Bioshock: The Untold Story...

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"It's me Jessica, I need to get in there!"

The guard only raised his hand up, "sorry miss White, but Andrew Ryan specifically said nobody is permitted to waltz on up here! You need a proper identification card!"
The young woman just stomped her foot irritably and turned around, she didn't want to get rejected at Fort Frolic! Where all the fancy citizens of Rapture come to dine and look at art; everyone was staring at her, some of the women were whispering to each other as they did so while others just tore away from that particular direction, pretending as if they didn't see anything.
"Somethings fishy, and i'm not just talking like that because we're at the bottom of the ocean..." the annoyed woman said before walking away, her heels clacking in shame.
This particular diner, surrounded by a shopping plaza was full of dirty rats!

"...That's right Mary, the famous Andrew Ryan is hosting this year's New Year party! 1959 already! How spectacular!"

The damn intercom sounded off it's daily commercial of the party...which was in two days and things have been strange indeed.

Despite Jessica White's experience as secretary for a Detective Agency, she still knew a thing or two about when someone acted strangely! First, her best friend has gone missing and now her boss? Not to mention a bunch of little girls! However the little girls thing was only a rumor...but how true can a silly little rumor be?
As the poor girl kept walking, looking beautiful as her curly red hair bounced behind her, the other rich snooty ones, who often shared stories while drinking started laughing as the secretary passed by, who had only picked up part of their conversation.

"There she goes again! What a nut she is! No wonder she can't find a man!!" One girl said while another agreed with a nod.

"Everyone knows that the only one who's allowed to be crazy is the dashing Sander Cohen! I'm going to one of his private art show's today! Oh, it's going to be amazing!"
As the rest of the flock congratulated her, the recently rejected woman stopped in her tracks!
It was so obvious! Cohen would do anything...for the right price of course! She needed to get into that show, but how?

The girl at that point, as she continually bragged about the art show was stopped by one of her friends begging for her to show them the invite, since the different art shows tend to have different amazing invitations, depending on the theme!
The girl pulled out a beautiful red case and popped it open, revealing a white mask that was hard to make out.

"I need that mask!" Jessica whispered, "I could snatch it from her...but I would need a distraction, something like--

Suddenly a woman screamed, a big daddy--a bouncer grabbed a guy by his head and slammed him down on the ground!

"Please!" The man yelled trying to scoot away from the monster, "she's my daughter! You can't take her away like this!"
The creature didn't seem to either understand nor care at that point, instead he just spun his drill and raised it above the mans head before sticking it into his chest!
Blood and warm flesh was splattered all over that side of the room and two feet appeared from the things back...which has never happened before! Who could dare go near something like that and live to tell the tale?
Everyone gasped and murmured as they couldn't believe what was beheld in front of their very eyes! A child! A little girl with short brown hair held back into a ponytail...jumped off of the strange creatures back!
It was even worse! As the child waved her hand to the Bouncer, she turned around...she was in a filthy dress with a syringe and....her eyes were glowing....a yellow color.
Panic roared through the crowd as they scattered, away from the two! Which was Jessica's chance!
The determined girl ran through the mob of scared people and grabbed the girls box, running away in an instant!
As the screams of the blubbering girl rang in the secretary's ears she continued running, slipping the box in her red purse!

Name: Jessica White
Age (needs to be 18 years or older): 22

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Job: Secretary of Mr. Jones Detective Agency
Status: Single
Personality: Strong, Gets the job done, has a soft spot for children and animals

1. This takes place in the year 1969 I want everyone that is in this particular role-play to have 1920-1960's styles!

2. You cannot be a big daddy or a big sister unless you come to me first! If so we can discuss you regaining consciousness from being a slave and saving all the children...

3. You CANNOT be a little sister, sorry

4. You can only have one of these types of Plasmid, and they have to work like the way in the game (vigor's do not count):

Electro Bolt
Gravity Well (pulls enemies and objects closer)
Houdini (disapear and reappear at any place)
Sonic Boom (creates a powerful burst of air in front of you to knock you back)

5. You must have one of any of these weapons (or you can choose to only use the plasmid):

Wrench (or other blunt object)

6. Make sure to create a profile for the character either before or after you reply the first time!

7. You HAVE to make your own character!
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Queen of the Black Hearts

Things had been relatively normal for Velma Kendrick before the fiasco happened when a big daddy killed someone in front of so many people. Granted she did not hear the reason behind it, just that the person went after it and the creature killed them by shoving a drill through the heart. Shaking her head, the mortician watched as people were running around outside like chickens without their heads, leaving Fort Frolic in a panic.

She usually like to pass by these fancier areas when she had no customers to take care of or had a day off and maybe browse some of the boutiques to laugh at some of the clothes they sold. She was not one for fashion, as the young dark haired woman preferred to wear a simple black dress that stopped at her mid-calves and was short sleeved. The only jewelry she wore were a pair of pearl earrings and they were a gift from her mother after her passing.

As she watched the mobs run around in a frenzy, the young woman stuck close to a wall and kept out of the way, only to notice a Ms. Jessica White run out and slip something into her purse. Feeling a bit curious, Velma ran after her and decided to use her day off to be a sleuth for a day. She was always curious about the red head and this would be her chance to find out what she was up to and maybe find some excitement in this so called "Utopia". And who knows, maybe the woman will need a skilled mortician to help her in case they find a body. That thought had but a smile on Velma's otherwise stoic face and she picked up the pace a bit to keep up with the fleeing woman.


Name: Velma Kendrick
Age: 20

Job: Mortician
Status: Single
Personality: stoic but caring and a bit of a wall flower.


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"Invitation only...welcome to the Artists struggle...presented by Sander Cohen..." Jessica said, reading the invitation connected to the masks red case. "If anyone knows about the rusted parts of the great chains then it's him..."
The young woman thought putting the invitation back into her purse before she continued on towards Cohen's art gallery.

Suddenly stopping to check if she's forgotten anything she heard a distant was clacking of another pair of shoes.
Turning, she looked confused...a woman with short dark hair and a black dress was following her, what in the world?
"Velma?" The young secretary asked, squinting her eyes just a little; she had barley knew the strange girl...a local mortitian who seemed to no offense but have no sense of fashion...
"What in the world are you doing following me? Well? I don't fancy being followed you know!"

Queen of the Black Hearts

Velma wasn't surprised that she was caught by the secretary, but then again she wasn't trying to stay hidden from the woman. A smile panted her pale features as she walked up to the red-headed woman with a calm air around her as she stared into the other woman's eyes with her own dark brown ones.

"I saw you run out of the chaos while slipping a little something in your purse." She states with a voice void of any emotion. This was her business voice that she used to talk to the living family of her customers. "And I decided to decide to use my day off to become a sleuth like how you are acting, Ms. Secretary."

The way she said that was piercing to ones pride, as she new she could get some information out of the other woman by demoting her sleuthing abilities by bringing up her actual job. She didn't mean to make it that way but what else could she do? She worked with dead people for a living, as the living humans were always such a pain to deal with.


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"Velma..." Jessica said, in a cautious tone before walking closer towards the young woman.

"You...absolutely need to understand that...this right here? It's an investigation..."

Glancing around for a moment, she held her left hand up just a little at the strange if motioning her to take it easy, almost as if she was being irrational.
"If your trying to do ANYTHING that would tamper with could go to prison, or worse...get picked up from the streets...never to be seen...again"

Silence stood between her and this...woman, the only interruption was a beautiful call of a whale not five feet from the nearest window; swimming and calling out without a care in the world.

"C'mon Mr. B! Adam!" the child sang before skipping towards the recent dead body, and looking at this...bronze creature, the child smiled and pointed to the body before stabbing the syringe into it's neck! Making a grotesque squishing sound, as she pulled out the bright red liquid from it.

Watching this...horrible display, this put all of Jessica's questions into motions...not about the investigation, but about why she even came to the city in the first place...she hasn't seen the sun and trees in years, this place wasn't paradise...and her theory? Andrew Ryan tries to make it one.

"Velma...your good at dead bodies right?" Jessica said, without taking her eyes off the child.
"Have you ever wondered why there were so many dead people lying in the streets? Why children are being taken away when their mothers and sisters and fathers are killed? Death is natural...but killing? There HAS to be a reason behind it..."

Queen of the Black Hearts

Velma just stared at Jessica, unfazed by what she said but took her question into consideration. It was odd that she started getting more and more customers that were just killed in the streets for very few reasons. And the children being taken away and turned into those weird versions of them was quite unnerving to say the least. And they were all girls. Sure, she had seen boys being taken but she never saw them again. It was odd and a bit terrifying.

"It is odd to say the least, Jessica." She states calmly, acting as though this was as normal as talking about the weather in case the girl of the Big Daddy heard them. "And I know that this is an investigation, but I am wondering why the Secretary of a Detective is working it and not the Detective himself. Wouldn't you get into as much trouble as I would for doing this?"

Her voice may have been stoic, but her eyes relayed a bit of worry for the woman standing in front of her. Her social skill may be little to none, but she still worried when she could see trouble for a person a mile away. Casting her eyes over to the Big Daddy and little girl, Velma took Jessica's arm in hand and led her away before they could possibly be caught by the strange duo.

"I plan on helping you with this, as you may need someone of my skill set in case we come across more dead bodies that have to do with your investigation." She says as they walk as calmly as possible, acting like they were two friends on the town with no care in the world.
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