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According to the multi world theory there are an infinite number of realities to the one we know. In each world there are constants and variables. In the world of bioshock this is no different. There is always a man and a city. What changes this world is simply the choices made.

What I am searching for is partner willing to join me in creating a new story in a new world. There was a man who once believed he saw a vision of the future. This future would cause the world to end in ruins the oppression of the world by those who were closed minded would eventually cause its demise and saw it burn. This man was in a position of power himself and felt that even he could not stop what was to come.

He wanted a place where the creative and intellectual mind could flourish and thrive. He rejected the world above and settled for one below. He chose clockwork. A vast city hidden within a massive cave underground. Using the heat from below the underground city and it inhabitants could survive, but how long will this paradise last when even in a utopia corruption can still dwell.
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