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  1. So ya. This is all about comics I am reading and want to read and stuff and seeing how everyone else thinks of these stories. I'm gonna make a big list of what I've got and what I put on a wish list. Feel free to comment on whatever you like. Everyone is free to express their opinions and even disagree with me, but I ask that you do so in a nice manner.

    I've been into DC and Marvel shows for a while and seen the movies, but its been recently after getting a smart phone that I've bought the comics. I've got a lot to catch up on both in DC and Marvel. I've mostly been focusing on DC as of current mostly because they break their continuity's up and I feel like I can follow it somewhat better. Of course I wanna get into Marvel as well, just I don't know a lot of their characters like I do DC and it feels like where do I go?! They have been around for years and if memory serves me correct I believe no reboot or anything has ever happened in the Marvel universe as a whole so over 70 something years of continuity is there. Jeez! Anywho here is what I've got so far

    Books I physically own.


    Superman Earth 1 Vol 1 and 2: Read some of this, but havnt fully gotten done with it.

    Batman Vol 1 The Court of Owls: Read this and loved it, but got to reread it sometime.


    Power Pack Classic Vol 1: Need to read this. Did a roleplay with a Alex Power which made me wanna get the book, but have stoppe dtalking to him in recent times so that kinda has died down.

    Young Avengers Vol 1: I'll be honest just bought this for the fact it has gays in their book x.x I do hear the story is good though. Got to read it.

    So yes the physical books are harder for me to read because I keep forgetting I have them, outside my phone app which I have with me all the time.

    Phone app comics

    DC owned

    there is a bunch of free comics I got and gonna skip those, because it be forever telling about all those and most of them I've not even looked at yet.

    Batwing 2011-2014 Vol 1-5: Need to read this one. I've got a thing for when minority's are heroes and stuff.

    Flash 2011 Vol 1-8: Read the first two issues and they were ... meh. Alright I suppose. I just am not used to Berry Allen as the flash. I'm used to seeing Wally West take the role and this just feels weird. I like the hero and the idea behind it, but not totally sure.

    Grayson 2014 vol 1: Oh dear god I read one issue of this and ... egh. I don't even know what this is suppose to be. What was wrong with Dick Grayson being Nightwing? I heard that he got exposed and now he can't be in the public eye because everyone knows who Nightwing is now, but when was Dick ever seen as undercover agent material? To me undercover stuff is more of a realism thing and comic books are not exactly realistic. Sure you can agrue Batman and his family are more grounded in reality then the others, but still feel just ... egh.

    Justice League 2011 Vol 1: Have not read it, but the line up is interesting, and hey Cyborg is a Leaugue member! Awesome!

    Robin Rises story (And Im just going over the entire story for this one because it keeps going over so many books and I'm reading it all.): I like this. When I read about Damian I thought he sounded like an interesting character. Someone who is Batman's son who was trained to kill and goes totally against Batman's belief system he takes as his partner and tries to mold him into a better person. That is interesting! I like that! Plus that hood he sports I just think looks awesome! I support hoods damn it! So when reading about him and finding out he died I was like ... W-Why why did yo-why why is this a thi-why! Batman acts like any father would in his position I think and him going into apokolypse single handed is just cool! Of course Batman being Batman he saves people along the way of saving his son. Fingers crossed Damian comes back! If they did all this and he doesn't come back I'll be really upset. (Spoilers for the book. If you don't know and don't want to know how things turn out skip the bold text.) So apparently a new issue cover was revealed with Damian in the Robin costume. So ya he is coming back! WOOT! YES! YES! YES!

    Starman vol 1-3: I heard nothing but good things about this series. Nothing but good things. Can't wait to read.

    Static Shock 2011-2012 full series: I was shocked searching for this one and finding out that the series was so short. Thought Static was more popular then this. Not read it yet, but hear Static is suppose to be getting a new series so got this in anticipation.

    Teen Titans 2003-2011 Vol 0-16: I watched the animated Teen Titans show when it first aired and just feel in love with the show. It was amazing and all the characters were lovable. So I decided to take the plunge into one of the Titans series. I picked 2003 because ... well I am not going to say out of the fear of sounding shallow, but it is the one that interested me most. Really like it so far. All the characters that were in the show totally seem the same here! So the show I would assume got their personalities to a tee or they modified them here to more match the show. Earthier way happy with it. Love Tim Drake as a character and always want to read more into his stuff. Beast Boy is impossible to not love be it in comic or tv form. Cyborg seems more mature from the show, but since he is a leader it makes sense and they are older then their television counterparts. Starfire is more ... well she clearly bares more skin then her television counterpart. Other then that she seems mostly the same. Superboy's character I really like as a morally divided Superman from the two different DNA strands of Superman and Lex Luthor. It's interesting and can't wait to see it develop! Kid Flash is cool and that speech he made about he will eventually become the flash still rings in my head as an awesome moment. The only problem I feel though is there just seems like so much crap is going on! So far Jericho is taking over heroes bodies, Deathstroke is taking over Rose and turning her into more like him, brother blood just got introduced into the story the last issue I read and Aeries is seeming to try and slip into Wonder Girls life. Just like ... wow this series does not believe in wasting time! Damn!

    Teen Titans 2014 vol 1-3 and futures end: Remember how I said that the 2003 series didn't believe in wasting time? Ya this makes up for it in SPADES! Dear god. Reading my name you can probably tell I am gay (or a straight girl lol) and I will admit that I've pretty much read this just for Bunker. Although outside him nothing has my interest. Tim Drake in his later years seems like such an asshole! Like, why Tim?! Why are you an asshole!? That is Dick's job! Its in his name! This series just ... feels boring. I don't really like the new 52 versions of these characters. Beast Boy seems the same, Raven does nothing and is just in the background. Just bland. Because ya Raven was all types of bland before (NO SHE FUCKING WASNT!) egh. I am just so bored. The most excitement I got so far was getting pissed off at one scene where I thought that they had one of the bus hijackers get blown up and killed and heroes arn't suppose to let villains die in that manor, but it got changed in the following issues which is weird because nothing suggested she did anything but let him blow up. Egh.

    No Marvel books yet. Sorry Spidys and Fantastic Fours. Sorry X Men and Hulks.

    Wish List DC

    Nightwing 1996-2009: I'm not making any groundbreaking claims when I say the Batman series and the batfamily are awesome characters that people love. I've never really seen much work with the character as Nightwing. So ya wanna read.

    Animal man 2011-2014 and the original run: Heard that these books were great. So ya why not read them?

    Batgirl (2011-): Same as Nightwing. Second verse same as the first. To save time all the batman books I got on my wish list are Batman: The Dark Knight 2011-2014/Detective Comics 2011/

    Green Arrow 2011: I watched some of the show Arrow and liked it. I need to catch up with that show. Anyway ya. Plus I liked him in Justice League Unlimited.

    Earth 2 2012: Another continuity? Sure why not.

    Hawk and Dove 2011 2012: I just recognized the characters from Justice League and figured why not learn mroe about them?

    Green Lantern Corps/Green Lantern: New Guardians/Red Lanterns and of course Green Lantern New 52: Ya again like Batman just grouping all them together to make this easier. Nothing to say about the comics themselves because I know jack about the Lantern lore so ... here is random stuff on my mind about what I know. So am I the only one who liked the movie? I mean it wasn't Oh my god good. Surely wont put it in the top movies of all time or even top hero movies by any stretch, but I felt it was alright. Then again I know next to nothing about the Lantern Lore so ... maybe the fucked everything up and I don't know it. Also John Stewart isn't in enough stuff. It's always Hal Jorden. No offense to Hal fans, I know he was the first and has a special place in everyones hearts, but I was introduced to the Lantern through John on Justice League and rarely do I see much with him as the Lantern. Kyle Rainer I see sometimes (I know who he is and what happened to Hal for him to have his position btw.) but rarely do I see John.

    Superman/Supergirl/Action comics New 52: Superman I know some about, but only saw the animated series so ... not much to add there.

    Aquaman 2011: I love water based characters. So ya. Um ... So ya no knowledge on Aquaman earthier ... I am gonna get burned by DC fans arnt I? -prepares the Joan D Ark like pole for the fans to burn him on.-

    Wonder Woman 2011: Course you can't ignore her. Greek mythology centered hero what is not to love! A woman on top of that! A strong independent woman. Thumbs up!

    Team Titans 1992-1994: ya I like them. Also have Deathstroke 2014

    Superman Red Sun: Communist Superman. Hm. Interesting.

    Batman issue 404: I hear this is when the silly stuff stops and serious action Batman stories start! Woo!

    Kingdom Come: Heard it was a good story

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: If I had a dime for how much praise I hear this book gets. Id be rich.

    Arkham Manor 2014: Yep another Batman book. I wanna read more about other heroes, but DC will not let me.

    Batwing issue 4 onward: Got my feet into the series so might as wellfinish.

    Starman issue 3 onward: Same as last one.

    Batman Issue 19 new 52: I got to read up to this point thanks to a friend letting me read some of new 52 batman.

    Batman 1940-2011 issue 1: this is going to be goofy as fuck, but meh maybe it will be fun.

    Robin 1993-2009: ... I have a problem.

    Batman: The Killing Joke: ... Yep I have a problem.

    The Flash 1987-2009: OH GOOD SOMETHING NOT BATMAN! I can add something to this! Ok so ya Flash. Don't know if this is Wally Flash, but since its older I am willing to accept it mroe then current new 52 flash

    Booster Gold 2007 2011: Heard he was a good character and all. So thumbs up. Ill try.

    Catwoman Issue 65: The cover has catwoman possessed by the Joker. I must know what this means!

    Blackest Night: Heard this story was freaking insane.

    Jonah ex 2006-2011: Heard he was cool

    young Justice Vol 1: I need to watch the show.

    Wonder Woman 1942-1986: Original Wonder Woman! Yea!

    Titans 2008 2011: Yep. Still love them.

    Teen titans 1966-1978: Well they all have their start somewhere.

    Teen Titans 1996-1998: Eh Ill try it.

    Shazam 2011: Eh Ill try it.

    Secret six: Heard it was awesome and Catman one of the villains is bi. So win win.

    Red Robin: TIM! WE LOVE YOU!

    All star superman: Heard it was good

    52: Again heard it was good.

    Blue Beetle 2011: I heard he was good

    Damian: Son of batman: Yep. More Batman


    Um. Well dear. This is ... not going to be as big a list. Sorry. I just don't know where to start.

    All New Captain America: I heard this new Captain is hated I dont know why.

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Saw the movie

    Mies Morales Ultimate Spider Man: Again not sure why he is hated.
  2. Spider Man all day - Amazing, Spectacular, Ultimate (Parker or Morales)...Spider Man is just a good, decent person. Love that.

    Batman - I'm not as big a fan of the monthly material as I used to be. I really only read the big storylines now. My favorites are Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, and A Death in the Family. I hated AzBats in the Knightfall story. The only good thing to come of No Man's Land was Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.

    Superman - The Man Who Has Everything, nuff said


    Spawn - I loved the first few years of this comic. All of it.

    Witchblade - The same as above.

    The Darkness - The same as above.

    Eventually, the Top Cow comics (Withcblade and the Darkness) just started getting nutty and very "normal superheroicy" for me. What drew me to them was that they were cops and gangsters first...superpowered people second. Bah.

    Hellblazer - ALL OF MY LOVE.

    The Sandman - I actually think this comic is better than Watchmen.

    Watchmen and V for Vendetta - Landmark works in the history of comics. Must reads, even if you don't like them personally, because of how they influenced future works.
  3. @Razilin

    I've heard a lot of different stuff on Spiderman. Some love him some hate him some are indifferent and others are just nuts. I've only really seen the movies and those were pretty good. I dont know where to start with him though because I know Spiderman was one of their originals and there is so much Spiderman I don't know where to start with Peter Parker. Miles I feel more comfterble with since he is newer.

    I think I only like read ... none oof those Batman books XD Although I hope to.

    Superman I heard people dont like him because he is to perfect and I could see where they come from I do think the villains are interesting.

    The rest of what you said I am not familiar with. Sorry.
  4. I kinda want the New 52 DC comics. Just to see how they revamped everyone- or most of everyone.

    Also Batman comics. Just...all of them. I love me some Batman- and Robin, all six of them... Well, Stephine was a bit annoyiing but still nice.

    Guardians of the Galaxy, also wanted.

    *flustered noises similar to a hamster* I just want them all, DC and Marvel, no matter how bad or good they were...

    Except the strong guy comic, starts with an M? Read that one and it just wasn't my thing.
  5. Six robins? Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian and the girl I count five. Where is the sixth one come on?
  6. Comics?


    PREACHER: I'm a bit of a Garth Ennis fanboy, and this series is the reason why. The adventures of a Preacher possessed by the offspring of an angel and a demon, his ex-lover turned contract killer and a chain-smoking, hard-drinking vampire named Cassidy are just the stuff of comic book legends.

    TRANSMETROPOLITAN: Hunter S Thompson meets cyberpunk. If that doesn't sway you, the Chair Leg of Truth will.

    No but seriously, read this shit. It's both clever, hysterical and pretty fucking dark too.


    The Boys is probably the most realistic take on the traditional superhero story (ie. "ORDINARY PEOPLE GIVEN SUPERPOWERS CHOOSING TO FIGHT CRIME"). Which is to say that all the heroes are terrible at their jobs (because they were never trained), they keep fucking up (resulting in lots of people getting killed) and people are generally terrified of them.

    The only people keeping the heroes in line (WATCHING THE WATCHMEN HURR HURR HURR) are The Boys, a CIA kill-team led by Billy Butcher (an even scarier Vinnie Jones) who inject super serum into themselves in order to go toe-to-toe with the supers.
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  7. Uh grumpy you seem to have something on your face.

    Im sorry to tell you too I dont know who any of those characters are.
  8. Prolly cos they only exist in the comics they're a part of. Like I said, I was going for the wanky, hipster, "not part of DC or Marvel universes" stuff just to break things up a bit.

    Y'know, Image Comics and those sort of publications.
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  9. Oh so your a comic hipster are you? -takes a hammer breaking your glasses- nah kidding. But hey you have your favorites so good on you.
  10. Everyone Should read Constatine. The old Vertigo print, not the new 52 imposter.

    Constaine is 300 issues of gutwrenching sadness, British flavored dark humor, gore and magic. Its the comics that inspired pretty much all of the early Supernatural archs and pretty much helped spawn the current take on the Modern Magicgenre. During its run everyone from Neil Gaiman to Moore to Ennis helped write it. Its by far the best comic I have ever read. Them Main character is a British born, working class, former Punk Rocker turned terrible bastard and magician. He is a conman that half the time resort to petty tricks and cheap tactics. He is unapologetic and terrible to people, manipulative to a fault and hurts everyone he loves sooner or later. Yet he trudges trough life becouse Fuck Heaven, Fuck hell, fuck minor gods and evil sprits. He is John fucking COnstatine and he will trick Satan if he has to.

    PREACHER: Grumpy allready covered this magnificent piece of modern horror. Its fairly controversial in itself, and not for the feint of heart. One word, ARSEFACE.

    Oh. And American Vampire is pretty darn amazing. Oh again! Hellboy, all of the comics. Pure sex for the eyes those books.
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  11. I second the man above.
  12. Physical Copies?
    Lumberjanes 1, 2, 4, 5. (Sadly #3 is currently out of print. Rawr!)

    Digital Copies?
    Um... Pretty much everything DC wise. I got a lot of the new 52 titles until like volume 12 or something. I have all copes of Batman and various batman titles. I did avoid the Superman titles until the crossover event "He'l on Earth" which was pretty freaking sweet.

    I have a few Marvel comics, but those are all pretty much doom and gloom. And sadly I still haven't gotten my greedy paws on the fun older titles. Like Heroes for Hire.

    I do have indi titles.
    FBP (It's so-so)
    Samurai Jack (*Hums theme song*)
    I was reading Rat Queens for a while... then it got boring. (Sad Day)
    Of course I have Firefly
    Harry Dresden (Psyched for the new title coming out!!)
    Quantum & Woody (Always the best for a fun time)
    Supurbia (Which is some completely freaking awesome. I want more but no :( )
    Fables & Fairest
    The Fox (Also a fun read. And it has a relationship that lasts!)

    And I have a bunch of one issues titles. What can I say, I am a nerd.
  13. As a furry lover and watching this video I am so happy that I am a DC fan now.

  14. Calvin & Hobbes <3
  15. Garfield every day in the local newspaper for the past 24 years.
  16. Preacher
    The Boys
    Y: The Last Man
    HellBoy and by extension: BPRD
    The Authority when they were still WildStorm
    Planetary, also WildStorm
    Tom Strong is a personal favorite of mine, moreso than others.
    Promethea is also under the same comic company.
    The Crossed, of course.

    That's all I can immediately think of, if'n there is more I'll link 'em.
  17. "Tom Strong is a personal favorite of mine, moreso than others.
    Promethea is also under the same comic company."

    When Alan does Golden age style heroes, he does it better then anyone else.
  18. So it is pronounced Constan-TEEN or Constan-TIE-n ?

    Seriously though, those Hellblazer books are amazing. The old Swamp Things are really good too, as well as Preacher. Y the Last Man is an amazing read. And you can't leave out Sandman! (OR WATCHMEN!)

    That said, from the Big 2, I'm much more of a Marvel fan. Superior Spider-Man was one of the best Spidey books to come out in a long, LONG time, especially after that One More Day and Brand New Day bullshite. Hawkeye's latest run that started back in 2012 or 2011 is absolutely incredible. Amazing art, hilarious story-telling. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's a great read. The new She-Hulk was really good, and the same with Daredevil, and Moon Knight.

    I just really enjoy the new direction a lot of these solo titles are going. It's this whole new feel and vibe. They feel less spandex and super-hero-y, which I really enjoy.

    I haven't read All-New Captain America, but I did read the 25 issues pre-ceding it. Wasn't impressed (But I did like the first few issues for the Dimension Z arc).

    I haven't really picked my way through New 52. I love Batman, of course. Court of Owls is up there as one of THE BEST Bat-stories out there, along with The Long Halloween, and Dark Knight Returns. New 52 Aquaman is really great, just to give the guy some due props, and Action Comics 1-20 were absolutely great reads (Grant Morrison FTW). Flash is pretty decent too. I heard JSA and Earth-2 were really good, but I never picked them up.

    Overall though, I just... don't like the lack of legacy involved in the New 52. I know why they did it, but I didn't like it, especially in how they handled Green Lantern stuff. So AAALLLL of this legacy material never happened!! Except the Green Lantern stuff! And some Batman stuff. And MAAAAYBE some of this... It's like, wait, what?

    Annnnd... That's all I have to say about that.
  19. Well shit, how did I forget about that?

    Yeah. Crossed. The most fucked up zombie comic you've never heard of. Also written by Garth Ennis.

    Yeah no seriously Garth Ennis is the shit.

  20. OH! Can't forget his Punisher books then!

    Punisher MAX 1-30... Holy CRAP.