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  1. INTRO: One recording day, the Masi Mara dissapeared. Nobody knows where it went. Now, it has returned, with no hosts, just new animals. Are you up for the job?

    Game Masters: Just myself.
    Accepting New Characters: Yes.
    Posting Expectations: At least twice a day, please.
    Rating: Mainly furry. You play as a host AND an animal.
    Genre: Animal Interactions
    Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic and survival
    Plot Flow:
    Timeline: Recent
    Basic Plot: Okay, so the Big Cat Diary hosts and animals have disapeared. They want to restart, so they hire you to be a host (your are also an animal(s) and spectator)

    Here are the forms, all you have to have is this, but you may add more.

    HOSTS: Picture, name, age, gender, and favorite species.

    SPECTATORS: Difficulty, name, age, picture, gender, and if they have a favorite host already.

    ANIMALS: Species, name, age, pack or loner, relationships to others, gender, and favorite prey.
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  2. HOST:

    Pic: 607705.jpg

    Name: Sammy Karson

    Age: 19

    Favorite Species: Cheetah

    Gender: Female


    Name: Lila Shats

    Difficulty: Medium

    Age: 15

    Pic: tumblr_mws79kpXwr1s9wnpgo1_500.jpg

    Fave host: None yet.

    Gender: Female


    Species: Cheetah

    Name: Kolaku

    Age: 5 years

    Pack or loner: Loner

    Relationships to others: None, they are all dead.

    Favorite prey: Impala

    Pic: 238825-cheetah.jpg

    Gender: Female

    The first characters!!! All taken by me.
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  3. That is an example of a form.
  4. BUMP Seriously nobody joined! It's a freaking furry roleplay people should be all over this!
  5. HOSTS:
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Name: Crowley
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Species: Ligers

    Difficulty: Normal
    Name: Rin
    Age: 20
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Gender: Male

    Species: Liger
    Name: Zaki
    Age: 1 years old
    Pack or Loner: Loner
    Relationships to Others: None his family was killed
    Gender: Male
    Favorite Prey: Buffalo
  6. Accepted! I'm going to wait for another person to start, Big Cat Diary had three hosts.
  7. Alrighty :), I hope others join soon.
  8. BUMP Oh... I hope someone joins, wait, someone will!!!! I encouraged my friend to join, so it shouldn't be long before she does.
  9. \(^o^)/ I can't wait
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