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  1. Hey there everyone! I know we all just wanna jump in but hold on a sec. Make some character Bios first!
    You may use what I'm using, add a picture if you have one of your character. Please no Mary Sue's, but you may exaggerate your character a little bit :3

    My character's Bio:
    Gender: MALE
    Name: Ashley Purdy (Actually he's a real person, a bassist from my favorite band.. Look him up if you wanna see more of what he looks like!)
    Hair: Black, has one side slightly shaved off, long spiky/emo hair
    Eye color: Big, brown eyes.
    Personality: Very fun loving, Likes Parties, A bit perverted at times but pretty shy in all, loves music, likes hello kitty.
    Other characteristics: Has OUTLAW printed in large letters above his hips/belly button as a tattoo.
    Hello kitteh fruit snacks.jpg Purrrddyyy.gif

    Finally, now the roleplay!

    Ashley decided to avoid the bus today because he already knew that rumors were spreading about him. He was the bassist of the rather famous band Black Veil Brides. He wanted to avoid the attention for a little bit because despite the fans he had, some haters would always come and beat him up. He drove to school and got bombarded by people, somehow, somebody, found out he moved to the area for a while to go to school here. He rushed to the hallways, stuffed his bookbag in his locker, and stared around, unable to find his classroom.

  2. images (12).jpg Name: Kelsey Green
    Appearance: Skinny jeans, always with a beenie, skirts (depending on mood) she wears nothing but converses and creepers. Her fingernails are long and painted black or red. She dyes her hair on a daily basis. But she has Bright Red hair.
    Eyes: Hazel.
    Likes: drawing, music, and sleeping.
    Dislikes: rude people, lovey dovey movies, and math.

    Kelsey walked the schools campus with her Sketchbook in hand. She dreads school and was late to class again. 'Great, detention.' She goes inside and scans herself in. She walks through the hallways. Today she wears her hair in two ponytails rolled up in two small buns. Her bangs covered her eyes. Her makeup was simple. Just cateyes. Her skin was alittle on the sparkley side. hShe wore a black skirt and fish net stockings. Her converses were knee length and black with red laces. Ashley looks for her classes. She was also new to the school a week ago. She sighed as she sat on the floor and gave up.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Chelsea Fisher
    Apperance: She's the kind of person that always wants to wear weird things. Some days she's seen in a brightly colored animal themed sweater and others she's wearing a black band tee. Chelsea will always wear clothes from her favorite brand Royal Bones though, especially when it comes to pants where one leg is one color and the other leg is a completely different color or pattern. She loves wearing weird converse and currently wears converse with pizzas or burgers on them.
    Eye: Blue-Gray eyes.
    Likes: Photography, Art, Animals, Music, Multicolors, Books, Zombies, Horror Movies
    Dislikes: Spiders, Wearing one color, Things that match, Judgemental people.
    Other: Her left ear is pierced five times and her right ear is pierced four times. She has a tattoo of the Converse logo on her inner left wrist.

    Chelsea stood outside in the schools front entrance with her camera. She had an excused note to be out of photography class to take extra credit pictures for the schools website. Crouching down, she dusted off the knees of her black and red checkered skinny jeans and raised the camera. The sun was angled to the side so she could take a picture of the school entrance without having the suns glare in the way. She focused the camera, staying perfectly still and adjusting the shutter speed so the picture wouldn't be too bright and snapped a few photos, smiling. Standing, she headed inside to take pictures of the hallways and a fee classrooms.
  4. Carlene Rose Hennings
    Appearance: Shown above. Usually wearing leggings and baggy tees. Pale skin and blue almost grey eyes. Always wears her lip piercing.
    Personality: Very rebellious, doesn't do good with authority. Can be mean but she's pretty cool all in all. Wears black converse.
    Likes: Her music. Her cat. Her hair.
    Dislikes: Preps. Most people.

    Carlene was sitting on the brick structure outside the front doors of the school, her earbuds in her ears, playing her music. It was her way to drown out reality, she hated school, she'd rather be a million of miles away, or eaten by a shark than be at this damn place. She noticed the girl taking pictures but didn't bother to say anything, she continued to drum her finger on her knee to the beat of her music.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Nathaniel Winters
    (everyone calls him Nate)
    Age: 17
    Appearance: (above) 6'4 very slim. Always wear dark clothes, whether it be a black v-neck, or his favorite dark blue long sleeve shirt. Always wears his black converse and 3 necklaces. He always wears his lip and septum piercing as well. He always wears a wide leather studded bracelet on his left wrist
    personality: Nate, is slightly cocky, he is in a band with a few of his friends, he does vocals, or as most of his fan girl's call them "screams" He hates groupies and girls that fall all over him, it annoys him. He is pretty well known in school, in good and bad ways. he doesn't have many friends in school, all of the other people in his band are graduated and have jobs. He likes to party and do stupid stuff (he is quite the daredevil) He talks to just about anyone, but he doesn't legitly talk to anyone. he doesn't let people in.
    Likes: Music, singing, making people laugh, his dog, his piercings, his hair, himself. He loves ice cream.
    Dislikes: preps, rude people, girls that fawn over him, authority, judge mental people, people that judge themselves. people that grab his wrists; just don't do it.
    Other: He has a tattoo on his neck/ collar bone that says "Artists never die" with roses on each side.

    Nate walked into school, ear buds in his ear, Of Mice & Men blasted through them. Nate always listened to his music loud, it tuned everyone else out. Nate drove to school, he hated the bus, so he had his parents buy him a car when he got his license. It was a black Malibu, nothing fancy but it was nice. Nate was a pretty smart in all actuality, never had a grade below a C+, most teachers liked him because of this, but they left him alone, because he didn't look smart. Nate opened his locker and threw everything inside. Grabbing a pencil and his black notebook, then what he needed for his first class, Chemistry, he hated science, but he always kept his grade at a B. He heard some people around him talking about how Ashley Purdy was going to their high school. 'stupid fan girls' Nate thought as he sat down. He had already talked to Ashley, he was pretty chill dude. Nate used to listen to Black Veil Brides but after he left his "emo" phase he kinda stepped away from it. He had a lot of respect for the band, they did a lot of good and really helped a lot of teen get through some tough shit. He just wasn't really into the scene anymore. His style was more alternative and sure he still got called an "emo fag" by some of the jerks at school, but he knew what he was and that's all he cared about.
  6. Smiling and pulling out her phone, Chelsea slipped her earbuds in her ears and began listening to Asking Alexandria. She raises her camera up to her eyes and paused down the main hallway where it had a statue of the school mascot in the middle. She couldn't care less about the mascot or frankly the school, but she loved taking pictures. Plus she often got into concerts for free to take pictures of bands and post them on there tumblr or facebook. She zoomed in slightly on the mascot, walking around till she found a perfect angle and snapped a few pictures of the hallway and mascot. Next she had to take pictures of classrooms to show how "focused" and "educational" the school was or something like that. She walked down to any nearby classroom, entering and walking to the teacher. "Mind if iI take a few pictures of the class? I'll be quick and won't disturb the class." The teacher seemed reluctant but agreed, so Chelsea made her way to the back of the classroom.
  7. Nate sat in class, the teacher was so monotone and boring. Nate opened his notebook and began to doodle pictures of angels. The classroom door suddenly opened and a girl with blue and black hair walked in, Nate had never seen her before, he had gone to this school forever. He would know her, unless she was new, so Nate assumed she was. she asked is she could take pictures. The teacher said that it was fine but t be quick about it. Nate was used to his picture beefing taken, considering his band normally got their picture taken when they played shows. He paid no attention to the girl though, school pictures and venue pictures where different, in school he couldn't play with the camera at school like he did when he played shows.
  8. Carlene yawned, then pulled out a lighter and cigarette out of her pocket, Carlene lit the cigarette then put it in her mouth taking a long drag off of it, smoke filling her lungs, then puffing the smoke out. She knew that cigarette weren't good for her health, but it kept her stress level down. After finishing off the cigarette she flicked the butt in the grass and walked inside. She was already really late to class but she didn't like Chemistry anyway so she just sat outside the door waiting for the next bell to ring. She switched her song on her iPod and turned it up.
  9. Chelsea stood in a corner, zooming out to be sure she got the whole classroom. She adjusted the way she stood a few times before she was satisfied and started taking pictures. She zoomed in on the front row with the teacher and waited patiently for the teacher to stand at a good angle. She snapped a photo, and another one when some smart student raised there hand to answer a question. She took the camera away from her face and looked at the photos she took and gave a satisfied with. They turned out pretty good. once she got to a computer she could adjust the lighting of the picture a little and they could be up on the schools website by this afternoon. She looked at her watch. She already missed most of math class, so it wouldn't be that important to go now. She quietly walked back to the front and smiled at the teacher, who just frowned at her in response as if Chelsea did nothing but hold up the teachers lesson. She flinched at the harsh look and hurried out the classroom, pulling her phone out her pocket to skip to the next song.
  10. Carlene was sprawled out on the floor, she fell asleep, the hood of her jacket over her face. She was surprised at how much she could get away with around this school. Mostly because all the teachers had finally given up on her. It wasn't that Carlene didn't care about education she just didn't care about how the school was. Carlene is very smart ,but something just happened with her and made her stop caring.
  11. Chelsea leaned against a locker and began messing around on her phone. She switch bands and songs trying to find what she wanted to listen to at the time. Eventually, she decided to settle on Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon, going to the menu and going into her tumblr. Her page was filled with drawings and clothes she made as well as well as pastries she made. She just loved anything artistic, weather it was making clothes that looked similar to Royal Bones products or making little cupcakes that looked like the Tardis off Doctor Who. She enjoyed anything that could express herself when words failed. She leaned against the wall in the hallway, then slid down till she sat on the floor, scrolling through her things.
  12. Gender: Female
    Name: Mckenzi Smith
    Hair: Blonde
    Eye color: Light Blue
    Personality: Kenzi is a pretty laid back person, able to keep up a good conversation with others most of the times. She's pretty neutral about things and when a conflict arises looks into both sides, choosing to be in the middle rather than one persons side. In fact, she hates any conflicts period. However, she will have a surprisingly witty personality to certain people at first depending how they come up to her. All in all, she's just really relaxed and understanding.
    Other characteristics:
    - 5"7 and 17.
    - You'll see Mckenzi with a service dog, particularly for her hearing since she has one deaf ear (which is her right). It's what separates her most from the crowd. The dog is a large male doberman named Titus.
    -she has dyed her hair a reddish pink, but as a result had stopped.
    - Mckenzi prefers to be called 'Kenzi' to separate her from the common name that most girls have and as she finds her full name not suitable for her. To her the name 'Mckenzi' belongs to a more feminine girly, or a mean girl with attitude. Hence, "Kenzi".
  13. [​IMG]
    She was late for the first time for today. But it was excusable, as she had a doctors note in her black bag. The blonde nearly took her time and once she arrived and approached the entrance of the school, she sighed."I hope I didn't miss anything important..." She muttered to herself as Titus,more service dog walked by her side up the steps that lead her to the double doors, one door being open as she slipped through.

    It was weird to be a student here. Not only because of the service dog which made her feel awkward despite people not taunting or picking on her so far, but because she felt like she was 'the only one' who rarely cared about school and valued it. Most of her friends were smart, but deliberately flunked. She never understood that. What made them want to give up or not do work anyways? The answer was complex, and it made her feel different. However, those friends that goldilocks had who flunked, often encouraged her workaholic behavior and chastised her to 'not be them' and don't follow in on the crowd. What was she, the light of the school or something? Whatever.. Mckenzi stuck with it and walked through halls and a stairwell to go to her chemistry class.

    There, she saw another female she was familiar with. She didn't exactly know her, but it was one of those moments where you see that person so much, you remember and get familiar with them. Be it passing by in the halls, or having classes together. Kenzi squinted her eyes as she slowly approached the girl who was Infront of the class door and tapped her gently.

    "Hey.." She called softly, so she wouldn't startle the other girl."Do you know what time it is?" She asked. It was apparent that the girl was deliberately skipping. Nowadays you could tell the difference between skipping and getting kicked out of class and Kenzi shook her head and rephrased her question."Literally I mean.. Not in the sense of scolding or anything!" She quickly commented, feeling awkward. Titus sat beside Kenzi in silence, leaning forward and slightly sniffing at Carlene.

    As usual he wore his own uniform to inform he was on duty. A orange harness that said things like,"PLEASE DO NOT PET" "SERVICE/HEARING DOG" "ON DUTY" and she gently tugged on the harness, Forcing Titus to stop as she held his leash with her other hand."Sorry.." She said, forcing a awkward small smile.
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    Carlene was awakened, she jumped up, "Gah!" She yelled when she saw a dog right in front of her face. Carlene scooted back against the wall , "How do I know I was asleep?" She said to the girl standing up. Carlene coughed and realized she was being harsh so she looked down out the time on her phone it flashed: 11:02 a.m. "It's 11 o' clock," Carlene said putting her phone back in her pocket. "So are you like blind or something?" Carlene said gesturing towards the dog.
  15. "11? I missed a period and a half already?! Almost two!" She commented to herself."Thanks for the time." She added before being asked a question by Carlene."So are you like blind or something?" She heard. Kenzi thought for a moment, only catching half the sentence as her mind process what Carlene said and she soon nodded."Ohh! Well.. Not really. I actually have a rare condition where I'm deaf in one ear." Answered the blonde."So it seems like I space out when I don't intend to. I'm completely deaf in my right ear. It's abbreviated as 'UHL'." Kenzi adds.

    "Well. I'm gonna go to class. My name is Kenzi by the way. We can talk later maybe?--If you want." The female quickly intercepted. She looked down at Titus."Se Lever." She ordered, a stand position in French as the dog stood. Titus knew English and French, but in particular was taught French for a reason. That reason so when other students taunt or command Titus to sit or stand while on duty, he won't listen unless it's Kenzi.
  16. Chelsea looked up at the soundbof a bell ringing. Class ended. She smiles and slips her phone in her pocket, walking down the hall. It was time for English class. They were reading The Scarlet Letter, which she actually enjoyed. Approaching her locker, she turned the combination and opened the metal door. She takes out her notebook, book, and pen then headed down the hallway some more till she turned into her class. She took her seat in back, relaxing a little.
  17. Nate walked out of class as the bell rang, almost hitting the two girls with the door. "Oh my bad sorry." Nate apologized as he walked by them and to his locker. He was already done with day and it had barley started. The girl that took pictures was standing by his locker, he smiled and opened his locker grabbing his stuff for his next class. She left before he could say anything. Walking into his next class, English he sat down in his seat, behind the same girl. He didn't say anything, she was reading which is probably what he should have been doing so he opened his book and also began reading.
  18. Chelsea blinked and smiled back at the boy. "Nah. The school just wanted new pictures to update there website since the pictures on the homepage have been there for about two years. It counted as extra credit work. But that class seemed kinda boring, no offence. And is the teacher always that..." Chelsea paused, trying to find the kindest words that would suit the teacher. "Um.. grumpy? Or did I just come in on a special day?" Chelsea chuckled slightly, remembering how the teacher wasn't all that pleased with her.
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    Once the bell ran, Titus barked at Kenzi for her attention."Aw man!" She groaned before looking over her shoulder at Nate."Oh, it's fine!" She said before looking down at carlene."I have English next! See me over there if you'd like." The blonde said before walking into chemistry to quickly get some work and walking out the class with the teacher who held his keys to open the elevator for Kenzi.

    With that Kenzi was inside the elevator and stopped on the desired floor where English was. She walked into her class as Titus followed beside her and sat around the middle of the class quietly, settling herself down. There, she saw the other two students, but said nothing or stared. She only caught glimpses before she sat there quietly, waiting for the teacher.

    Besides, it'd definitely be considered rude to intrude in the conversation. As usual the healthy dog laid himself beside Kenzi's chair. Teachers and students didn't seem to mind Titus so far which was good and she yawned.
  20. Carlene groaned, "Ugh..." Carlene stood up off the ground and began to dust herself off. "I guess I'll go.." She grabbed her bag and put it on her back. She followed the girl down the hall and into the classroom. Carlene intentionally went to the back of the class she pushed two desks together and sat in one and used the other to prop her feet up. She was next to a window so she just start staring out the window.
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