tonight before 11 pm.

    Character Sheet:
    Costumed & Civilian Appearance: (pictures preferred)
    Powers: (if any)
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