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  1. Here lies the fresh ruins of a once great containment camp for those that would incite rebellion against a repressive government. Steam, fire, and god knows what else continues to rise from the metallic remains of said structure, Rickshaw Laboratory, as it has not had enough time to settle. "Find them!" A man in a white lab coat roars as he weaves through a horde of confused and unorganized guards that had once done their jobs quite well. "Do not let them reach the main land!" He yells again as he finally reaches his destination of a large white helicopter to take part in this witch hunt from the skies. Letting them reach the main land would be most terrible as perhaps they would be reminded of who they once were and get the now dying rebellion a kick start and new means to bring down their oppressors. Guards armed with pulse riffles and more quickly organize themselves around the ruins and begin to spread out around the island continent in search of the rebellious few.

    You were once a great leader, a leader of women and men who had enough of being told what to do and how to live. A population tired of being treated as if they were the property of the rich few. You were able to get large groups of frustrated citizens to unite as one and take up a common banner. On the day on which the battle to attack the main head quarters of the governments and its sub head quarters was to take place you suddenly disappeared, you and all the other rebellion leaders. The battle had still taken place but the rebellious were quickly pushed back with out their elected generals to lead them into combat. As you were hauled off to a island on another side of the world to have your memory erased and to be unwillingly repurposed through experimentation your rebels fell and suffered a great defeat. Now on the main land of Pandyssia tyranny if again taking over the once great lands it held, now in control of the rebels. Your rebels are putting up a last fight but will be crushed into the dirt until their mighty generals come back.

    Currently you are on the very large island of Parvaynah running desperately to get away from the facility you were held in for two years, Rickshaw Laboratory. While imprisoned at the lab you had your mind erased of the great accomplishments you had done and the great revolutionary you had been. The scientists and their bosses thought to repurpose you through experimentation but soon something much more developed, you sprouted great beautiful wings! Thinking this a revolution in the sciences to give humans wings! The scientists thought to learn of these new growths the next day and run experiments on your tired and frail corpse. Little did they know that someone was watching. On the day more experimentation was to commence gold light beings seemingly equipped with wings descended from the heavens over the island and soon after their arrival came a massive golden explosion at the lab. They descended early in the morning and after the explosion they had vanished .... seemingly

    The lab now lays in ruin and you on the run with your tiny wings barely even big enough for sustained flight. The guards of the prison now hunt you to keep you from finding a way off the island for they fear that if you make it to the mainland you could easily discover who you once were for all of you were famous as championing revolutionaries. With the discovery of who you once were then surely you would rise back to inspire people to free themselves and lead them to a successful strike against oppression.


    Okay peeps so this is the break down - you were once a great hero, championing freedom but on the day you and several other rebellion leaders were to strike at the enemy you were secretly abducted just hours before leading your people. You were brought to a island where your minds were erased to keep you from remembering your purpose and goals. The scientists thought to repurpose you into mindless slaves and show you off to the descending rebellion but something else had happened. All their injections and testing caused large almost otherworldly wings to sprout from your back. The wings different greatly in shape and material, some being fantasy birds wings like the phoenix and others seeming to be butterfly wings. But the wings are far too small at the moment to offer any extended flight, they only offer short glides in the presence of weak breezes. You escaped the lab just moments after a seemingly well calculated explosion and now you are running through the terrain of this island. The land varies greatly as some places can be snow capped mountains like the far south and others like thick jungles like majority of the island center. Every so often a mysterious golden light being would appear to you and offer you images and memory, also secretly giding you and the other revolutionaries to the far north of the island over tall bone chilling peaks. Over the peaks at the base is a sun bathed beach where a large pirate ship awaits you and the group. You are currently by yourself in some random location on the island, looking for the revolutionaries you bonded with in the labs. Your wings grow bigger every night you sleep and after three sessions of sleeping you they will be large enough to give you flight. Problem being you learning how to fly propery, not a easy task when you also have large long and full tail feathers spourting from above your hind quarters to give aid in flight.

    ( Hello all, the purpose of this role play is for exploration mostly and comradery. Let us imagine together and add to the story!)
  2. Natalie ran. It was amazing to stretch her legs and run for the first time in…she couldn’t remember how long. Since before she had come here. The most exercise she had achieved at Rickshaw was the well guarded journey from cell to laboratory to laboratory to cell, through long corridors from one end of the building to the other. Aside from the experiments within the laboratory, of course, those may have been excruciatingly exhausting, but in no way qualified as exercise.

    Earlier this morning she had been escorted to the south end of the building, which had quite suddenly exploded. She closed her wings and ran. They were perfectly hideous little things, yellow and pink translucent ‘butterfly’ wings. The edges were so raged they appeared to have been run over by a lawn mower. This she believed was their one redeeming quality, everything else screamed “FAIRY,” something she could not imagine herself ever having wished to be. They were not even large enough for flight, but were plenty big to get in her way. If she was going to be stuck with wings, at least they ought to be useful. Some of the others had the most amazingly powerful looking wings. She would have been inconsolably jealous of the feathered appendages, but they weren’t large enough for flight either.

    Finding the others would be wonderful. But companionship was secondary to escape. Although, if they could all survive and escape together, she would be as happy as Christmas morning.

    The air was frigid in these mountains, which allowed for the snow to remain upon the high peaks. She ran, glad for the elevated body temperature. Her wings were beginning to stop aching, but loosing feeling was not a good sign. She didn’t dare wiggle them too much, and hoped they were not catching frostbite. She needed to get somewhere warmer. But the only way to see a path out of these mountains, was to climb higher. So she pressed on.
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