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  1. [​IMG]

    Seven days in advance?

    Good job everyone. :bsmile:
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  2. HURRAY! 8D especially since we had to drop a lot of cash on updates recently! O_O
  3. Congrats :)
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  4. HURRAH!!!!
  5. Iwaku should thank me for my humble service of becoming a donating member today! :3
  6. *Blows kissus to the donating members!* You guys pay the bills and buy all of Iwaku's shiny things. 8D we are very happy.
  7. Yaaaay! I helped, good for me~
  8. How much does it cost to keep the site up per month?
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  10. You guys might want to step your donating game up then.
  11. You're exaggerating.
  12. No, I'm underestimating. It's supposed to be one hundred billion, but they didn't have it on Google. :(
  13. Our server payment is now 100 bucks a month, starting January. O_O it does not factor in domain costs, registration updates, etc. I am prolly not gonna add those costs to the monthly donate tally again though. 100 is a nice reachable number. XD
  14. Yaay go me! :confetti:
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