Bioshock: The Untold Story

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  1. They always said that Rapture was a myth. It was a city created by a mad man who would lure you in to trap you there forever. Others said that it was an exclusive place, for a governmental project to stop World War 2. Nobody really, truly believed that there was such a thing though. The subject was used to start a conversation during break time at work, or to scare children into doing the right thing. It was never taken seriously.

    However, without knowing it at first, a man named Josh Duggan, A CIA agent saw part of Rapture with his own eyes. After he finished his basic training, he had two weeks off before being deployed again. So he used this time to spend it with his family. His mother and father never liked the fact that he decided to join the Military but nonetheless he wanted to see them.
    During his two weeks his family decided to have a fun, memorable beach trip before he headed off again. As the parents were relaxing in the sun, Josh played with his little sister Tessa. The girl was only 8 years old. As she ran towards the water to grab a seashell for her brother, something metallic was running towards her. It looked like a skinny creature with metal armor and a circular diving helmet. The thing took Tessa, and just like that...she was gone.
    Years of trying to convince his parents that something took their daughter did no good. They thought he was mad. So he went digging, he heard of this myth of an Underwater City and decided to go with his gut and search for the city through records. It turned out, it was real after all. In an attempt to try and get to the City, he performed many tasks helping the army out by tenfold. The CIA warned him about the dangers and was only willing to let him take 5 men with him, considering the fact that they have tried over and over again to get into the city, even KGB Wolf tried and all of the men never came back.
    Right now Josh and his 5 team mates; David, Michael, Todd, James and Robert were all taking a helicopter ride to the surface of Rapture, each carrying emergency supplies, including scuba gear. As they neared the destination they see a tower slanted a little.

    "There it is Josh," Todd said, "there's Rapture for ya."
    The slanted tower was eerie, giving everyone on that helicopter a bad vibe.
    As everyone leaned over to look, Michael scoffed.
    "I don't know why you plan on us getting killed Josh, but you better have a good reason."
    Everyone looked at you as if they were waiting for an explanation.
  2. He was quiet during the helicopter ride until they kept pestering him. They still didn't believe him, but now was his chance to prove it to them. Sighing, he looked towards the soldiers "Rapture is real, why else would several squads never come back if someone didn't want this place hidden?" It's all he would give them. He didn't have to give them an answer to why he believed so heavily that Rapture existed, it's been 8 years since that day. 8 Long years of training, digging, and trying to convince people. He finally thought the CIA believed him, but it seemed more like a 50/50 shot on it. That's why they sent so little with him, he couldn't believe it. But now once they see the city, they will finally believe him and will stop calling him crazy.
  3. David glared at him "Man! I ain't seen nothing except 5 men about to die for an unknown cause! Face it! You've been obsessed about a stupid fairy tale for God knows how long! Then you come here and request to send us in the middle of the ocean! This is some messed up Bull!"
    Suddenly, James grabbed Davids arm,
    "Easy friend, we are here to help, not to turn against each other like a pack of wild dogs!"
    Both men stared at each other for a while, then David yanked his arm away and looked away grumbling. There was an akward silence, the helicopter blades spinning away.
    Todd broke the silence, "We are here, c'mon men let's move out!" he said as he lowered the rope ladder.
  4. Gathering up his gear, he decided he would be leaving the helicopter in the middle. He would wait for two other people before getting out himself. He was hoping that they would find Rapture, he was depending on it. If they didn't find Rapture, his whole life will be ruined, he would be put in an Asylum for being crazy. He knew it existed, or he felt like he knew. It was hard to describe the feeling he had, but he had to know for sure. This was the only opportunity he would be given, he was not going to screw this up.
  5. The helicopter flew away and all of the men were in the water. They all stared at the huge bronze tower, it was close enough to swim to. "Well, lets get a move on...we have a mission to do" Robert said, this was the first time he spoke throughout the whole trip. They all swam towards the tower and there, in front of the tower was a small flight of stairs leading up to a huge main door. The door however was open. The emblem on the door looked like a a man lifting his arms and holding something up. Stairs led down to something that looked like a metal ball with a latched door in it, the door was open and functional. Todd read the writing engraved into the metal, "Its called a Bathosphere"
  6. He wanted to ask why this would be here if Rapture didn't exist, but he was afraid that would jinx everything. He stayed quiet as he readjusted the gear he was in, he hated being in so much gear, slowed you down. He would of preferred going by himself, but they insisted on sending people with him, he didn't need help. He knew they would just bicker at him rather than actually help him. This was going to be a disaster, he could already tell.
  7. Everyone walked into the Bathosphere, there were two sets of red velvety chairs you could sit on and right in the middle was a lever, David turned to see Todd heading for the lever.
    "Dont touch that we don't know what it is!" David shouted, but it was too late, he pulled the lever and the glass door slammed shut. The sphere began to sink under water.
    "Dammit Todd!" David began but was interrupted by a blank screen covering the glass. "I am Andrew Ryan!" A voice said and showed a picture of a middle aged man sitting down it a suit. "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in-
    "I'm sorry!" Todd said "It's just...Rapture was under water!"
    The film continued and the film lifted up the words I chose Rapture! Rang in Josh's ears.
    Everyone looked out the window. A huge, beautiful city was revealed before them through the glass. They all gasped in shock.
  8. He took in the city, finally. He was right, but he couldn't gloat. He was shocked to see it too, but it didn't show. All he could mumble from his mouth was "Told you so..." He continued to look out the Batosphere. Taking in the beautiful city, he can't believe this place was hidden. But it made sense, if it wasn't, everyone would want to come here and then it would be ruined. His mind ran back at to how his sister is probably in this city, where else would she be? If she was still alive that was. He wouldn't allow himself to think she was dead, even after 8 years. He wouldn't accept it.
  9. The Bathosphere floated towards a railing and into it, then headed down. They stopped but couldn't tell where they were at now it was so dark, suddenly there was a loud flushing sound, then a ding. The Bathosphere opened and revealed a hallway with rubble everywhere. leaks came from the roof, pictures torn up and metal framed walls covering the entire right side of the walls.
    "I should have never pulled that lever," Todd finally said breaking the silence. Robert took one step out of the Bathosphre and suddenly the metal walls lifted, scaring the crap out of Robert. A huge glass wall was under the metal walls. Revealing the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Light pored in through the room and the room look deserted.
  10. When the Batosphere opened and the room lightened up. Josh upholstered his 6-shot Revolver from the holster. He had it pointed in the air just incase he fired, and he walked out of the Batosphere slowly, looking around at the ruined room. Water was pouring in, not much. Which was good, if the crack was any bigger the pressure would probably of flooded this room. Rapture was suppose to be a grand under water city, but why did it look like this? He would have to find out on his own, he turned to look at the others, nodding at them to move into the next room. He wasn't part of the Military Team, he was the only member of the CIA actually sent and he had no control over this Squad, but he hoped they remembered he use to be a Honored Soldier for the Military and he knows what he is doing, but from their opinions of him. He doubted they would listen to him.
  11. The men moved slowly into the other room, their weapons ready. You walked into a room that looked like a Diner, dead people were in each seat, their eyes gouged out by fishing hooks. Menus were all over the floor and the tables were covered in blood. Suddenly you heard a voice.

    "I can see you"

    The lights flickered off, then you heard footsteps. The lights turned back on again. The dead bodies in the diner looked like they were tempered with.
    You heard a splash, then a flicker in the shadow. There was still no one to be found.
  12. He kept calm, or at least on the outside. He aimed his pistol, searching around the room, taking in all the obscene deaths. Who did this, and why? Wasn't Rapture suppose to be a grand city under the sea? He kept his gun steady as he continued to look around the room. Why did this place give him the eerie feeling of nothing being safe. He retightened the grip on his gun, ready to shoot at anything, but he was trained enough not to shoot at the slightest movement, but to observe and then shoot. "This isn't what I was expecting..."
  13. Suddenly he heard his team mates in the other room, it sounded like Michael.
    "Let him go!"
    Gunfire sounded off, then a psychotic laughter filled the room. Josh ran towards the sound but stopped abruptly. In the main room that the men were in before you saw four of your team mates pointing guns at a figure.
    "I'll say it one more time....let him go!" Michael shouted.
    The figure was holding Todd hostage, as the thing walked into the view of the light the men gasped. It was a woman, and Christ her face.
    one part of her face looked normal but the rest of her face looked bloated, as if a million wasps stung it. Half of her body looked bloated, even mutated as well.
    "You....come into the could you!" the thing said.
    Michael had complete terror on his face, there were hooks on her hands.
    "Please don't hurt me!" Todd begged. The woman merely smiled and dug her hooks into his back, lifted him up and tore most of his body in half. The body fell on the ground and Michael opened fire on her. She died smiling, knowing that she killed someone with him.
    As she laid on the floor Robert stared at Todd, Michael cursed.
    "Stupid bitch!" he said, "she broke the sphere!"
  14. "Then we just find another one..." His voice was still calm, but holy fuck. He just watched someone get ripped in half. At least he took notice how they died by bullets just like a human. "Come on..." He looked around the room for another door. One that would lead them to another area. If everyone was like this in Rapture, he was going to have a long, long day. Hell, he hoped he only stayed down here for a day. It was actually hard to tell what time it was down long have they been down here? He couldn't tell, he pushed the thoughts out of his mind as he continued towards the nearest door. He continued to hold his pistol out infront of him, ready to shoot. After seeing that woman, he was on guard more already. What did he put himself into? He just hoped his sister was alive and safe, he didn't want to tell the CIA or his squadmates that he only wanted to find Rapture was for his sister.
  15. "Maybe it's better if we just stick together," David said and walked towards Todd. "We need all the ammo we can get," he said then leaned down to grab the supplies off of Todd.
    Grabbing supplies off a dead body was never easy to do. It gave you that gut-pulling sick feeling, but it was the only way to survive.
    Everyone waited until he was finished then they moved on. The metal door slid up, making an entrance way for anyone to come in. Everyone cautiously walked in. There were no more of those things with hooks but that didn't mean it was safe. A dead body was leaned up against the hallway, his guts also ripped looked like that woman had killed before she had taken Todd's life.
    At the end of the hallway there was another door, it slid up. A glass tunnel led to another building. Looking out of the tunnel the city lied there as if nothing happened, yet it gave off an errie look.
  16. He holstered his pistol, taking Todd's shotgun. He only had a pistol with him, it was his weapon of choice. But he assumed if everyone had a large rifle/shotgun. They would be in better hands, he also took the spare ammo. After he made sure everything was in place, they continued their way down the hallway. "This is really fucked up..." He had the shotgun pointed infront of him, they walked slow. It felt like it would take forever to get anywhere, Todd died, and oddly he didn't feel regretful or guilty. Slightly glad, Todd was an ass to him, although he didn't deserve the way he died.
  17. Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder, it was David.
    "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he said "listen...I know everyone's not saying it right now because of the stress they are under but before I die...if I die, I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for doubting you about Rapture, from now on you have my full trust." He gave Josh a quick smile then continued walking ahead, he was the leader of the men that were sent with Josh.
    The door at the end of the hall slid open and an room with two elevators, suddenly you heard screaming and gunshots. Then a huge explosion! A man screamed then silence.
    "Let's keep moving" David said and walked over to the elevator, everyone followed.
    As the elevator took them up you saw a woman hitting a dead man over and over again laughing, that was the first floor. The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. They all hear a woman talking to herself, Michael pushed Josh forward. "Take care of it, you got us into this mess...shes only one girl.
    You slowly walk up and see a girl sitting in the corner rocking back and forth laughing, next to her was a man on the ground, beat to death.
  18. He raised his shotgun, aiming it at the girl. He could tell that she killed the man, the way their was blood everywhere and he maniac laugh. His finger squeezed the trigger, ready to fire. But before he fired, he would wait to see if she could even talk, keeping his finger on the trigger, in case she made any slight movement, he would blast her with the shotgun. "What the hell happened here..." He asked her, this was her one chance to speak to him before he decided to kill her.
  19. She turned her head to him, she smiled and put a pistol up to her head. "Go to hell!" she said and shot herself in the end.
    The four men walked up behind him.
    "We should have never come," Robert finally said then we all kept moving. They walked through another hallway and see another bathosphere, it was broken though. The only other way through was a gate and it was locked. Michael shot the lock open and walked through.
    "There's another tunnel connected to another part of the city," they walked some more. The door leading at the end of the tunnel opened and there was a huge wide room.
    Suddenly though, a crack echoed throughout the room. David looked up, the roof was about to collapse on you, "Josh get out of the way!"
    A mountain of debree fell in front of you. On the other side of the now collapsed wall Josh heard David
    "Josh, are you okay!?"
    The collapsed debree was too heavy and unstable to move. Moving rocks could send water in here killing everyone, even if he did have the scuba suits there was no way to tell if his team mates would be crushed by the concrete. Water started leaking from the room. The only thing on your side of the wall was a working elevator that would take you to higher ground.
    "Josh! Josh are you okay!" David asked again.
  20. The debris caused a lot of dust and dirt to fly up in his face. Causing him to cough. He brushed himself off as he yelled back "Yeah, I'm fine!" He looked at how he only had one way out, he hoped they could meet up with him. "Hey...I see an Elevator..There is no other way out!" He didn't finish his sentence as he headed to the elevator, he had no idea where this would take him. But it was his only way out and he needed to get out of here, maybe they would meet each other again, maybe they wouldn't. He couldn't think like that right now, he climbed into the elevator and pressed the button.
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