Bio Hazard

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  1. January 23, 2023
    Audio archive from New York City Naval Base.
    Footsteps thundering and guns being readied from a gun rack. There is a message blaring over an intercom
    "New York City is under attack. Defend the naval base. Be ready for biological hazards."
    January 23, 2023
    Civilian camera in Times Square
    What starts off as Times Square looking as busy as usual, turns to disaster. The man behind the camera gasps and points at the sky as three fighter jets pass over, dropping their payload. One hits the ground within view of the camera as it spews a green smoke out of it. People start going berserk and attacking each other before falling dead with blood running from their eyes.
    January 24, 2023
    Traffic cameras around New York City. Post - quarantine
    The screen cycles through traffic cameras around the city. Most streets have a green smoke hovering around the ground. Some streets have unidentifiable soldiers walking around in bio suits.

    Horatio Thorn stares at the now blank screen. He wondered how many survivors there were out there. He crosses the police station to look at the live feeds from the traffic cameras, as was his habit. He also watched the front door security camera for people. If anyone survived, this would be the place to go.​
  2. Earth is old, the people on it new, taught and learned by the ways of the traditional. Knowledge has been passed on for generations, coursing through the veins of newborns, crying to the world to be known and to never be forgotten. Thus, it is not surprising that, after thousands of years, that finally someone, or something, has finally gone crazy with the knowledge. One can only handle so much power. Fortunately, I've been prepared for this day.

    My name is John Lace. I come from a background of shadows, one of which I will not get into at this moment, but in short, one of where I learned many things, one of those things being the act of survival. With the knowledge I acquired at a very young age, I began to prepare. I've known that one day, one fateful day, a corrupt mind would enter our world of delusional peace, and would destroy it. So, I set up a place, a warehouse of 'toys'. I have collected, over many years, weapons to train with, and a gym to become stronger. I have put together gadgets and armor, to protect myself from any deadly gases, and many bullets and other charges. I have prepared to take the enemy down, but what I have not prepared for is the people. Many people have gotten hurt, and many have died. I need an ally, someone who is strong and someone who can handle mass destruction. I want to bring this city back together, and help the survivors. My first place to look? The nearby Naval Base.
  3. He sits in the police station and looks at his watch. After a few moments, he sighs. If nobody had come to the station yet, he doubted any would. He grabs his gas mask and spare filter off of a desk and pulls the mask over his face. He also grabs the few weapons he has: a baseball bat, a bowie knife, and a hand gun with two extra mags that he found in the police station. He listens to the naval base audio archive file again before pulling out the small hard drive. Horatio steps outside and pulls up the jacket's hood. "Next stop" he mutters to himself

  4. I spent a lot of time studying to be a paramedic. Several classes, months of physical training, and countless hours studying were leading up to this. As a native of Michigan, I have to admit coming to this city to study left me bewildered. Its bigger than anywhere else I've been to, and was quite intimating before. Now that the city has gone to hell, I became numbed from the fear. The towering buildings and winding alleys seem foreboding as I trudge on, but they are not what scare me.
    When the gas bombs fell, I was in the university's basement. In the middle of "Emergency Preparedness 237", I was already geared for medical assistance in prep for the exam. A white med-kit strapped to my back, I felt prepared for the disaster. I was gravely wrong. I ran through the university, watching as everyone attacked each other fervently. Now on the streets, I have no choice but to look for others, many succumbing to their wounds before I can help. My only option now is to head towards the police station . It's not that I am hopeful, since I haven't seen any cops around, but the precinct is a secure building. Status on the city's population would be found there. I just want to find another survivor. Hopefully they won't laugh at my being called "Cottontail."
  5. Horatio runs through the streets silently, using the allyways to dodge the soldiers on the street. 'I wonder where they are from' He thinks. A person walking through the streets catches his attention. He doesn't look like a soldier, so Horatio walks to the end of the ally way and flashes his flashlight at him, to try to get his attention. He hoped that was a medical kit on the guy's back. The shoddy bandaging he made from duct tape and paper towels wasn't working very well.​
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    Face: [​IMG]

    Gas mask and hood: [​IMG]

    New York City's world is in chaos, every turn, every step, and every breath I take, there is a scream, a cry; a death. The atmosphere is clouded by smoke, a dense wall of it, seeping through the cracks of the city, and taking every life it can. I can almost feel it pulling at me, wanting me to bow to its demise. The closer to the Naval Base I get, the uglier things begin to seem. People swarm around me, most of them military, shouting orders, or shouting names. I hear, "Are you okay?" many times from them, their voices desperate; their bodies trembling from trying desperately to hold together and stay calm about the situation. The smoke begins to rise further, as if trying to reach the sun. Perhaps it already has. The world is dark here; cold and deadly.

    At sight of the Naval Base, I find that a tall fence surrounds it, but on closer inspection I find a hole big enough to crawl through. I go through and take a step forth to what looks like a main building. It's tall and sleek, almost new looking. Out front there is a sign that reads, "Headquarters." I approach the building. To my surprise, it is quiet on the outside, the doors unguarded and easy to go through. I take a step inside. The walls are tall and white, the floor a sparkling creme. From inside my jacket, I pull out a simple .45 handgun and begin to slowly creep through the building, searching for any sort of... "luck."

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  7. A plane flies overhead. A big plane. The kind that drops soldiers. And it does so. And more planes come through and do the same. Bullets start raining from the sky onto soldiers walking the streets. They return fire, but to no avail. The attackers from two days ago are coming to finish the job. ​
  8. The man who shone the flashlight in his face turned as the planes flew overhead. Does he know them? Cottontail remembered lots of gunshot when he was hiding in the university, but the gunmen never made it to campus. Hope they're friendly. I don't think I could make I through a fire fight. Cottontail tried to sum up the stranger with the flashlight, but the man was well covered. Soon gunfire lit up the night, and Cottontail tried to figure out what or who was being shot at.
  9. Horatio frantically waves to cottontail, trying to get him over to him. He turns around to see a bad soldier run into the ally. Two shots ring out and the bullet goes through the soldier's mask and kills him. "Shit!" He runs across the street, yelling at Cottontail to run as well. "Run! We need to get to safety!"​
  10. "What the...! Why ... Fine!" Cottontail darted down the street to follow. Why am I doing this... Don't even know his name...
    Cottontail looked behind and gasped over the soldier's twitching body. Who would shoot at us?
  11. "Oh, no. They're back. Shitfire. ShitFIRE! It's ok, James, it's ok. Just breathe. Breathe. In... and out hoooooooooo. Okay. We're safe. Safe. They can't get to us in our basement. Nope, nope, nope. We have food, and we have water, and we have our gun, and our knife, and we'll be fine. Isn't that right? Right. Do penguins have knees? SHUT UP! We don't have time for your shenanigans now. I was just trying to lighte- WELL DON'T. We need to survive. Then we be happy. Survival, then happiness.


    "It's been HOURzzzzzzuh....Well, you can wait a little longer. We are safe here, and the shooters are still up there, and we can't find the mask. So let's find it and go out there! ...Are you crazy?! What if the noise attracts them? We're in a basement. I don't think anyone is going to hear us rummaging through a box or two. Actually yes, I am. Ugh. Fine but make it quick.

    "Found it! Really? Yep. Of course it would be under the goddamn couch. Great. Now grab the ammo and let's get out of here. My allergies are acting up a bitch."
  12. In such a place as one like the headquarters, it is surprising to see not one soul in sight. I had imagined that the corrupt minds of fate would have been cooped up in here, behind walls, under desks, looking for a target, and as of right now, I'm quite a target. Slowly, I make my way down the corridors of the vast place, only to be suddenly stopped by the blasts from outside. I stand still, waiting to hear voices, a door opening, some kind of movement within the walls... From far away, I can hear an approaching plane. From the sound of the motor, I can easily detect that it is low to the ground, and it's slowly coming towards this building. I hear gunfire and shouts, and I can almost hear that faint sound of bodies falling to the ground...

    The sound of shattering glass erupts down the hall from where I'm standing, and the sound of bullets hitting the floor deafens my ears. I quickly run to the front of the building, where I find a group of people scattering out of the doors. They're in military suits, yet I can tell they don't have weapons to their advantage. I wait until they are all outside before I scramble after them. The plane shoots overhead as the building slowly begins to collapse to the ground after a loud BOOM! erupts from the end of the building. A bomb. I realize that the men of the plane have successfully rid of any information that the Naval Base had of them, leaving the entire force at a question. I hear gunfire from behind me, and as I turn to aim at whoever it may be, a young looking lad falls to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. I see the enemy and shoot at him, directly in the chest, as he too goes to ground. Four more of them approach as I stand my ground. "Come and get me," I say as one of them begins to run up to me.
  13. "We are going to the naval base!" He shouts to cottontail. As they approach, he sees a group of soldiers approaching a civilian. He draws his gun and slowly starts sneaking behind them. "four baddies. four shots..." He mutters to himself "there is three left in the mag. I could..." one of them starts running at the civilian and reflex forces him to shoot him. The shot hits the soldier's vest and only causes him to stumble.
  14. "Okay, okay, we're out of the building. Now what? Um... I don't know! Isn't there a naval base near by? That sounds like a good idea. There'd be weapons and supplies there. Likely others are already on their way there, so we'd have more company than just ourselves. Good, I'm sick of you guys. Love you too, James, cowering bastard. Can we just get a move on? I think there are people coming."

    He took off at a sprint towards the base, coattail flapping behind him, black-and-steel colored Desert Eagle clutched tightly in one hand.
  15. As the enemy runs towards me, I hear a shot from behind him as I see him stumble. I use it to my advantage. I sweep his leg up from under him, causing him to fall to the ground completely. I kick his mask off his face and with no further hesitation, I shoot him in his face. The man's brains splatter all around his head and his blood shoots up, only to rain back down over me and the ground. I turn to face the other enemies, with no time to ask questions from the man who shot at the first.

    The corrupt minds bring their weapons up and begin to aim. I quickly run across the field, their fires sounding off around me, as I'm able to knock one guy down into another. I shoot at the leg of the third one, sending him flying to the ground. I wave at the two people that came here, telling them to get them while they're down
  16. From a distance, in a [hidden] spot of mine, I watch the encounter go off. As whoever-it-is begins running, I fire a round from my Kalashnikov [AK-47M] into each of the Infected's heads, or chests. They'll either die, or bleed out and THEN die. With my own little execution -I have performed many just like it- I slip away from sight to follow them.
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