Bioware lifts the NDA on The Old Republic


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So its official. The Non-Disclosure Agreement on Star Wars: The Old Republic has been lifted, which means that people can talk about their beta experiences! Hot damn I've been waiting for this!

Anyone hear anything good now the NDA is gone?
I was one of the lucky many who got to play the beta (Squadron 367).

Spoiler: The Sith were the bad guys all along.
I'll possibly participate in this coming "stress test" that's going on. I tried to start the download this morning, but ended up being told I needed to further secure my account with eleventy questions that I would logically only know the answers to.

I'll do it tonight.

I also blame that as the reason I forgot my phone at home today. Stupid SWTOR site.
You best get on it fast. The beta is staggered like the early access. The sooner you accept the invite the sooner you get in and if you goof off then you run the risk of not getting in till Sunday.
Oh, I already accepted the invite. Accepting the invite is the reason I forgot my phone at home this morning, and why I don't have it with me at work.

I have beta weekend access, but I feel so very naked without my phone.
Just a post/bump or whatnot to ask:

a. How many of you played?
b. When did you get access? BioWare/EA tiered the beta weekend access a bit, allowing some in on Friday and others in on Saturday.
c. What were your impressions?
d. What sort of bugs did you encountered? There were many, from what I understand, though I only encountered a few (relatively speaking).