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  1. So, this is mostly gonna be an experiment on my part. I was part of a similar roleplay earlier in my career, where there was a sort of biochemical Armageddon that killed most people, and genetically mutated a select few. It also mutated animals, but that's not as important. Anyway, it'll be a basic apocalyptic RP, except the mutated humans will be a bit like the X-Men mutants. They have abilities.

    However, the experimental thing I want to try, is not using huge character sheets. The sheet will have basic information that most people would know or I would need to know, and the rest would be RPed out completely. I'm saying you give me name, appearance, maybe a three word personality, their basic power, and let the roleplay gods take you wherever they will. The reason I want this? The mutation made them lose their memories. They have no actual name. They choose their own name, whether it be an item or a name they just like. They don't know about their families, they can't remember what happened, they just know they're trying to survive by feeding off of the items they can find around the area that aren't tainted.

    I think this will start pretty much as soon as the apocalypse happens, so there will actually need to be collaboration in order to stay alive. Characters may die, especially if they make very stupid decisions. Otherwise, I'll be lenient unless you want them to die. If they're out of food, they actually need to find food. They can't just magically find a supermarket stocked full of food, either. I'll be making the city for you guys to explore, and some decisions may be dice based on my part.

    Any interest in this?
  2. And this likely won't be made for a little while, once things calm down on my end.
  3. I think it would be really interesting and fun! This is a really cool idea and I can't wait to join!
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  4. I'll start my character-creation gears spinning. :)
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  5. Sure.
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  6. Mmmmmaybe.

    Not too keen on amnesia as a character trait
  7. The characters can/probably will regain memories on their travels, especially if they find something that once belonged to them.
  8. Interested.

    I love the minimalist charrie sheet.
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  9. Hm. I can certainly think of a couple character concepts I might like to try here. Color me intrigued.
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  10. If this one gets off the ground I'm interested.
  11. Found this accidentally in interest check

    May i join?
    It seems interesting!
  12. Planning on making this sometime this week I think. Will keep you guys updated!
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  13. Sorry for the delay! Am going to work on getting this up tomorrow!
  14. I'm in though I might be a wee bit late.
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