Bio&Medical Research in Space 1 on 1 Roleplay.

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    The point has come in human history where the human race has spread from Earth. People still live on Earth, though many live on other planets, as well as large, community ships in space. Instead of there being countries, there are now SECTORS. Many sectors own land on planets, as well as own several space stations.

    Each sector is interested in finding more resources as well as expanding knowledge on the galaxy and making more discoveries. Most sectors use tax funds to send out research and exploration ships throughout the galaxy.

    These research and exploration ships also send out smaller ships with teams to spread out as much as possible. Each team includes

    Lab Technicians
    Military (For protection)

    Each team has small exploration pods to send out to gather samples, data, video, photos, and occasionally a few small organisms. The data is analyzed in labs back on the team's ship. Reports are written up, data is logged and send back to the larger research ship, and then sent back to the Sector ship.

    (Just to make things clearer here is a list of the ships largest to smallest)

    Sector ship

    Research ship

    Team ship

    Exploration pod

    Characters are NOT limited to only humans. The human race has made alliances with other alien intelligence, and sectors are not only Human sectors. Some sectors are just human, some are just alien, others are a melting pot.

    All types of conflict can come through this RP.

    There could be a Dead Space-like idea where one exploration pod comes across a disease that turns individuals into flesh-eating monsters.

    There could be more of a military theme, where a team ship is sent out to discover places for new forts or bases to strengthen their side of the war.

    A team ship is sent as a rescue team.

    There are many possibilities in this RP, I just named a few.

    NOTE: You can show me your interest through this thread, or send me a private message. This thread is for OOC conversation. IC should be in my inbox.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.