Bioshock Infinite Inspired Roleplay (Looking for a female)

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  1. So I just finished Bioshock Infinite which was an amazing game by the way. Now I want to do a roleplay. Now based on the game, but something similar. Well at least the concept of a girl being trapped in a tower for her life and someone comes to free her. I'm looking mostly for a female roleplayer or someone that can play the trapped girl. As for rules I really only have three which are write at least one paragraph, try to post at least once every one to two days, and if you want to quit let me know and just don't ditch me without saying anything. So if you're interested reply here or PM me.
  2. Awesome! I love that game. :) I'd love to roleplay this with you.
  3. Alright cool. :) Quick question. Do you want it to take place in a floating city like Infinite or somewhere else?
  4. That. Would. Be. Awesome! You don't even have to ask.
  5. Alright then. I'll get to working on an actual story. Though we'll kind of know what it's about. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  6. Well is there anything specific you want out of my character to go along with yours?
  7. Well there's nothing I can think of so no not really. Anyway on with the plot.

    Did you know about the girl? the one in the tower in the heart of Fortuna the city in the sky. From the stories told by the citizens of Fortuna, it has been said that there was a girl locked up in the Tower of Edan. They say that it is Lord Gerald's daughter who rebelled against him and as punishment was sentenced to spend her life in there. Another person said that the girl was so ugly that no mortal eyes should look upon her which is why they keep her in there. Then again, these are just rumors. Only one that knows the truth is Lord Gerald the founder of Fortuna. No one has been able to gain access to the tower. Anyone trying to would be sentenced to death immediately. However there is one man that was determined to get in that tower and see the girl. After all he has one thousand buck on the line. What he would discover then would change his life.​

    Yeah I know it's not original, but then again it's a roleplay inspired by a video game.
  8. I like it. How would you like the rp to going about?
  9. What do you mean? Like thread or PM? If that what you mean I like threads but I can do PM too. Oh also, can your character have some sort of power like Elizabeth does? Not saying she needs to have the tearing ability. It can be something completely different. Here's the character sheet. Nothing big.

    Appearance: (Pic or description is fine)

    Name: Royce Smith

    Age: 24

    Appearance: Here

    Personality: Royce is go happy and friendly guy most of the time. He does have bit of a temper at times. He tries to act cool and tough in rough situations mostly to prove he's better than the other person. He never back down from a bet no matter how ridiculous it is.

    Bio: Royce has spent his entire life in the floating city of Fortuna. Since he was a kid he's heard so much about the land below both the good and bad and wants to leave Fortuna and live his life on the land. However you need money to survive there. That's why he does so many bets with his friends and the people of Fortuna. He'll do anything from eating moldy food to running butt naked down the street. As long as he gets paid for it. Most of his little stunts end up getting him into trouble. One day his friends come to him offering him one thousand bucks to get into the Tower of Eden and take a photo of the girl in there. Citizens were forbidden to set foot on that tower let alone in it. It was very risky but he decided to do it. What's the worst that could happen right?
  10. Name: Sere Maleto

    Age: 21


    Personality: She is a nice girl but from being stuck in the tower her whole life she's not quite sure how to deal with other people except her father. Usually keeps quiet around others, maybe even meek, but when it comes to protecting herself she won't think twice before taking action. Although when things are too much for her she'll freeze up.

    Bio: Since she could remember all she knew were the walls of that tower, but the small window gave her a beautiful view of Fortuna. She was never sure why he kept her up in that room, was it her ability? Was fire really that bad? So many nights she would argue with her father about going into the city just for a day. All she wanted was for her feet to feel the grass or cobblestone instead of the wooden floor boards.