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  1. I've never made a non-Jump In roleplay here before, so I'm probably getting this all wrong.
    Well, all the animal roleplays on here are wolf roleplays, and I've never seen a bird roleplay anywhere. I just thought it would be fun to try, since I'm an ornithophile. I'll make the OOC/Sign up thread later. Here are the rules. (I'm not including normal roleplay rules here 'cause you already know them.)
    1. I ask that you have intermediate knowledge of the bird species you use, and also how birds fly and their biology. You could use a flightless species, but this takes place in the city.
    2. No Mary Sues/ Marty Stus
    (Since I'm automatically in)​
    I rose on a thermal, scanning the ground. I picked up every single flash of movement; cars, people, dogs, birds, everything. I recognized motion patterns, and located a pigeon. I broke away from the thermal and swooped lower, and watched it go to a flock. I noted sick ones and stooped, but missed. I tried several times before catching one.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.