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  1. Liz sighed as she walked home from school. She really didn't want to go home. Her foster parents were there. They never really liked her, but they pretended in front of her foster brother. She smiled at the thought of her big brother. He was always nice to her and loved her as if she were his own sister. That made her feel special, welcome. It was the only reason she hadn't run away from that God-forsaken home.

    A couple boys skateboarded past her, pushing her over in the process. "Get out of the way, loser!" One of them yelled, the other one laughing.

    Liz sighed and picked up her book from the ground, dusting herself off. Her "dad" would be made if she came home late. Her "mom" wouldn't be too happy either. She hurried up, both dreading and anticipating getting home.
  2. Mack was sitting at home in the living room awaiting his beloved sister to get home from school granted she was wasn't his blood related sister but she was his sister nonetheless. She was late and he had already bailed her out several times before. He didn't mind since he didn't like it when their foster parents yelled at her for something so trivial as that.

    He kept glancing at the clock and the door then decided to walk to it and peek out. He noticed Liz get bullied by the neighborhood boys and it angered him a little so he figured he's pay them a visit on the way back from his class tomorrow. "Liz, hurry up and get in here. Mom and dad are asleep and don't know what time it is but they'll be waking up soon." he called out to her then closed the door slightly, leaving it cracked for her.

    He waited by the door in case their parents woke up and came downstairs.
  3. Liz nodded and ran to the door. She opened the door quietly and closed it, locking it afterwards. "Sorry I'm late. Teacher held me up after class." She said, rubbing the back of her head. She set her backpack down and held her book tightly to her chest. It was like she was afraid someone was going to take it from her.
  4. "It's fine but you've got to be careful. I can't always bail you out sis." he says then rubs her head with a smile then carries her and her backpack to her room. "Now then, what's your homework for tonight?" he asked since he always helped her with her homework but it was usually after their 'parents' finished yelling at her.
  5. "I actually finished it all in study hall so I have none for a change!" Liz said with a smile. She put her backpack away, knowing how much her 'parents' hated tripping over the bag.
  6. "That's good to hear. Do you want to go play outside for a while. Mom hadn't started on dinner yet since her and dad went to their room to 'sleep'..." he says then sighs.
  7. "Sure!" Liz said, smiling. She hugged her book close to her chest, wanting to read it outside. So far, it was pretty good.
  8. "You've been gripping that book since you go home. Is it that good?" he asked then got up and started to head downstairs first.
  9. "It's amazing! There's adventure, heroes, villains, romance! I just don't want Dad to take another one away..." Liz said, keeping the book close to her chest.
  10. "Aww it's alright Liz. I'll make sure he doesn't take this one either. I hate to see you sad." he says then opens the back door. "Cmon. Outside awaits us." he adds with a smile then steps out after she does.
  11. Liz smiled as she found a comfortable place to sit and flipped to the page she was last on. She was already half-way through the book and had only gotten it today. She loved reading and it definitely showed.
  12. Mack watched her read as he practiced his jump shot. He was on the basketball team but was more of a gamer. His 'parents' didn't like it when he played video games since they though it wasn't productive so he joined the basketball team just so they could get off his back although he play games in his room when they aren't home and he has to babysit Liz.
  13. "How's the team doing?" Liz asked, not looking up from her book. It was at an exciting part where the hero learned that they weren't supposed to be the hero.
  14. Mack answered the only way he could. "Who cares. They've lost every game so far and me being on the team won't make a difference. It's not like those two things inside even come to my games anyway. I think I'll just quit and keep practicing so they'll think I'm still on the team."
  15. "If that's what you want." Liz said, finishing up the second to last chapter. "You know they love you a lot. They want you to succeed and all that." She put the book down, laying on the grass.
  16. "I don't care. They treat you like an outcast and like you don't belong. I don't want any part of a family that can't be kind to both of us and treat us equally. I'd rather leave and find a new one to be honest." he says with a frown, throwing the basketball over the fence out of rage.
  17. "Technically, I am an outcast. I'm surprised they even adopted me." Liz said, frowning as her brother threw the basketball. "And you can't very well find a new home when you aren't even 18."
  18. "It shouldn't matter. I'm smart enough to get into college at this age so why can't I just get thrown a bone and be given a damn job." he says then punches the side of the house, his anger only getting worse. He was well known for his temper and Liz was usually the only person around who could calm him down since he hated everyone around them.
  19. "Mack, calm down. Punching the wall and getting worked up won't help anything." Liz said, walking over to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe if you ask them when they're in a good mood, they'll let you get a job."
  20. Mack sighed and shook his head. "I've already tried before you came home. I'm not staying here any longer Liz. Today was the last straw. I'm leaving and you can choose to come with me or stay here and deal with these cretins." he says with a slight scowl.
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