Biggest Waste of Time

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  1. I am sure that many of you Iwakuians have felt like this before. Sometimes whether you are in school or work you might think "Why am I here?" Well, this question crosses my mind about 5-6 times daily.

    So I'm going to ask you,




    Mine at the moment is high school because all I do is sit down and stare at a white wall, apparently there is nothing new to teach.
  2. Refreshing and refreshing when it's midnight and I should just go to sleep, wake up, and discover a new post then. But sleeping is so hard!

    (Also the time spent in the morning trying to wake my boyfriend up in the morning. :X )
  3. My biggest waste of time is trying to argue with a fool. I start forgetting the difference.

    That, and trying to tell people at my job that laser tag is nothing like Call of Duty. They never listen. Go ahead; eagle dive off of a ramp with a vest on and see how the "modern warfare" treats you. v - v
  4. I always think every second of me breathing isn't a waste of time. - w- So. Yay fer that.

    League of Legends.
    Though, it's not a waste. <3 - w-
    Cuz I'm defending a nexus.
    And stuff.

  5. My biggest waste of time is reading on the internet. I read literally everything, from comics, to useful articles, including but not limited to less-than-useful articles, and whatever I am interested in at the moment. Sometimes it gets really bad and I do literally nothing all day, except read online. But hey, at least my mind is working, right? Wrong. My studies disagree with me.
  6. Another one I have is when I watch movies I already have seen but hate X.x
  7. Biggest waste of time...
    Arguing a point with someone who's not going they're wrong..
    Not surrendering when we pretty much lost.. [League.]
    When doors don't go anywhere and you pretty much wasted time trying to find the boss...
  8. Juky >_> I didn't understand half of what you said O_O

  9. The last two are referring to online games.

    The second one is like, when your team is far behind and there's no possibly chance of coming back, and your team doesn't surrender that way you could move along.
    Like when you're exploring a dungeon and you come across a dead end, waste of time going that way and you could've gone another way towards the boss.

    Guess it's sort of a nerd thing to understand @_@

  10. Should have said so at the beginning! I was trying to figure out the meaning of your sentences... >. <
  11. Or you coulda just looked at mine which said League of Legends and google. ;D <3
  12. I am a gamer nerd but not to the extreme D:
  13. What does not start as a waste of time but ends up proving to be one is whenever you start a thread and no one joins. That or you see someone is posting and you click refresh for like an hour waiting for the post to appear. >.>
  14. ...Laser tag is nothing like call of duty! <333
  15. While we're on gamer nerdiness...

    Trying to progress a character that needs to finish a quest 10 times.
    Said quest can only be completed once a day, and you have 3 times a day to try it.
    And I have a 1/30 chance of completing it any given time I try.
    Which means, it will take me about approximately 100 days to move on. =(

    (And this is why PBP >> MMO)
  16. By biggest waste of time is procrastination efforts. Whenever I had something to do I'd go, "oh look an interesting article" and then spent one hour lurking in various part of the internet...when I should've just done the task >w<
  17. School is my biggest waste of my time 3< grrrrr


    Well I could have done it right the first time around and other personal reasons. Now I'm 20 and old and my back is damaged. I can't even sit through school. LAME LITTLE PLASTIC CHAIRS >(
    Plus I always thought, after learning the basics in school.... like how to read, write, and math. (Maybe a little history) I would directly learn how to do my dream job. Like high school should have been classes ONLY strictly to train me for one job. Doesn't work with how this society is, but would be cool.
  18. getting dressed...i would be a nudist but my family thinks its not right to be a nudist.


    please loves dont think of school as a waste of time...i had to give up on school because of family problems and now i cry everytime i think about how i never finished ((i have my stuff its just i wish i could have gone back))
  19. We share the same thoughts...BEING A NUDIST >:U
  20. i see it as...woman know what they are getting if the just look down ((i know a few guys that pad their groins)) and boys know what they get to play with by just looking at what they always do ((push ups are evil I dont want a A cup to become a DD with the help of a bra i want a DD to stay a DD and a A to stay a A...ok if you got A's i might want implants but thats beside the fact)) plus if you find yourself in a bad area you know a guy is not going to have a knife or anything unless its in his hand or up his butt.....i saved the world a hell of alot of problems by just making clothes bad....but the down side i see is that all my gay guy friends wont be able to wear the kinky shit that they talk about...