Birds of a Feather

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  1. When animals know they are frail and dying, they will usually take themselves away from their herd and choose to die peacefully. Whether this is for their benefit, or the benefit of the pack is not always clear, though in the case of one particular human, the intent was obvious. She was not wanted in the fold, and so she would give in. Though barely an adult, the girl was not long for this world. Perhaps her doom had been sensed from the beginning, or maybe it was simply the difference in her that had been detected. That wasn't too obvious, no doubt a good thing.

    The shelter of the trees were not much of a comfort to the redhead, for they were unfortunately not impermeable to the rain. It fell in great swathes, sheets pummelling the hard packed earth and forcing it to part. Through this driving storm that had begun what seemed like hours ago, the sodden girl staggered. Her legs were beginning to tremble under her inconsiderable weight, struggling to maintain both forward movement and support.

    It was only a few minutes later that she finally lost the battle to keep on going through the hunger pangs and muscular protests. Having not been able to find food or shelter for some time now, she was too weak even for her as yet unknown healing power to help her. And so, in the shelter of the now muddied forest, the girl finally gave up. A fighter since birth, the time had come to lay down her arms, for she was simply too tired.
  2. Xent Restiado was walking through the wood's scouting for his people, his wing was dirty from the fall he had made, but his eyes sparkled lightly, he was picking around the plant's until he saw the girl.

    He came up slowly behind her, And he rubbed her hair softly, she was injured for sure, he picked her body up cradling her a little, he couldn't simply leave her to die.
  3. Not quite unconscious, though drifting towards that state, Tamsin was not entirely aware of the presence nearby. She did not register the gentle touch to her head, only becoming fully alert to the fact that another sentient being was there when the inescapable heat of a body encased her. It was pleasant, nestling in the warmth of a stranger, and it allowed her to let go yet further, slipping away quietly.

    Still in a dire state, the girl remained in her blackout for some time, several days passing until her body was ready to tackle the world again. The shut down had been almost complete, and no doubt would have progressed into fruition had the one winged rescuer not found her. As it was, a disoriented young girl awoke in unfamiliar surroundings.
  4. Xent looked at her, he sat in a small chair, an old man with two wing's beside him, "You are very lucky to be alive." The old man told the girl, "However ..." he shook his head, knkwing it was best to not let her worry, they would discover a way to help her later.
  5. It took a few moments for her to focus, and longer to recallibrate and work out how to speak. It was tricky, as her throat was still parched and sore, but she managed the two most important points, "Thankyou. Who are you?" Tamsin wondered if she was just hallucinating that wing, and so for the time being only focused on the man and whatever it was he might have to say.
  6. The man looked at Xent, then back at the girl, "I am the Elder, the oracle, the healer, Junto Asmantio XXVII." He looked at Xent, "This is the man who saved you, Xent. He will watch over you."

    Xent was a bit suprised by the sudden new's, "Are you sure about that?" He asked.

    Junto nodded, "Yes ... I see you two will be very active in each other's lives."
  7. Well, that was a long string of a name. Tamsin just nodded, though she did have a huge number of questions. "Tamsin." She introduced herself, feeling that this was probably the best place to start.

    "Where are we? I thought I was in the middle of nowhere." She admitted freely. It was possible that they had moved her a great distance, but it didn't quite feel like that. She felt as though they were still in the wild, despite the comfortable surroundings.
  8. Junto smiled, "Were in our city, sorrounded by the great woodland." He smiled softly, "Your lucky we found you." He looked at Xent, "I'll be back." He walked out the door, leaving Xent in charge.
  9. She didn't doubt her luck. Although she was still unwell, there was no denying that the aid she had receive had swung the tide well into her favour. Unfortunately it was at this point that she began to cough, bloo and spittle laning on her cupped hand. It was a sadly regular occurrence."Sorry." She murmured, only then thinking to finally ask, "Is that really a wing?" It was probably rude, and terribly blunt, but the matter seemed somewhat pressing.
  10. Xent, looked at her softly, and stretched out the one wing he possesed, the other's had 2, his one was a reminder of his past, he sighed softly, "Yes ... yes it is." His wing came together, and folded a bit behind his back like a birds.
  11. There were not many humans who would simply accept that the person standing before them was of some sort of humanoid subspecies, but this one did. She wasn't entirely certain of the world around her, but she knew not to live blinkered. "I've never met anyone like you, I'm sorry if I'm gawking." She didn't want to appear rude, though in truth that would be difficult.
  12. He nodded, "Don't worry ... we like to live in secrecy ..." he smiled softly, "I have never met a human before either, we are supposed to be seperate, as to not affect them."
  13. This was all interesting, and somewhat disconcerting. Still, it was entirely fascinating too, "I suppose we're not the most accepting bunch." She offered a wry smile, which was once again interrupted with a cough. "I hope I'm not intruding too much. I could probably manage to get back to my own world now. I certainly feel miles better than I did." A bit ambitious, but Tamsin was the type to absolutely hate being in peoples' hair.
  14. Xent shook his head, and bowed a little, not too low, before standing straight again, "Junto has told me to watch over you, until they time come's I shall stay at your side. Anyways I believe he want's you to stay a little while." He moved over beside her, "You will be safe here." He looked doen at her body and sighed a little.
  15. Not wishing to be rude, Tamsin nodded, feeling that if they really did want her here, then she would stay. "Is there anything I can do?" She wanted to do something in return for her stay. It was unfortunately just seconds later that a gruff voice came from nowhere. Bloody pigeons. What do you want from her anyway?! As this was said, the girl began to bleed from the nose, though thankfully only a little. "Ignatius, please." She muttered, then shooting an apologetic look the way of Xent. "I'm sorry. Please, ignore that."
  16. Xent's brow's furrowed, "What was that? And inform it that we are not bloody pigeon's, Racist pig ..." he turned around as his face twitched a little. "I'll be back in a moment." He left the room.
  17. Tamsin blushed, looking away, "I really am sorry. I, uh...I have a parasite. A phoenix." She answered quickly, before the man left. She proceeded to have a brief conversation with the firebird in question, attempting to convince him to be quiet, or at least slightly more polite.
  18. He came back several moment's later and sat down in a chair, "You said earlier before I left ... you have a parasite ... a phoenix correct?" He looked at her softly, honestly feeling bad for her, that was why she had been hurt. "How bad is it?" He asked.
  19. At least these people were familiar with the supernatural. It made things alot easier. When Xent returned, she answered his questions as best she could, "Well, I'm fighting a losing battle. He reckons I've got weeks left, if I don't get my act together." She shrugged, honestly not sure what to say. "He said that if I reach maturity then he'll be able to leave, but if not we'll both die." There was only a year or so to go until that day, it was just unfortunate that the phoenix hadn't told the whole truth. If things went his way, Tamsin would die and he would be free. It was not necessary for him to worry about her.
  20. He nodded, "Hmm ... then we'll find a way to get you to that point ..." he smiled softly, "I'll protect you no matter what ... it's my job." He rubbed a strand of hair away from her face, "You'll be fine ... i'll make sure of it."