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Which group would you want to be part of?

  1. The Force

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  2. The Clinic

  3. The TFs

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  1. Humans have finally mastered enough of gene manipulation for it to become a part of fashion. If you have the means, you can alter your body via gene therapy to grow your own animal attributes. From fully functional cat ears and tails, to wings of any kind, to even fur and/or animal markings! But, when people start to push the boundaries, things start to go wrong.

    Out of the back alleys, people looking for a discount method have found their bodies, and their minds, changing more drastically and more completely than anyone could've predicted! From unstable back and forth, to full and complete transformations, these people are becoming wild animals that are threatening the rest of the population!

    In response to this crisis, a local Force has been set up to eradicate this menace, but scientists are trying to save these Transformed people (TFs) by finding a way to reverse the effects. They capture and securely house the TFs while they try to come up with a cure, even though this means that the TFs now find themselves experimented on heavily.

    There are many risks in this game of life. Which risk would you take? Would you rather be part of the Force, part of the Rehab Clinic, or a TF? Make your choice!
  2. ~TF all the way~! ^___^'
  3. Im willing to join but quick question what part are we playing?
  4. You choose. Depending on what parts most ppl choose will direct the plot.
  5. TFs are winning :D
  6. I chose being a cat boy.