Bioware Changes Ending to Mass Effect 3

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  1. I've never played Mass Effect before, although because of my boyfriend Pheonix there have been times when I look over his shoulder because the story is just so compelling. I also watched the ending to the game which even for someone who hasn't played the game before, I found somewhat lacking.

    I won't spoil it for you guys, but for those of you who have finished the game, this article which Pheonix found, (Well... It was on the front page of Yahoo news) might interest you.

    I also ask that if there is any discussion about the game's ending, you do so with spoiler tags so we don't ruin it for those who haven't finished the game. =)​
  2. Err that link takes me to a picture of someone typing a blog. O.O

    Anyways...I love Mass Effect Universe and all the games, I loved all of ME3 up to the end then it got sortof...rocky. I personally didn't like the ending at first it felt..odd. But now looking back at it I have warmed to it and actually like most of it though I would have one thing changed..

    In Synthesis and Control don't have the relays and citadel destroyed.

    But other then that I like the ending.

    It leaves you with...well what happened next? Well let your imagination decide.

    Overall its just a game to me and I am slightly miffed, but I don't really care that much. Their not making anymore games. So im not going to spend anymore time in their universe, and if you don't like the ending write you own. It just don't seem like such a big deal to me.
  3. No.

    The ending is bullshit.

    It is not as promising as anything and actually answers NONE of the questions you have. Details on the repears? Harbinger? Not. It tells you nothing. The ending is just the SAME blast in 1 and 2, just with a different color. :/

    Also, though the game play is immaculate, nothing, and I mean NOTHING you do in the story effects the ending. It's all inevitable.

    What. The. Fuck.

    *eats Renegade Points with a spoon from a Quarian mask* >:[
  4. The ending was bad writing and i think that's bad for your health Iliana. O.o
  5. Can someone explain to me everything they don't like about it? Like list it out and explain? Because I really don't mind being wrong and being able to join you in your raging, it just doesn't seem bad to me.
  6. Derp, fixed it.
  7. ...I see.

    This makes complete sense, and after reading it I do feel angry.

    I guess the thought process for me really is that. I'm not happy with the ending, but im not playing another game in this world anyways. So why do I care? I'm just easygoing when it comes down to it. But I agree now; the ending sucks.
  8. the only way it makes Semi sense is using the Reaper indoctrination theory.
  9. Wow. I just watched a video on it and if the indoctrination theory is real...and they release a DLC that allows you to see the true ending...then this is by a far the coolest game I have ever played.

  11. [video=youtube;cD67RqepvQQ][/video]
    If this is true. Then Bioware is genius. If not....
  12. If the indoctrination theory is true and they do end up releasing the true ending in a DLC or something like that, then it is both awesome and TOTAL BULLSHIT.

    It's awesome because (assuming that the true ending is everything we want it to be) it's an awesome way of drawing the players into the story even deeper, and connecting with Shepard and the rest of the game world on a whole other level. However, it's TOTAL BULLSHIT because if it's true, then they basically just suckered thousands, if not millions of people into spending additional money on the game by holding the real ending hostage. It basically means that you have to pay like 10-15$ just to see the real ending, which should have been in the base game.

    It would be like getting to the end of the last Harry Potter movie and being forced to pay an extra $15 just to see the last half hour of the movie. Of course people will pay for it, but it's one hell of a dick move.
  13. I know. That makes it even more genius from both business and writing level. I would so be willing to buy the ending.

    If I was Bioware I would grab on to this and hang on for dear life, and I hope they do even if it wasn't their original idea.
  14. It is very genius on a business stand point, as far as making money goes. However, when it comes to customer service and all that... I do think we consumers got screwed over.
  15. Whilst I was playing through the game I was genuinely surprised at the angry response the ending was apparently getting, due to the quality of the gameplay and storyline I'd experienced so far.

    Then I finished the game.

    Let me share my thoughts with you.

    What Grumpy thinks about the ending (open)




    Seriously, this entire ending screamed of hamfisted Deus Ex Machina. All the choices you've made across the three games? Fuck that. All the different armies you've brought together to save the galaxy? Fuck that. The mystery and terror of the Reapers? Fuck that too. God-stand-in Star Child made it all happen. Now pick a colour and don't hope for any closure on the characters you've come to love, because there isn't any.