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  1. Over 1,000 years into the future, after everything was destroyed in World War 3 from Nuclear weapons new life started evolving from the radiation poisoning. Creatures from all over the world started evolving into intelligent creatures. Thus started forming kingdoms and laws. Many Kingdoms take place now running smoothly and many creatures have powers. Usually the ones that have powers fight for their kingdom or become evil. Mostly evil is held back, but recently villains have been taking over kingdoms, ruling with pride. Times have never been tougher but somehow the world will manage.
    1. You have to make something that's not human in some way (it can look human but not actually be human if you want)

    2. No killing unless it's okay for that person

    3. You can make your own villains if you want just make sure you provide picture or description (same with your main character)

    4. You can be whatever you want weather or not your king/queen, assassin, villager, body gaurd, ect.

    5. There can be romance

    Her name was Jasmine and she was running. Being a fire creature wasn't easy. She burned down buildings and villages wherever she went. She was considered evil throughout the lands and hated herself because she started believing that it was true, that she was destined to only be evil.
    All she wanted to do was meet some friends but instead she hurts people. She walked through a burning village trying to greet herself but everyone was screaming in fear. She sighed annoyed at herself.
  2. Luke was running through the village doing his best to put out the fires that had been starting all over the place. He was a water creature and things like this was basically his job nowadays and he wasn't sure if he liked being the towns fire putter-outer which he had named himself. He groaned as he noticed another building erupt in the tall orange flames. He ran towards it and with a wave of his hand a large wave washed over the building.

    What the hell was causing such havoc? Luke didn't know but he was tired and covered in ash.

    water boy.jpg
  3. Jasmine left after she found out everyone in this village hated her as well. She sighed and walked into the forest, her recent hiding place from the angry mobs that were after her. She sat down in front of a lake and looked at her reflection. Her skin was a bright orange and her hair a firey red. She was hot to the touch and could not be touched. She touched the water and took her hand away in pain. She sat there and cried.
  4. As the fire subsided Luke smiled at his handiwork. Even if he didn't enjoy being called on all the time he was happy that he could help and save lives. He looked down at his hands and made them into fists. His skin was like water to the touch. He waved at a few people who had hurried outside to watch him save the latest building. They thanked him before he walked away into the forest for some alone time by the river. He heard crying and rose a brow. "Hello?" Luke called out curiously.
  5. Born onan old underwater city developed during the the pre war years Buck was an only child his mother was a Liberian and his father a Scientist, this colony had only just suvived the 1,000 under the sea but now the gene pools were becoming stagnant,Buck was part human except from his arms that carried MG#44 Also known as ModGene 44 which aloud him to take on difernt traits this only worked with buck due to the fact as a child he got irradiated on the surface with mild radiation poisening which created MG#44.
    Buck stands at the front door of the light house looking back at his parents as the doors shut and sealed up, "well looks like im on my own for now" buck said to himself as he got in the wooden rowing boat and started to row towards the shore.
  6. Jasmine heard a voice call out. She panicked, maybe it was a villager...if they saw her surely they would bring a mob to her hiding place. She stood up and backed up. "S-stay away..." she said. Her foot touched the water and she started screaming in pain. She took her foot out and tried to step on it but she couldn't, the pain was too intense. "Please don't hurt me" she whispered as she saw the figure coming towards her.
  7. He heard the scream and bolted for the sound. He stopped when he saw the girl who was obviously upset. She... was made of fire. He rose a brow and stepped closer to her. "Are you okay?" He asked, voice filled with concern. "I heard you crying and you must have just screamed?" He looked around for another possible person but no... It had to have been her.
  8. She looked up at him and blushed, her heart beat faster then ever before and she had no idea why. Closing her eyes and smiling, liking the feeling she started a fire circle around her. She then snapped out of it and shook her head, the fire around her dissapearing. "Please...I didn't mean to set those houses on fire...I'm sorry..." she said "P...please don't hurt me!"
  9. "Whoa there..." He held up his hands as if in surrender. "It's fine.... Calm down and relax." His voice was soft and calming, like waves lapping a shore. His blue eyes took in her fiery appearance and a kind smile split his lips. "You have problems controlling it?" He asked and took a few steps towards her. "The fire I mean..."
  10. "You can't control fire!" She said "nobody can unless you put it out...unless you destroy it..." She flies towards him and lands in front of him. "Why are you not afraid of me? I am danderous..." she looks at him. She had dark green eyes. "Why do you not run from me?"
  11. "Because I can control water and I generally am unafraid of pretty girls even if they cause destruction and mayhem everywhere they go." He laughed softly. He could feel the heat radiating from her and his skin began to boil. It didn't hurt him but it made his skin look as though it was bubbling. As if to prove his point he made a very small tornado of water in his hand. "See?"
  12. "Y-you think...I'm pretty?" She smiled and played with her hair. She has never been called pretty before, only a monster. "Woah!" she smiled and reached her hand out to the water. "It's beautiful..." she said and touched it. The water sizzled against her hand and she took her finger away in pain. She giggled and looked at him "watch this" she said and cupped her hands, a firey pheonix appeared having a rainbow color of flames.
  13. His eyes widened as he took in what she had created. "You just proved something to me, I hope you realize that." He couldn't help but offer her a small smile. With a wave of his hand his water tornado dissappeared. "And yes, you are quite lovely."
  14. image.jpg
    Arya was a loner, to say the least. She avoided people like the plague, stayed indoors, and now she had to flee her burning house. Gasping for breath, she noticed the boy putting out the fires, wishing he had come to her home just a little bit sooner. Now it was practically gone, and the light haired girl was left to examine the remains. "At least I didn't have anything valuable.." Having to move wasn't a problem, so she wasn't entirely too upset. She hugged herself, pale skin so thin it was nearly transparent. The traveling part was going to be difficult.
  15. seeing water burst through the foliage near to where buck had landed his rowing boat buck took out some binoculars and worked out how far of the souce was and started walking away from the beach in to the woods.
  16. Jasmine held herself and blushed once more while closing her eyes for a while. She loved this feeling whenever she was around him. "You are...quite lovely as well" she smiled playing with her hair some more. Suddenly a little girl walked through the woods, she had a basket. When she saw Jasmine she dropped her basket and ran screaming. Jasmine looked through her things, one of them was a huge roll of tin foil. She burned the box but not the metal sheet. She smiled and had an idea, she wrapped the tin foil around her arms and legs, then touched Luke's cheek. His face wasn't bubbling at all and she smiled.
  17. He smiled back at her finding the whole exchange a bit comical with the younger girl who had run away. "Well that certainly was a way to do it." He hesitantly rested his hand upon the tin foil over his cheek. "And what is it that I may call you?" He asked and took his hand away. He faintly heard more footsteps but figured it would be more travelers on there way through the forest. It wasn't an uncommon thing.
  18. Buck took out a Bottle labled MG#4 Static Shock and Drunk it and a flare of bright light emanated from the spot he was in he wasn't expecting it to be so bright and so painfull. the cristals died away from his left hand and Buck bent over to catch his breath.
  19. "You may call me Jamine...what's your name?" she asked sweetly.
  20. Buck stumbles forward towards the group of people ahead of him he felt disorientated and dizzy.
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