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  1. So hey I was replaying my favorite game series Bioshock and I realized how much I wanted a roleplay about it. As I'm sure you realize in the title its going to take place in Rapture not the floating city of Columbia as I find the original to be better setting wise (Infinite was real good with the story but the setting wasnt as powerful) So I'll ask the community about this, what do you want the time period to be.

    The Civil War:
    This is one of the worst times actually, the battle between Ryan and Frank is raging people are starting to turn in to splicers and Rapture is coming undone.

    After the War: This is the period of time when Rapture is highly unstable but isnt in a state of constant war. Splicers will kill and fight each other but can also work together. (Undeformed) Humans are rare and tend to be either extremely unstable themselves or very good at hiding/killing splicers. Ryan has control of Rapture and is largely still searching for the few rebels left leaving Rapture in ruin and its every man for themselves.

    The Rapture Family: After a while a new person gains power, a Sofia Lamb. She has turned the Slicers in to a sort of cult. Any outsiders are viewed as parasites and will be attacked, however a few humans are still alive and in powerful positions. This period might be a bit hard to RP as most Splicers would be on Lamb's side.

    Ok so after mulling it over a bit characters could be a few of the Bioshock "creatures". Each kind of creature gives its own advantages and disadvantages, on top of that you can make up a rather impressive backstory if you can keep the tension up (For example Jack from the first game and Subject Delta from the second game) Also so the game doesnt turn into a series of inhuman grunts and yells about Mr.B characters will be able to retain enough intelligence and humanity to speak with one another.

    Human: Fairly normal class, a human is just a normal human who is somehow still in Rapture. Typically a human who is still alive in Rapture is someone who is smart enough not to splice too much/has a natural resistance to turning in to a splicer. Humans can use most weapons and plasmids (Cant use certain Big Daddy weapons unless they are modified.)

    Splicer: Splicers are a human that has overused the genetic drug ADAM and has become both addicted to the substance and horribly mutated from overuse. Splicers are while still intelligent very primitive, they will kill each other but will work together against a bigger threat. They tend to be hyper aggressive and constantly in search of ADAM. (Also the current ruler of Rapture has control of them due to Pheromones) Splicers are stronger and more dexterous then humans but are physically and mentally weaker from the damage to their genes.

    Little Sister: Little Sisters job is to gather ADAM from the corpses of splicers and humans. Functionally Little Sisters can not fight, but they heal instantly from any wound (Aside from violently removing the slug in them) and are guarded by a Big Daddy. This class would be rather hard to play as but I'm putting up anyways. Little Sisters have Adam which is needed for "buying" plasmids and other Adam products.

    Big Daddy: A Big Daddy is an *extremely* powerful being in an armored diving suit with many powerful weapons. A Big Daddy on its own isnt actually hostile, they remain neutral until they are attacked or something attempts to take it's little sister. A Big Daddy would get massive bonuses to their strength and endurance, however they lack in dexerity and sometimes in intelligence. The main thing about a Big Daddy is that for RP purposes will be bonded to a single little sister that has to be protected even at the cost of their own life.

    (Will add some sub classes later and some more details)
  2. Awesomeeeeee! Always wanted to do a RP over this.
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